Thursday, May 26, 2016

Miracles happen when we have the faith

Another week has past. Again, Elder Wehi's mission update for this week is short and sweet but I would like to make sure this post is worth the read by making this post long. I hope you weren't just expecting another short mission update. I would like to edit all the spelling mistakes from Elder Wehi.

"Things are going great and we are enjoying the work every day. There are many people being taught the Gospel! We are looking after ourselves physically by exercising every day and we study every day too! My companion is doing great and we are staying together for another transfer here in Toronto!

This is a special experience from this week: Had a pretty cool experience the other day. While on exchanges, we were taking the bus. There were many people on the buses, and so it was a great time to OYM. 

We were having so much fun talking to everyone and my companion was also having a blast getting to know the people, their stories, and sharing the restored Gospel. While on a bus, I was sitting next to a large group of young people.They were all talking amongst themselves and so it was hard to initiate the conversation, but I had promised the Lord that morning that I would talk to everyone and not hold back.

So I said: "Hey, how are you? I am Elder -----" They all looked at me and smiled, they all started to ask great questions about who we were and what we were doing, by the end of the bus ride three of them gave us their phone numbers and we just met with one of them the other day and she has set her own baptismal date and wants to come to church to learn more too! 

Miracles happen when we have the faith to reach just a little outside of our comfort zones. I love talking to everyone!! It's the best thing about being a missionary!"

I would like to know who reads this blog often even if people read this blog not so often. If you don't read this blog often, I strongly encourage you to read this blog often and be updated whenever there are updates. Thank you for being patient with me and thank you for being patient with Elder Wehi. 

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