Tuesday, May 31, 2016

This Week!

"Dear everyone! How are you?

Being a zone leader is the best....just really busy. Hence the short emails. but know that there is much happening over here and we are seeing miracles every day. I hope to respond to all emails sent me, but when I dont please know its probably because we are sitting behind the wheel going to a meeting. Its a great privilege though to be a Zone Leader...most of our time is spent traveling to meetings or gathering information or helping missionaries with luggage and transfers. being a missionary is so sweet. We love it! There are 3 people we are meeting with this week when it comes to investigators.

Two quick experiences from the week: the first is an awesome moment of realizing how invested God is in the details of our lives. So we had an impression to text a member the other day in asking for the number of a referral they had sent us earlier. So we had found a person on exchanges the other day for the Portuguese area. the man actually was the one that the member sent us. so long story short....we had found the man sent to us by referral a week earlier to knowing about the referral. sounds confusing but simply it means that out of all the people in the whole toronto, at that time and place we ran into the man and he started coming to church. I know that God places people right where they need to be.

Another experience was we had called a potential person that wanted to learn more about the restored Gospel. he came to sports that night. He prayed and the prayer was about 10 minutes and poured out his heart to god that he would be able to help him in his life. It was touching and real. it was a great thing to be a part of.

We have a great amount of people we are teaching right now and its wonderful!

we love being missionaries!

I know that All things work out together for good for those that love God.

Have a great week and I will send pictures soon!

Elder Akre and wehi"

Readers, my mission papers got submitted ten weeks ago and I still haven't received my mission call. I love updating this blog during Elder Wehi's mission because it has been a wonderful privilege to do so.

Again, I would still like to share my thanks to the reader who has been showing this blog to Elder Wehi because it makes me feel happy and proud that he get to see the great work that I have been doing for him. I am glad that he doesn't have to wait until he gets home to see this blog.

It has been wonderful to engage the readers to read this blog often. I think the next popular month will probably either be July or August. When my mission call arrives, I will share the news on this blog. It is something that I am looking forward to and I am sure that is something that everyone is looking forward to including Elder Wehi.

I could think of many thank you for's right now and I will share with you to thank you for's.
Thank you for being patient with me and thank you for reading this blog.

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