Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The best is yet to come!

After two weeks since I last shared an update on behalf of Jordan during his mission, I saw one notification for my email and I did not know why. I was so confused. I did not received any emails from my friends during my sleep and throughout this day for that email. Surely enough, I clicked on the email app and I found out the unread email was from Jordan. Surprise!

I would like to share with you what the email said and he said,

"I am grateful for my mission experience. I know the Lord lives. I saw His influence in abundance in Canada and still continue to see it in Australia.

So the flight home was a little crazy haha. We had our departing pleasantries and last mission dinner with all the departing missionaries, which was amazing to see all the spiritually matured and seasoned Elders and Sisters I came out to the field with. We slept at the Hilton and had an early breakfast the next morning. It was then to the airport! All the missionaries except for me were figuring out their travel plans.

Turned out that my visa to the states had expired lol. So I had to be re-directed from church headquarters to Vancouver and then to New Zealand. The flight time was about 20 hours but it was 27 hours in total with layovers (longest trip of my life haha). I sat on the plane next to a chinese lady who spoke no english and then on the way to New Zealand a man with his 2 year old daughter, and another man who knew members of the church when he was younger. Good conversations with all about the church. I was so tired though haha

Got into Australia and let me tell you. It looks a lot different to what I remembered. Still the same aussie twang in the voices of everyone now haha. Everyone thinks saying boot instead of trunk is normal too haha

Seeing my family again was amazing. Gave my mum a hugh hug and my dad a big hug too. Family and friends came along to be there also. My best friend Jacob came along also. I was so tired though I felt like it was a big dream...a good dream though :)

Got released by my stake President after a short interview and then was on my way to catch up with the family. I have since found work working at a restaurant as a waiter. I am volunteering in the community, been with the Missionaries and have been caring for mum and grandma a little also. Went to my first YSA dance last week....let me tell ya...that was weird haha Babylon came back!

Since being back, life has been good and from the support of many my transition has been really smooth. Im loving it :)

To all those still serving:
I invite you to live every day with the same vigor and strength you dedicated on your first day of being in the field. Dont let up. Dont give in. Dont step back. Heaven is cheering you on. There are many praying for you. I am praying for you. I love you.

The mission was the best two years for my life so far and I invite you to live every day of the mission so you can look back with no regrets and confirm to the Lord that you gave everything you had. You wont regret that! Think of the joy you have to give to others. OWN the OYM :)

Your friend and brother in the Lord,

This will be my new email from now on so please contact me there: Jordan.Wehi@gmail.com"

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