Thursday, December 31, 2015

Big hearts and big stomachs!

"Oh man! I am soooo full of food and happiness. At the end of the week, we looked upon our learning...we are FULL haha. We went to 2 members homes Christmas day and they fed us so much food it was crazy! and then upon leaving the last appointment I felt to drop by a certain home where we had been previously pointed towards before....good thing it was a filipino family who offered us MORE food! needless to say....we were litterally rolling down the hillsides upon our visit with them... haha

This week we had our opportunity to email our families and I loved to see my beautiful family again! Thanks so much for always being there for me and for my companion...your prayers and your wishes for our happiness and the happiness of those we labor amongst does make a difference...I know prayers are heard! so thank you! all of you! for being a part of my life, whether great or all make a difference! :)

We had a pretty cool experience this week at at a members home... it was Sunday night and we had a time to spend with a family from Ghana...they had us over for dinner. We arrived earlier and so we knocked on some doors around the building she lived in. We knocked on the neighbors door and a lady came to the door. She told us she was Muslim and not too interested in our message but she welcomed us warmly. We talked with her for a little while and we listened mostly. She shared how she lives alone and how her daughter doesn't talk to her anymore because of some problems at home. She said goodbye nicely and we left to the members home again. We kept a prayer in our heart for this poor widow. We heard the son in the home ask if the lady next door was okay. We told them her story. They then without hesitation opened their door, knocked on their neighbors door and welcomed her to eat with us. She agreed and came to the home. We spent time together that night and we sang some church songs together. By the time we left that night, the lady was so much happier and she had a undeniable joy in her eyes that had so much goodness and light in it. it was the Spirit :) We left that night with a great gratitude in our hearts for the great examples of neighborly love these people showed in opening their homes and hearts, arms and time for a lady who was in need and alone.

Every day we can bless someones life. I know it is true :) We can be lights to the world through living as Christ!

Also this week, we have been praying for opportunities to be more Christlike and to help someone on Christmas....we didn't do too much hectic things on Christmas...but I noticed one thing...we had spent a lot of time with the humbled and the meekest of the people we knew in the area. We sang to people in the hospital and comforted those with depression on the streets...we ate humble meals in the smallest homes. It was a beautiful experience!

Also Christmas caroling to families from all over the world this week. This is a picture of just one of them! We were with a member from Jamaica also! he is lovely!

Have a happy new year and blessings to all of you!

Salam Walakum asala moulekkum wa rahumut dalahi wa baka tahe!!
(This is urdu arabic(from bangladesh) for "God bless your family with peace")

Have a wonderful week and I love you!

Go help someone ;)

Elder Wehi"

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

MERRY CHRISTMAS from Scarberia!

"Seasons greetings to all! and a wonderful merry Christmas to everybody! This will be both Elder Ray and I's 2nd Christmas in the land of snow, polar bears, and freezing wind chills (yay for wind chills!).

Its pretty funny because we have 70 languages in Scarborough alone, and I am preeeety sure I have talked to at least 1 person from each culture in the world since being here for almost 22 weeks. Its been fun! its been spiritual! Its been uplifting and the rewards have been joyful! We love serving here!

some neat experiences for this week

#1 Christmas lights! - we were walking down the road when we saw a very well lit house and decided to ask the people at home if we could take a picture with it and send it to y'all. They agreed and we were happier than kids in a candy store! after we continued on to spread some more Christmas cheer!!

#2 Canada gloves keep you warm! - we were walking to contact someone that referred themselves to be taught by us and we were passing by a bridge, and we stopped to take a picture. That day I was also wearing some gloves we found in our apartment. They were VERY Canadian! hah. you got to be wearing some pretty warm things this time of the year in Canada...its pretty cold eh.

#3&4 Christmas time with Pres and Sis Clayton and the missionaries! - We had a Zone Christmas Conference for all the missionaries in Kingston, North York, and Oshawa. We sang Christmas songs, talked about the true meaning of Christmas, and shared a time to sing 12 days of Christmas in which we got to be the coveted 5 golden rings! It was awesome! we sang our hearts out haha! Thankyou also to everyone that send Christmas packages and letters, I am so grateful. I couldn't do this without your prayers and kindness. Thank you all so much! You are the best!

This Christmas time, may we all strive to remember the baby Jesus in word, thought, and action. May we ever resolve at this time of the year to be kinder, more understanding, and compassionate to our fellow travelers. May we strive to be a little better today than we were yesterday, and a little better tomorrow than we were today. God bless you all to find the Savior in your hearts and in all you do: Have a Merry Christmas! I love you!

