Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The best is yet to come!

After two weeks since I last shared an update on behalf of Jordan during his mission, I saw one notification for my email and I did not know why. I was so confused. I did not received any emails from my friends during my sleep and throughout this day for that email. Surely enough, I clicked on the email app and I found out the unread email was from Jordan. Surprise!

I would like to share with you what the email said and he said,

"I am grateful for my mission experience. I know the Lord lives. I saw His influence in abundance in Canada and still continue to see it in Australia.

So the flight home was a little crazy haha. We had our departing pleasantries and last mission dinner with all the departing missionaries, which was amazing to see all the spiritually matured and seasoned Elders and Sisters I came out to the field with. We slept at the Hilton and had an early breakfast the next morning. It was then to the airport! All the missionaries except for me were figuring out their travel plans.

Turned out that my visa to the states had expired lol. So I had to be re-directed from church headquarters to Vancouver and then to New Zealand. The flight time was about 20 hours but it was 27 hours in total with layovers (longest trip of my life haha). I sat on the plane next to a chinese lady who spoke no english and then on the way to New Zealand a man with his 2 year old daughter, and another man who knew members of the church when he was younger. Good conversations with all about the church. I was so tired though haha

Got into Australia and let me tell you. It looks a lot different to what I remembered. Still the same aussie twang in the voices of everyone now haha. Everyone thinks saying boot instead of trunk is normal too haha

Seeing my family again was amazing. Gave my mum a hugh hug and my dad a big hug too. Family and friends came along to be there also. My best friend Jacob came along also. I was so tired though I felt like it was a big dream...a good dream though :)

Got released by my stake President after a short interview and then was on my way to catch up with the family. I have since found work working at a restaurant as a waiter. I am volunteering in the community, been with the Missionaries and have been caring for mum and grandma a little also. Went to my first YSA dance last week....let me tell ya...that was weird haha Babylon came back!

Since being back, life has been good and from the support of many my transition has been really smooth. Im loving it :)

To all those still serving:
I invite you to live every day with the same vigor and strength you dedicated on your first day of being in the field. Dont let up. Dont give in. Dont step back. Heaven is cheering you on. There are many praying for you. I am praying for you. I love you.

The mission was the best two years for my life so far and I invite you to live every day of the mission so you can look back with no regrets and confirm to the Lord that you gave everything you had. You wont regret that! Think of the joy you have to give to others. OWN the OYM :)

Your friend and brother in the Lord,

This will be my new email from now on so please contact me there: Jordan.Wehi@gmail.com"

Sunday, October 02, 2016

Welcome Home!

Hey Readers,

This post is short and sweet. 

Jordan in other words Elder Wehi has arrived in Brisbane airprot safely on last Friday morning. On my way to Brisbane Airport with four of Jordan's relatives in the van, I found out that I was tracking the wrong flight because Jordan's visa expired before he finished his mission and Jordan flew a different route to Brisbane.

Jordan ended up flying Toronto in Canada to Vancouver in Canada, then from Vancouver in Canada to Auckland in New Zealand, then from Auckland in New Zealand to Brisbane in Australia.

It was very good to see Jordan for the first time in two years. I felt so grateful that I came to the airport and take photos to capture memories on the special day and I also felt so grateful for someone used my old phone to do the videos for recording him arriving at Brisbane airport to see everyone.
I already know there are some things that I am going to miss doing since Jordan is back.

I am going to miss sharing the latest mission updates, I am going to miss sharing the extra posts, I am going to miss staying up late to send an email to Jordan, I am going to miss helping Jordan's Mum a lot and I am going to miss a lot of other things.

Welcome Home Jordan!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Many Thanks and Tracking Flight Home!

Hey Readers,

For the first part of this post, I would like to share many thanks to many people who has influnced Elder Wehi throughout his mission.

I would like to thank all the church members who provided meals for Elder Wehi and his companions.
I would like to thank Elder Wehi's previous Mission President, Elder Clayton and Sister Clayton.

I would like to thank Elder Wehi's new Mission President Elder Shields and Sister Shields.
I would like to thank all of Elder Wehi's companions who put up with Elder Wehi 24/7.

I would like to thank Elder Wehi's relatives and friends who sent him packages throughout his mission.
I would like to thank Elder Wehi's relatives and friends who sent him letters throughout his mission.
I would like to thank Elder Wehi's relatives and friends who emailed him throughout his mission.

I would like to thank all the prayers who prayed for Elder Wehi's safety throughout his mission.
I would like to thank the investigators to come into Elder Wehi's life at the right time and place.

I would like to thank Heavenly Father the most because he constantly watched over Elder Wehi throughout his mission.
For the second part of this post, I would like you all to know that I will be tracking Elder Wehi's flight home. I think I will be getting no sleep tonight and tomorrow night. Oh well. Seriously not long now. Less than seventy two hours and he will be back in Brisbane. Aaaaaah!

I have his flight schedule, many thanks to his Mum for sharing it with me and I am able to know where the plane is. Elder Wehi has two stops before he arrives to Brisbane. His first stop is to Los Angeles and the second stop is to Tawain. Elder Wehi just left Canada Toronto Airport about five minutes ago.

