Thursday, November 06, 2014

Beautiful Brampton blessings from above

"I love you all and I am truly so grateful for your support! I think about you often and I am always excited to hear about how life is going for you. Know that I love you so very much. I cant even explain how much my testimony of the importance of families and the Gospel has grown whilst being here on the field! Whenever I think of how much the Lord has blessed me, I feel so overwhelmed with joy that I cry, I jump around, and I do so many weird things. The Spirit is very strong here and I love everyone around me. I mean it when I say that I love all of the people here in Toronto. Heavenly Father has given me eyes of Charity so much more than what I had before. I see with eyes of faith and feel with a heart full of love for others. This love comes directly from Christ himself. I know this is true.

I find so much happiness in knowing that God has a plan for all of His children. I feel my saviours love in all the world around me. I do. It fills my soul with great feelings of tender warmth and contentment. Whenever I see the Autumn leaves of feel the brush of the cool wind across my face, I thank God that everyday I am able to represent Christ in such a beautiful world and in such a beautiful place such as Canada Toronto. I simply cannot begin to describe how much I love it here. I love the people. I love those we teach. I love my companion. I love being a missionary. I love church on sundays. I love the families and the YSA. I love the stories of those we meet. I love my Lord and I love being able to talk to so many different people every day about the importance of following the Saviour Jesus Christ. It is always about Christ. Christ is my King and my exemplar. I love Jesus Christ with all of my heart and with all of my might, and with all of my mind, and with all of my strength, and with all of my soul, and with all of my energy, and with all of my desire, and with all that I am. I love Jesus Christ and I know that His Gospel is the Way to true and lasting happiness in this life.

I am seeing that Christ is becoming more real to me and in my heart every day. Every day I study the sixth chapter of Preach My Gospel which is about the Christlike attributes. I study these every day and go throughout my day looking to be more Christlike. I cannot say enough to invite you all to learn of Christ and to seek to be more like Him. Always put your trust in Him in every circumstance.

I know that Faith, Hope, Charity and love, with an eye single of the Glory of God truly DOES qualify us for the work! also faith, virtue, knowledge, temperance, brotherly kindness, humility, patience, and obedience are so important too!
I love that we have a perfect example to look towards. That example is always Jesus Christ. Put your trust in Him. He is waiting for you. I know that this is all true.


This week my companion and I went pumpkin picking with a member from our ward. We saw many different kinds of pumpkins laying around everywhere and it was a unique experience. I loved it. They also had a weird board that had the 11 pumpkin commandments. The strangest 'commandment' was that you had to love and cherish your pumpkin. I had a laugh.

The day afterwards on tuesday we had a Zone conference with mission president. There are 11 companionships in our zone. Elder Turner and I are in the biggest area and we cover two zones! We are also in an area where they usually place Zone Leaders because of the level of responsibility placed upon the missionaries in that area. It is truly a pleasure to be serving here and when I am also. I love it in Brampton! At the Zone conference I was able to give a talk on dilligence. I was originally going to be taking notes from Preach My Gospel, when I felt the Spirit tell me to take another way. I ended up giving a talk on the Atonement and how an understanding of what the Atonement means is what will make us more dilligent in our efforts to share the Gospel. I gave the examples of the Sons of Mosiah and Alma and how because they had tasted of the change wrought in their hearts by the Atonement of Christ, they were incredibly anxious for the welfare of other souls as well. It was a great blessing for me to be able to share such a principle with the other missionaries because the Atonement means so much to me. I was also able to meet with President and Sister Clayton for an interview with both of them. I love them! They really are the best and perfect for me and my companion. I love them both with all my heart. They are the greatest and I look up to them so much!

We have two of our investigators who are planned to be baptized this coming sunday. The first is Jasdeep. He is from India and we began teaching him from the first lesson. He was found whilst contacting. He approached the missionaries. I have come to love this man and I feel a greeat desire for him coming closer to Christ. We have become his friends and have had many great moments together. The other is Marty. He is solid! We love him too, but still have to teach him many more lesson before he will be ready for baptism. We know that he will be baptized though as I was privileged to be able to give him a blessing where I felt the Spirit say to me that he would have the opportunity to be baptized. I love them both and they are becoming the fruits of our labors!

We are also teaching 3 other investigators at the moment, and I will attach a photo that we took just yesterday of all of us ( the sisters included). I love all our investigators and look forward to teaching and learning with many more.

I Know that prayer is real. I know that the Spirit is real. I had a very humbling experience the other night whilst teaching Jasdeep. For a while Jasdeep had not been keeping his commitments, but we knew he had a desire to do so. One night we came over and started to talk strictly about the importance of keeping commitments and I started to lose my way in the lesson. I began to be too bold with what I was saying and Jasdeep closed himself off to us. I will never forget the moment he said: "what you said to me has closed all doors." My companion and I now needed a miracle to occur. And so it did! My companion was inspired enough to ask if we could kneel in prayer. As we did, the Spirit instantly came back into the room and we know that Jasdeep felt something he had never felt before. He felt of gods love for him. I knew from that night that the most important thing for us to do as missionaries is to 'help' others to come unto Christ by having love and charity for them. To be kind and to extend a hand of invitation rather than obligation. I found out that night in a very real sense that God is aware of all of his children and that Prayer is so very important in finding our true relationship with our Father in Heaven. I know this is true.

Last friday night was Halloween! and guess what!!!! I saw snow!!!!!!!! It was so great! I ran outside with my companion and just jumped around. It was cold, but so worth it!! I loved it and I look forward to seeing it again, but maybe not feeling it so much haha.

Yesterday was fast and testimony meeting and I had the privilege of being able to bear my testimony. It was the first time on the field that I had the chance to do so, and I loved it. I felt the Spirit so strongly as we listened to the inspired testimonies of others and when I was able to share mine own. we had three of our investigators at church and I was able to testify to them of the truthfulness of the Gospel. How great it was to be able to be there with them!

I love you all and I wish you all the best in all that you do. Remember to always send my love to the family and that I always find joy in hearing that you are doing so well. I love you all and I know that while distant separates us; the Gospel brings us together in ways that are so great!

I look forward to hearing from you soon. Know that I always pray for you all. I really do love you all.

Your friend, Son, and mate in the love of the Lord Jesus Christ,
He really does love us!

Elder Wehi

P.S I am sending this email to some others also because of the need to share my experiences with others also and due to the lack of time I have to send it. I love you all! So SO SOOO much!"