Tuesday, June 21, 2016

No Weekly Update for This Week

Hey, Readers.

I don't wish to take much up your time to read this post, so I will try my best to have this post short and sweet for you. How are you? How was your week? How's the weather where you are?
What was your favourite thing that you did during the week?

I am sure that there were some readers who were feeling all excited and hoping they can read a weekly update from Elder Wehi this week. If you were one of those types of readers, I strongly encourage you to not feel disappointed because he didn't have time to send one for this week.

Elder Wehi still emailed me and his family for this week. I know all full-time missionaries has limited time to email home. I know most full-time missionaries has one hour to email and I know some full-time missionaries has two hours to email.

I know some full-time missionaries has less than one hour to email either because the computers that they use has a poor internet connection or they have meetings that they need to go to or they have set appointments to visit their investigators or they got transferred to a new area on the same day.

I think it is important for you to wait for the weekly update because it is worth the read to know what Elder Wehi did during the week. I know that I really appreciate everyone's patience that they have for me and Elder Wehi.

Please continue doing so. It was Elder Akre's Birthday a few days ago and I hope he had an amazing day. I hope Elder Wehi did something great to celebrate Elder Akre's Birthday. Elder Wehi still has the same companion Elder Akre and they both still serving in Toronto area.

Elder Wehi reaches his 21st month mark on his mission today. 21 months ago was when he left his family, his extended relatives and friends behind to go to Canada to serve his mission.

I don't have much else to say. Please look forward to next week's weekly update. Have a great week.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Dear Everyone I Love!

Each week, I always look forward to receiving emails from Elder Wehi, and whenever I don't receive an email from him, it always feels like something is missing. I would like to share with you the weekly update that Elder Wehi has sent for this week. He said,

"Dear Everyone I Love,

You are the best. sorry I haven't been more in touch with some of you over singular emails, but I want to continue to make sure I at least write an email for the week.

its been a great week for us! This week we have been on soooo many exchanges. So, Elder Akre and I decided at the beginning of this transfer to go on a day exchange with all the Elders in the Zone. this week we had 3 of them. So I was in Spanish, Chinese, and English work this week. I have been on exchanges with all the languages in the mission now. that is 5 different languages! :) Its been one of the best things about serving a mission here in Canada Toronto. Its been a while since the beginning of the mission but it feels like yesterday that I was just beginning. Time flies and there has been so much that has happened, it is hard to put into words for all that I have learnt and loved here, but let me just say that these past 2 years have been the best of my life. Got to just keep working hard now! :)

We are so happy here! Being here in Toronto YSA for 2 transfers now has been great. The first transfer was good, but this is better. Elder Akre is a strong servant of the Lord and I love him very much. He is a good friend and we get along really well. We know each other pretty well now and know how to work in unity a lot more, its been great and I have learnt so much.

So right now we are teaching 4 people who are really awesome. One of the 4, her name is Shady. She has a large family and she is the oldest of them all. She is part jamaican, and irish. She loves to dance and she has a big heart. She is very social and so when she came to the YSA Branch here she loved it! She has a member friend who brings her to church and comes to lessons :) She is progressing well and loves learning abut the Gospel. We have a lesson with her tonight. But, once again, tonight I am going on another exchange hahaha! So I will hear from my companion how it goes!

Also, Pictures are here!"
Elder Wehi finally sent some photos and he has sent 18 photos. That is a lot of photos.

I love doing things on Elder Wehi's behalf during his mission especially updating this blog because it makes me feel very happy, it makes me to have extra responsibility and use my tume wisely. I always strive my best to do what Elder Wehi askes me to do straight away and with no hesitations.

He mentioned a lot of wonderful things through email to me, and he even asked me if I could do give a shout out to someone. I am happy to do the shoutout to that someone so here it goes, "Shoutout to Felipe Gonzalez! He is a member here. He is the best missionary ever!" It was from Elder Wehi.

I can't express how much me and Elder Wehi really appreciate everyone's patience towards us. So I kept saying thank you so much for being patient with me and Elder Wehi because we really do appreciate it.

The photos are shared under "Mission Photos" section. Have a great week everyone! 

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Jesus Christ is our Saviour

Hey, Readers. I want you to know that you are amazing, I care about you even if I don't know who you are, I love your patience that you have for me and Elder Wehi especially when you are waiting for each update to be posted and I love updating this blog during his mission so far,

If you are showing support towards Elder Wehi by sharing uplifting messages and sharing about your weeks through emails or letters or both during his mission so far, I encourage you to keep it up!

I was thinking about some questions for all readers to answers and I would like to share those questions. "How are you all?" "What have you all been doing lately?" "How's the weather where you are?"
"Have you been keeping busy with work?" "Have you been keeping busy with studies?"
This week, Elder Wehi mentioned, "I want you to know that I know that Jesus Christ is our savior and that he loves us. I know that he keeps his promises and that he makes a way for us to be happy if we will follow the example of Jesus Christ."

I surely hope that I am not bothering anyone with me sharing my own input for some blog posts and me sharing a small portion of what Elder Wehi say to his Mum whenever Elder Wehi doesn't email me for the weekly update.

I would like to express my gratitude for Elder Wehi's Mum for helping me with some updates too. I really appreciate it and I know that Elder Wehi will appreciate that too.

I would like to express my gratitude for a member who has been showing this blog to Elder Wehi. I really appreciate it and I would like to tell you nicely to keep it up! It really makes me happy to know that Elder Wehi get wonderful opportunities to see this blog during his mission.

Please continue supporting Elder Wehi by emailing him with uplifting messages and sharing about your week. Please continue to be patient with me and Elder Wehi.

I thought to share an Image of the Jesus Christ because of the topic of this week's email from Elder Wehi was based on Jesus Christ.

If you have any questions, please either contact myself Megan or Elder Wehi. We will strive our best to answer any questions that you have. Have a great week.