Elder Wehi"

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

What shall we give?

"If Christ was here on earth, what would he be found doing?

I often ask myself this question when I talk to people on the streets. When we teach others about Jesus Christ. When we travel by foot among the towering building and low street valleys of the metropolis that is Scarborough. What would he do? In every situation. What would he be doing?

I feel like I am coming, little by little, to understand more clearly and simply what his character would be like. And a scripture I testify to be one of the most important of all holy writ to me is this: Matt 25:35-40

35 For I was an hungered, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in:

36 Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me.

37 Then shall the righteous answer him, saying,Lord, when saw we  thee an hungered, and fed thee?or thirsty, and gave thee drink?

38 When saw we thee a stranger, and took thee in?or naked, and clothed thee?

39 Or when saw we thee sick, or in prison, and came unto thee?

40 And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.

My dear brothers and sisters, it is Christmas time. We need only drop the last syllable and it becomes the spirit of Christ. I hope and pray that each of us find it within our hearts to reach out to the sick and the weary, to help them on their way. - Mosiah 4:19-21

There are those all around you who you may not even know are struggling. Those who are discouraged, and those without hope. Being blessed with an understanding that there is hope and that there is courage, let us be the ones to reach to those who have none, who have no hope, and to the weary and tired traveler. I ask of you never to turn aside the needs of others for your own. For I promise that God will look after you as you look after His other sheep, or in other words your family and friends.

I feel to promise you that if you pray for an opportunity to serve God, it will come your way. Christ called his apostles when they were working, and so as you continue throughout your day and work to bring about the prayer you gave, look for the opportunity to serve and it will present itself. Always Remember this important scripture in your service to others: Mosiah 2:17

Let me provide some examples of service, especially that we saw this past week.

Joey: We were walking to an appointment close to home when we saw a man distressed at a telephone box. He hung up and told us that he wanted to see his wife but he didn't know where she was. He looked cold and so we gave him a jacket to wear before we got him home. We walked into his home and he only had a bed that lay on the ground and no box spring and he had a couch that he sat on all throughout the day. He said because of arguments his wife had taken their 2 year old son and moved away. He was alone. He was sad and he kept saying: "I just want my wife to come home for Christmas." I couldn't help but feel inside me a greater yearning to help this man. We testified of Jesus Christ from the Scriptures and offered to come back. We left with him our jacket and before we left he prayed and he was smiling afterwards.

Sandra: Sandra was found when we knocked on her door. She is living in a 1 room shelter for those who are homeless. She said that she had given up hope for years because of how her life had turned out. She told us all of her troubles and worries and we listened. At the end she told us she wanted to come to church and feel greater peace in her life. We offered her our words of comfort and she felt better. by the end of the visit she said that she felt better. When she came to church the next day she gave a simple testimony on how she now knew that she could be happy and have hope to know that God was there for her.

The Homeless shelter: We were walking along a sketchy part of town down some back roads in the downtown area of Scarborough just on the border before downtown Toronto. We were walking just before a bridge when we looked to our left and saw a really worn down and abandoned church called the "church of God". We  looked through some sets of windows near the basement and saw beds upon beds lined up in the basement and we saw some people moving fuzzily between the windows. We went to the front door to go and see if we could go and look. We were approached by a man who demanded money from us or to leave. We talked with him but he wouldn't listen. We waited until someone came to the front door and let us in. We saw people lined up on the steps sleeping and then when we went underground we saw it all. People and families. Stricken with illness and despair. We waved out at the crowd and a couple of hands waved back. We could not do much more than to say "Merry Christmas", but it filled me with such a firm feeling that I had to be more grateful for what I do have because there are many who do not have temporal needs. Even in the midst of all the sadness, I for some reason could feel a sense of overwhelming love from God that he knew their needs and that everything would be okay. We left and continued on through the night.

Man we love serving here in Scarborough! Its such a nice place and I have come to love it with all my heart. There is no where I would rather be. I have never been happier in my whole life than right now serving a mission. I would recommend anyone to serve a mission wherever they are, because it has changed my life and brought me so much joy and happiness that I cant express.

We love being missionaries!

#A Savior is Born! Share it! :)

Elders Ray and Wehi"

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

A miracle for the week!

