Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Its not much but you should know!

Very short email from Elder Wehi and he said,


Have a beautiful week!

Remember Gratitude :)

Christ lives!

Your Missionary,

Elder Wehi."

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

We love the members

This week's update is short. Elder Wehi said,

"The wife (Sister Marazzo) is from the Philippines and had a rough childhood. She is a shining example to us of what it means to be charitable and humble in every part of life. She is always looking to help others and give of herself. If its one thing I've come to love about serving a mission its that you meet so many people from so many different walks of life, and that it is our grand privilege of being able to help our brothers and sisters follow the steps of their savior and by doing so they find peace, comfort, and eternal blessings for them and their family. How great is our Savior! He brings people like us together :)

I am so grateful for the Love I feel everyday from my Heavenly Father. This work is true. Jesus is the Christ. I love you, now and always.

Your missionary,

Elder Wehi."

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Thought I would let you know :)

Very short email from Elder Wehi for this week. He said, 

"I love you all! You all have a place in my heart
Thought I would let you know. 

Have a fantastic week!

I feel Gods love every day. He lives :)

Elder Wehi"

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Peace, Be Still

"G'day from Canada eh!

This week has been sooooooooo sweet! Im so pumped to write this letter to y'all!

Because Christ lives, so will we :) Because He lives, He guides us as He walks beside us day by day. Christ is here and he guides our step and out words. Ive never known much, but if its one thing I know is true, I know that Christ lives today. He loves you today and always. He will calm the troubled sea and lift the wearied soul. Where can we turn for peace? He, only one :)

Its been so great this last week and believe us when we say; the mission isn't easy! Its darn tough and some days you get so tired and sometimes you feel like a turtle, but oh believe us when we say this: The mission experience changes hearts and affects lives like none other. There is no where I would rather be right now, because the mission is so great!
​ I testify that families are forever because of missionary work. You don't have to look far to know that is true. Our families are where they are today because of the sacrifices of love that came from those gone before. That there were those before us that knew of Christ and that they stood for Him, taking His name upon themselves and standing as His example.

That is our goal as Missionaries: To invite others to Come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ, Repentance, Baptism, Receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and enjoying the blessings that the Gospel brings to the end. We are called to invite our brothers and sisters to make changes in their lives to align their will with Gods and therefore be forgiven of their sins and enter the gate of baptism and eventually walk along the path that leads to the Temple. its all about families being able to be together forever and as my companion has put it so beautifully: This is all so that their loving Father in Heaven can "help them COME HOME". Our Father wants them Home, and every good deed we do as their brother or sister helps them come one step closer to returning to Him with their families.

As missionaries, working alongside the wonderful members, are called to bring people home to a Father that loves them so much! I testify that this is the goal. this is the work. This is Eternal life: Forever Families.

Oh how I love you all. Please know that you are loved.

I know that we are. I know God lives. I really know that is true. I say it with all the surety of my heart, might, mind, and strength, and whole soul! I know that there is a Christ that lives in the Heavens. When we reach out for Him, he is here. He is with those you love. He walks beside them, ready to catch those who trust in Him. He never ever leaves us alone, when all else seems to fail; He will not.

I say and know this is true because I experienced it this morning.

This morning was rough as Elder Herbert and I have been feeling down from this week and a couple of bumps hedging up our path. It got to the point where we both got into a flame that caused the other to lose sight of that love of our Father in Heaven. We experienced some anger and frustration which caused both of us to not be able to feel the Spirit. It was hard. When we calmed down we talked for a good 2 hours together.

Still though my heart was pained and I felt so alone. So cold and it hurt for the longest time. I managed to be able to muster up the effort to go into our apartment bedroom and kneel on the floor and pray. I poured out everything. Every part of my soul to Heavenly Father. Feeling as though I was so alone and that no one else could understand. I cried out for Heavenly father in tears and whilst shaking it became hard to speak as I pleaded with Him that he would hear me. As thick darkness gathered around me at that time I felt the need to reach out physically with my arm out as though reaching for my Father who seemed to be right there. As soon as I did that I felt a still small voice come to me in reply, saying: "There is one who has gone before. He suffered this pain. He knows how it feels. Call on Him" I followed and called out for Jesus Christ.

I TESTIFY WITH EVERYTHING THAT I AM that I felt immediately every hard, sorrowful, and painful feeling disappear. It was as though I had woken from a dream and it was gone. There was no pain, no anger, no frustration, no darkness. There was only light. Only peace remained. Christ had calmed the storm. He whispered: "peace, be still" and there was a still. I felt so happy and every part of me wanted to love those around me so much more. I immediately went and embraced my companion and apologized. We hugged for what seemed like forever as I cried and told Him that I knew that Christ lived and what it had meant for both of us. I had no negative feelings at all. It was all gone. I knew, and will always know that Christ lives to calm our storms. He lives to guide us, love us, and support us. I know that he lived and suffered every pain for us. I know in all surety that He is there. In our own Gethsemane he comforts us, because He knows us. I am always in awe at the sacrifice of our father In Heaven when He gave His only begotten son for us. I could never comprehend, or know how He did what He did, but I know that He did. I know that because He did, and because He lives, so will we. There is no storm ever too great for the master of it all: Our Savior Jesus Christ.

So, call out for Him :)

I Love my companion :) He really has become a brother out here and I trust him so much and really just want the best for Him. We grow so much together on this mission and I know that we are put together for a purpose, and I sincerely believe that as missionaries we have these times to grow from so that we can help others to learn from them as well. As missionaries that is what we are called to do, to invite people to know of those things that have meant so much to us :)

We are working with the members a lot in this coming week and our mission has a vision for working with the members. It is so great to be able to be a help to the members in thier own missionary work. Really all it is is just helping these people help their friends and family to know of the Gospel and what it has meant to them.

This week has been great and we are looking forward to another one just like it!

Know that this Gospel is changing hearts and changing lives for the better out here in (not so cold anymore) Canada Toronto (Because its Spring!!!!) yay! :)

We just love it here, its so great to serve the Lord.

We love you all,

Please let someone you love know that you love them by expressing it, whether by word or action. It will brighten their day and lighten their load :) We promise :)


Elder Wehi and Herbert

P.S love you"