Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Chew Chew! Sounds like a train?

"Jo was baptized this week! YAY! Jo is a very special lady who changed a lot in her life and she never felt like she was wanted or needed, but after her baptism she testified to everyone at her baptism service that she now felt clean and that she felt like she was never going to be alone...it was a wonderful baptism. now just to get her to the Temple! many more baptism to come! great news!

This week we didnt get lost in a forest, but we did get almost blown away by a flash wind/snow storm! geee it was like 100 km/hr winds with freezing pellets of ice haha. It was fun! :)

Oh Man! Crazy news! so Elder Ray and I are splitting up :( im so sad. The Ray-hi is no more....but will forever be in our hearts. I love Elder ray....in fact...im just going to talk about Elder Ray real quick for a sec...

Elder Ray...The Man....sweet baby Ray. I love Elder ray. He has been a great help in bringing me to the Saviour. His patience and his kindness did make a difference in my life. He listens and that was wonderful. I cant say enough to just say how grateful I am for him. He is truly a disciple of Jesus Christ. He has a strong testimony of families and it has increased mine.

so yes, you probably guessed it....we are being transferred. well one of us will be. Elder Ray is leaving for a place called Windsor. He will be white washing into the area, which means him and his companion will be taking over the area from two other missionaries. Im excited for him. Elder ray and his companion will do miracles!

and well...I'm staying in Scarborough and it will be my 4th transfer here also. it will lead to me being here for 6 months! wow...I love it! Scarborough is dear to my heart, really! :) hope I stay here many more transfers.

I will be training a new missionary! well....the missionary will more than likely be training me haha I need training again ;)

So I am excited for that! that would make it 2 direct-line sons (Elder Janson/new missionary) and also two step sons (Herbert/Oviatt-who is now in the Czech Republic on the mission he was assigned originally). so Ive been trained by these great missionaries many times and look forward to this opportunity to learn.

Once again, thankyou to all those who have helped my companions and I so much! We seriously cannot do this alone and your prayers and your kind words DO make a difference. I love you all. I am grateful. really. thankyou.

Well, lets go find, teach, baptize!


Elders Ray and Wehi"

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