I am pretty sure Elder Wehi cried at the Airport after saying some farewells. I almost cried to when I looked at the flight tracker and saw that Elder Wehi's plane left Canada. Time is coming real to me now and I can believe it now that he is coming home soon! 

Stay tuned for a few more updates!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Fought the Good Fight

I acknowledge the email from Elder Wehi for this week was very short and knew that he has so much to do in a short remaining time left that he has of his mission. Remember this week was his last week emailing home as a Full-Time Missionary and he arrives back in Australia in three days.

Wow! Time flies so fast lately.
I would like to share with you, the testimony that he shared through the email. He said, "I have felt Gods love. I have seen so many lives touched by His hand. I have more direction for my life. I know who I am. I know a little better now about the importance of the rest of my lives decisions. I will always be grateful for what I learnt as a missionary and the gifts i will be bringing home."

Elder Wehi shared a few photos that he already sent previously during his mission and he sent some new photos. Be sure to check out, "Mission Photos" section to see the photos. Have a great week everyone!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

2 Years

Readers, be prepared this post is a very long post. Elder Wehi's Mum forwarded me this week's email and I am very grateful for his Mum to do that for me. This week's update summaries what he learns during his time as a missionary and even his memories after receiving the mission call and before he left for his mission.

Elder Wehi said, "The Greatest thing I ever did with my life was to give up something I dearly loved, to the God I loved even more; He has never forgotten me for it. Learn from the past." - President Thomas S. Monson.

When the call came in the mail, I didn't know what to expect. As I read the words "Ye are hereby called to serve ...." I was filled with emotion. Happiness and anticipation almost to anxiety wanting to leave that very day. I still remember that. My dad came and sat next to my bed and woke me with so much excitement in his voice.

I still remember that. Preparation and Temple attendance. Going to the Temple often and making new friends. Being in my room for hours at a time just studying about what it would be like on a mission. I still remember these times. The time arrives and I get on the plane.

I say goodbye to my family whom I have never been away from for longer than months at a time. Tears and a little fear of what to expect, but happy beyond anything I had yet experienced. The plane ride was smooth. Pretty jet lagged. Super on fire with energy, though.

Arrive in LA. First steps into America. Hugh cars, people sound funny, driving on the other side of the road and food I had never even heard of before. Now I'm a little confused. Everything looks different and for a moment I'm asking myself: "Where am I?" even though perfectly knowing where I am going and where I am.

That's what plane rides can do to you sometimes. Arrive in Salt Lake. Travel to MTC with other international missionaries. Excited to be going to where my dad had been years before.

Felt like a dream honestly. MTC was where I came to see the Atonement change the lives of others. It was the first time I saw the Salt Lake city Temple. My companion, the people we taught, and myself also. We looked up to the missionaries who had been there for a while and were going into the field. They were so mature and ready. I wanted that too.

We worked for it day and night and time and time again we would make mistake after mistake, but the little things made the big things happen. It's time to leave for the field! It was hard to sleep that night. woke up at 4 that morning. Cold morning. Not many people on the road. Got to the Airport before the other missionaries. read the Book of Mormon for 2 hours. Other Missionaries arrive.

I find out I'm going to Toronto through Minnesota, and the other missionaries going by Detroit. The Lord put a man praying to help a missionary that day on the seat next to me. He took me to the right places and fed me breakfast.

Blessings! Friend made. Soul Comforted. Get to Toronto after the other missionaries. Go through customs. Get luggage. Walk through the entrance to Toronto. See President and Sister Clayton waving for me. Biggest and kindest spiritual giants you ever met. Went to the Mission Home and ate dinner. Beautiful home. Beautiful missionaries. Beautiful Spirit.
Slept in the Hilton Motel. Got no sleep.

So Excited for the morning to find out my trainer. We get to the Stake Center. See another Australian Missionary Elder Mangakahia.  Go to the meeting. The Spirit is electric!! My trainer gets revealed. Elder Turner! Short Arizonian, Consecrated Spirit. Hard worker. Smart planner. He taught me how to plan. I ate pizza my first few weeks every day.

I didn't know how to plan before being with him. Taught many, contacted heaps! We found a special young man named Gaurav. He accepted and lived the Gospel. We came to love him. He was Baptized. The Lord asks me to train. I receive my first 'son', Elder Janson.

We laughed and had heaps of fun. We grew together through trial and lots of talking to everyone. Good first 3 transfers, 18 weeks. First transfer call! Going to Trenton. Serving with Elder Herbert. Mississippi. Heart of Gold. Good guy. We pounded the pavement hard. Went to work straight away. Found, taught and baptized many.

I learnt that transfer what it means to love your family and how to overcome challenges such as depression and fear. Elder Herbert and I became brothers in the Gospel. We fought, we argued, we felt super down sometimes, but I came to love this man so much!

We used the Principle of Repentance and forgiveness. I learned so much that transfer, especially in letting go of my pride and turning to the Lord. The Trenton area got built with people to teach! So then Elder Pumford came into the area and we tore it up! He loved music and I loved music and we loved the Gospel, so it made for a good pair.

