Tuesday, July 19, 2016

FAITH+FIRE= A Superb Week!

I love hearing from Elder Wehi. Here's to what he said for this week.

"Elder Nugent is full of fire! He really is on fire with living the Gospel and teaching it! Its so nice to have such diligence that I have seen so many times from other companions too! I have been blessed with wonderful companions over the mission. Elder Nugent and I are meant to go home at the same time so we could possibly finish up here in Toronto YSA, which would mean that they would whitewash this area....whatever comes we will love it!

So this week we walked and 'pounded the pavement' so much! We went to Universities and contacted (talked with everyone) around the area. We found 10 new people this week to teach. Its been wonderful seeing the Lord pour out these blessings. We love each one of them.

Shady is still progressing. We love teaching her. Every moment of the day we are thinking of what we can do to help her. Its really nice to have that kind of charity in our hearts, which I know has been gifted from God. We cannot do this without your prayers and your support either! So grateful for that! thank you!

The mission is the best experience ever! Really! I have learnt so much about myself, about the Gospel and how to really live it...I have learnt the importance of choice. i have learnt how to pray more fervently. I have even learnt how to cook better...some of my companions might disagree ;) The work is beautiful. There is no where on earth i would rather be. I love being a missionary!

We also had a skills and interviews with President and sister Shields! I didn't get a very good picture yet...but this one would probably suffice for now haha. They are so good! they are full of fire and faith and they are super good with reading the book of Mormon. They are super friendly and they are hitting the ground running in finding and teaching on their own too. They shared a pass along card with a mail post person who came to their door! hahaha its funny because the fire they bring is like seeing it in brand new missionaries too! Its great and we love them!


I SAW GUARAV AGAIN! Guarav was baptized about 2 years ago in churchville YSA....my first area. We were on exchanges with Elder Holt...the wonderful assistant to the mission president (He is great!) and we were going to a lesson. i knew that Guarav was in the area and so we invited him to come teaching with us. It was SOOOO GREAT! I ran and almost tackled him as I saw him again since 2 years...It was so great to once again see him doing so well too!

Since the beginning of when he was baptized til now he has received the Melchizedek priesthood and gone to the temple many times. He also baptized 2 people a couple of weeks ago. He is doing so well and he prays like a champ. He told me a beautiful story. he said that when I left he got into some bad places in his life. He felt so bad and felt like he should stop going to church. he then realized how much the Gospel meant to him and he became converted to jesus Christ. He knew he could rely on him because he loved him. Since then he goes to church to come unto Christ. I couldn't ask for more. My joy is so full with that! :)

Remember....life is meant to be enjoyed...go find something fun to do...go make a new friend...go visit someone in need in your family or another...go do something with your life...and God will help you find the joy of doing so!

Life is a gift. How we use that gift is up to us. God wlll help us through the bumps and valleys. Of that I testify, that I know :)

Have a great week! I love you all, my family and my friends :)

Elder Nugent and Wehi"

Elder Wehi has shared two photos for this week. I would like to share with you one of the photos. Both of the photos are shared on "Mission Photos" section of this blog. 

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