"Christmas Time is coming! its a blaze here in the Scarborough area with Christmas Spirit. The missionaries and members are getting ready to share the true meaning of Christmas and its great to see. I have come to love serving here in Scarborough. This has been my 14th week in this area and I love it. Elder ray my companion has been here for 26 weeks now. We are old guys to the members here hah. We have seen hard and good times here and all have come to help me to know that this is not only our work, but it is Gods. I know this.

I am doing great!...striving to not eat too much because we will be eating...well....quite a bit...especially when at Filipino members homes during the Christmas time. Having a big appetite at this time of the year is never a good thing hah.

We also wanted to thank all of you that have helped us to come so far, especially giving us such a help on the mission. For all those who have sent encouraging words or gifts to my companion and I, We appreciate it all. We are so grateful for your prayers and your well wishes. thank you again so much! We couldn't do all of this without your support and encouragement so thank you again!

We had a Christmas party for all the members and their friends this week! Everyone came with hungry stomachs and there was many happy hearts. It was good to see everyone so happy. We managed to squeeze everyone together for a photo at the end. There was a big turn out so it was brilliant. We also made a banner with the words: A savior is born. We will be giving the Photo as a Christmas Card to all.

I I love being a missionary. I can testify that this is the best 14 months so far that have ever had before in my life. I have come to know Jesus Christ much more personally, and because of this have come to feel Gods love more times than I can count. I now that this work is important and is fulfilling.


We saw a really inspired miracle this week from always talking with everyone and Always asking for referrals.

We were coming back from a returning member lesson when we felt impressed to talk to a man at his house. we did. He wasn't interested at all. He kicked us out of the yard. We kept walking on and preparing to go to an appointment.

We saw on the path in front of us before the bus stop a young couple. They didn't look like they would be interested, but pushing aside judgment, I strive to listen to what the Spirit would tell me to do. The spirit said to me strongly to talk to them. we went over to them and nothing came to my mind to teach, so I asked the only thing I could think of at the time: "Who do you know can benefit from our message?" The young mans face lit up and he straight way pointed us in the direction of his parents home.

We took his referral and went to the house. It looked like a shelter from the outside. We walked in and to the door where the young man had said and we knocked. A shorter lady came to the door and asked us what our purpose was. We said we were sent to them, by their family and by god. She let us in and the next 20 minutes she shared with us her whole life story and her husband who was also there did too. They told us they had nothing left but clothes, a little food, and a roof over their head. Their family was scattered and their hope was diminishing. They felt so poor and we could tell they were also poor in spirit.

We felt impressed to share with them the video 'a savior is born'. which you can see at As we watched it they and us got emotional and we all testified of Christ. We all felt the Spirit so strong. The lady knew we had come from God to her and she told us she wanted to come to church.

The next day she did and loved it! She got up in class and bore her testimony that she know knew God was looking after her an she said these special words: "I feel that Jesus Christ is with me now. I feel him all around me." she wants to come back to church next week and she feels that when she prays now, god will be there to listen to her.

Following the Spirit is so important in doing Gods work, and I know that God and His Son Jesus Christ are literal beings, a father and a son. I know that they are at the head of this work, and it fills me with joy to see others finding happiness and joy through Jesus Christ.

This has been a little Christmas miracle so far and we are looking forward to many more to come.


“Often, the answer to our prayer does not come while we’re on our knees but while we’re on our feet serving the Lord and serving those around us.”—President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

- Your servants, the missionaries
Elder Ray and Wehi"

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Transfers!....or not?

"wow, its another transfer week! and guess what!? We are staying again! FOR CHRISTMAS!!! YAY! We are so happy! We love serving here in Scarborough. I have always felt a special connection to this place and I love calling it my home at this time. I love the members especially and the faith they have. Its always a testimony to me when I get to see how members in Canada act like the Savior, just like Ive seen in Australia. Truly we are united with one cause to be more like Christ! I love this church with all my heart, and I especially recognize that Christ is at the center of it all. I love him and know he loves me. I know this is true. I see it every day.

When you get used to staying in an area for a long period of time, you really get to know the place so well. my companion Elder Ray has been serving here for 4 transfers now, which adds up to about nearly 19 weeks so far and I know he knows this place well because some nights I will hear him in his sleep talk about the people and he will sometimes teach them the Gospel too haha. Oh man I have the best companion. always being a missionary....even in his sleep! wow dedicated! hahaha.

