Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Some Experiences from this week

"The work of salvation is going forward here and it is noticeable. The members trust us, we just need to apply and progress the ideas we recieve in weekly planning. We are striving to apply the points that the zone leaders gave us for planning and we see how it helps so much. It has been a joy to see the hand of the Lord in returning members and their progression here in Scarborough.

There was an experience this week that really touched my heart. 2 actually, sorry haha. the first is an unforseen opportunity to serve. So Elder Ray and I were walking to an apartment building to follow up on an investigator when we saw a younger couple moving into the building. They had soooooo many things packed into the little moving van that they had and ot looked like they were really struggling. As soon as we saw this, Elder Ray and I knew we had to do something becuse the Spirit impressed the feeling upon us to help them, so strongly. We just went up to them and started grabbing things from the truck to help and they allowed us to. At first they were hesitant because we had just started helping, but after some time they opened up to us and told us about their family and why they were moving. They were from Fiji! Some of the first inslander people I have met in Toronto. They were very kind and even though it took some time to move everything in, they were very happy that we had helped. Just before we left, they told us that they had prayed for God to help them and that they recognized us as an answer to their prayers. They cried and prayed that they would see us again. They had been touched by the Spirit, it was so evident. I left that day from that service feeling such a profound gratitude in my heart for how God answers prayers and as we are looking for opportunities to serve, the Lord will provide. When we see someone sad, or alone. When someone is in need or cannot do something by themselves physically or mentally. Moments when someones need is in view; I promise that when we act to help these people, it is a way for us to preach the Gospel. I love the saying: "Preach the Gospel, and when necessary use words." because through service, sharing the Gospel comes with so much power that the Spirit will testify everytime. I know that this is true.

The other experience was with a man on the street. We were walking with another set of missionaries when I saw a man hunched over sitting on a bench waiting for the bus. I felt an impression to walk over to him and start talking with him. He saw us and snorted a little at us. He then saw our badge and looked at my companion and I. He said: "Do you believe in Jesus?" I said yes. He looked down again. and then he said: "well Ive wanted to know about him, but I dont know if I can." We listened. "Because I am trying to stop drinking and I cannot do it." He started to cry heavily. He asked me if he could learn about Jesus Christ. We testified of the Savior and of His Atonement. He looked up and with tears continuing to flow from his eyes, said: "well will you teach me? will you help me to stop drinking? I want to but it is so hard!" I held his hand and looked striaght into his eyes and with all the certainty of my Spirit said: "He loves you." He cried and cried as we prayed with him, and though it was cold I had such a profound feeling of gratitude for the Spirit and the love of God, that even though this man had made so many mistakes, that he wanted to start again. We set up a time to come to see him and his family and teach them the Gospel. I testify that God loves all the children here in Toronto, we just have to open our mouths and let them know :)

I love being a missionary and I know that this is the Lords work. This is His Gospel. This is a labor of love, and I love it.

Also I want to let you know about an experience that continues to affirm to me how inspired the vision for this mission is, regarding returning members. Last night we were coming from a dinner appointment from a members home when I looekd to my companion, who was walking beside me and I felt a feeling that we should pray and seek someone to find in the nearby area. We prayed. As we continued to walk, nobody was seemingly interested at all. We kept talking with everyone but not much happened. We then saw an apartment building and felt impressed to go to it. It was locked and the only way to get inside was by buzzing someone who lived there. We did so but to no avail. I felt impressed though to continue trying. We got buzzed in! and we then went to another floor. We started knocking doors and nobody was home, and those that were were not interested at all. We were about to finish and go when we heard a door open down the hall. A lady appeared. We went to talk with her. She told us that she was an inactive member of the church and she allowed us to visit her again this coming week. We felt so grateful that the Lord had placed us in the palce of one of his lost sheep. We are grateful to know that God cares about all His children' not only those who havent heard about the Gospel, but also those who have lost their way. I know that this work is inspired of God and that the mission vision is true.

Have a great week!

Elder Wehi"

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