We worked together well, and had some really fun times. First time I lit off fireworks (yes, I didn't know it was apostate until just recently haha). I learned that transfer how important it is to press forward with faith and to use the talents God has given us for good. that was some of my favorite 3 transfers of the mission.

I would still say that Trenton was my favorite area for missionary work and also because it was a time when I grew the most on the mission. I love that place. Beautiful town and Beautiful people.

Next area! Don Mills! MAN, that was the area I really learned how to have fun in missionary work. My companions were from Idaho (Elder Lasley) and Alberta (Elder Oviatt). They were soooo funny! I really came to understand, amidst all the craziness of talking to everyone and teaching so many people that you can have fun in missionary work.

I loved it! We were on the busses and it was my first area where I got to be on the bus. It was different to begin with but we got used to it super quick. I wish I could always be on busses. Great times! only 1 transfer but still a great time!

Transferred next to Sudbury, 4 hours north of Downtown Toronto. With Elder Cattelain. Really outgoing and super friendly Elder. Biggest strength was to always be a friend to everyone. It was a really big learning experience for me.

It was there that I learned once more the importance of loving your companion. I struggled my whole life with understanding what it means to be a companion. Knowing what it means to work together. It was in this transfer that I came to learn about forgiveness. I learned that its more important to love our companion than anything else you can do for them.

We worked hard and taught a lot of members in this area. We helped start the re-activation of some less active members. It was also the first transfer I got to be a District Leader. Went on exchanges with Elders in Sault ste Marie. Good times. Learned a LOT!

Then I was transferred over to SCARBOROUGH for the next 5 transfers! WOW, did I learn a lot here!! I was with Elder Ray, the most humble and kind missionary you'll ever meet. Very good at loving others. He loved me and I always admired that about him.

We got along really well. WE walked the streets every day no matter the weather .. -40 to +40 we were out. Took the busses everywhere! Literally EVERYWHERE! I spent Christmas and new years there! Elder Ray and I grew together and he helped pull me out of depression over the 3 transfers we were together. I love that man as well.

Brothers. We walked and walked and walked and walked there. I did a calculation and for the amount of people we talked to every day times how long we were there for we had to talk to at least 7000+ people. It was some great times.

It was there that I learned the importance of when you want something, you got to work for it .. .also we loved the members so much! This was my 2nd favorite area of the mission. I loved it there. My fourth transfer there I was called to train. Elder Strong! The strongest man in the mission! that was a good transfer as well.

I learned so much with Elder Strong. Especially the importance of choosing to lead. Choosing to be an example. Not sitting around waiting but going and doing good for the Lord. I was then called again to be District Leader over the farsi and mandarin speaking missionaries in the Zone (some of the group) and go on exchanges with them.

It was amazing! Got to learn so many different languages and meet many people from many different places in the world. at the end of the transfer it was sad to leave the area because I loved it so much! That was a tender mercy from the Lord to serve there :)

Next area! Downtown Toronto with Elder Akre! Serving now as a Zone Leader. I think I was too anxious to learn how to be a Zone Leader. It was sometimes hard on Elder Akre because I was so anxious to do everything haha. He taught me alot!

Elder Akre is a very organized and loving missionary. I served around him at the beginning of the mission and so it was good to serve around him again. We learned a lot together, especially me. I learned once again that its most important to love your companion than anything else.

I learned that transfer the importance of getting administrative things done so you can look to help minister to others also. Its important to do the menial things so you can get to doing the things that matter most.

Downtown Toronto was amazing! We walked and took the trains, but also had a mini(mom) van. I came to love the area and the YSA in the branch we served in. I also served with Elder Nugent! Man, also the funniest guy alive. Seriously, if you ever need a laugh, thats who to go to.

Super dedicated and very good missionary. We taught two people there that I loved, Davin and Shady. It was amazing getting to teach Davin because he struggled with parts of the Law of Chastity I had struggled with too. I could testify of Gods love for him and the Hope that comes through the saviors Atonement. It was a blessing to serve in this area.

Now Here. at the Present time. In London! Im here with Elder Certonio and its been an amazing 5 weeks so far. Its my last transfer and I have learned so much this transfer. I have learned that the Lord is preparing me for the rest of my life, and that adjusting to our surroundings with love and faith can take effort, but is worth it because when you believe in God, Good things will always come :)

The Testimony I have come to learn on the mission is this:
1.God is our Loving Heavenly Father. He loves us. He knows and loves me.
2. Jesus Christs Atonement is real and changes lives. Its changed mine.
3. The Spirit speaks, and every time we listen we will see miracles and blessings
4. Family is the most important reason for living the Gospel
5. I had to come on the mission to learn how to be a companion and prepare for my future family.
6.You can choose to be happy. Life is all about choice.
7.Missionary work is love in action.

I am thankful for my mission which has taught me to always be a missionary for the rest of my life :)

I have direction now. I know who I am. I am a child of God.

This is my testimony and the mission is the greatest blessing to come into my life,

In the name of Jesus Christ,


Elder Wehi"
Elder Wehi might be emailing next week, so I am not 100% sure as yet because he surprised me this week and last week with emails. It makes me feel so happy. Enjoy the rest of your week everyone.