Its been a great week. We had our ward mission leader leave the ward and we now have a new ward mission leader who is a great man. They had me give a talk on missionary work on Sunday and it was brilliant being able to share my experiences on the mission and to recognize how much I have seen the hand of god in my life serving this mission. I also got to see two members from Trenton Branch on Sunday too because they were there visiting family.

We did a lot of service this week! We find that, like President Monson has said, "there are hearts to touch and their are lives to brighten. There are souls to save." We love doing service as it is what we are called to do: Called to Serve :)

Do you ever know how much good you do? not really ever do we know. I promise that 100% of your efforts to do good counts. Every single portion no matter how much you might see that makes a difference. For those who do not feel that there efforts are making a difference or for those who feel alone. I can testify that as you strive to do good to others, God will in his time help you to find more substance in your life. There is more to find within us when we give of ourselves to others in a righteous way.

OH and BY THE WAY!!! CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!! so I have a gift for you! its all yours. all you have to do is watch it, love it, and share it! Its actually a video from the church about Christmas and the reason we celebrate it. I have watched it and I have felt the Spirit remind me of Gods love so I definitely can recommend sharing it with those who are in need of the Christmas Spirit. You might know someone at work, school, at home, at the shopping center, at church, maybe you met them on the street or at a bus shelter the other day, the list goes on! I know that there is someone in your life that needs to see this video and feel Gods love.

The link to the video is here:

Check it out! Its great! You can share it on Facebook and all :)

Make it a good week!
Elder Wehi"

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

What a great week!

"Dear family and friends!

Its been fantastic here in Scarborough. It isnt yet snowing but you can tell that the winter is coming! burrrrrrr! Its going to be a mild winter they say though so we cant winter is a beautiful time of the year...especially when your shoes are falling apart and you almost get frostbite on your feet. nothing duct tape cant fix haha. but its really nice this time of the year. In Australia you never see snow...well only if you are born on the mountains down south haha, but I didn't get that opportunity. So yeah...the winter is going to be a blast!

The town is still really multicultural! The ward is fantastic! We get fed so much and we are grateful! I feel that there is always too much to give thanks for and so most of my prayers go out in gratitude. I find myself not being able to ask for anything, other than the Spirit, because I have every gift I could ever ask for. I am grateful for my family and their love. I am grateful for the people we get to serve and to serve around, especially the members and other missionaries whose faith strengthens mine. I am grateful for my companion who has taught me loving kindness for others and a sincerity in heart for prayer. I am grateful for health and for safety from the storms of life that are happening all around the world. I am grateful for the Gospel which changed my life and is changing lives for the better here too. I am grateful for a loving mission President and his wife who have given so much to always look over us missionaries.

Also this week a good friend of mine recieved a package from home and was able to deliver it to me! It was a guitar! YAY! My last guitar was...tragically..resting in peace now. But that is okay because now I have another guitar and hopefully will be able to play it during lessons and on the street. I love music! It brings the Spirit so much when it is conveyed with love.

My heart and prayers go out to all those who may have been affected by the news in France. Every soul is precious to God and it is always a painful thing to hear that so much devastation is happening. We look to the Savior, who we know will make everything right in His time. It makes me grateful for the understanding I have been given of the plan of salvation. That we can live with those we love through all eternity. I know this is true. I testify of this eternal truth.

We have been teaching so many prepared people and this week especially we have seen miracles! One of the biggest ones is to think that I have been blessed to serve the Lord and the people for close to 14 beautiful months now! wow time flies! I cant even remember what I ate for breakfast yesterday...let alone what happened the first few transfers of the mission. I know that its recorded somewhere that's a blessing! haha

Funny story for you: So this week we went to a members house to eat dinner. I didnt know that they had a 'tradition' where they give the missionaries 'cherries' to eat during dinner. Its funny because the 'cherries' looked very much like hot peppers! I decided to go along with it. hesitantly eating one. The first 10 seconds were fine, and then it was game on. oh man! It was so hot! All I remember was my mouth on fire and literally feeling like my mouth had a fire in it hahaha. I couldnt hold back tears while I also noticed after clearing my nose that there was specks of redness....which I was hoping wasn't blood hahahaha. man....that was so hot! definitely have to think twice about eating 'cherries' in canada again haha

Some lessons I have learned on the mission!
the greatest of all blessings I have come to learn and know on the mission is love.

“Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.” james 1:27

“Remember the worth of souls is great in the sight of God.” D&C 18:10

One of my favorite scriptures from the bible that teaches us the importance of being "called to serve":
When the Son of man shall come in his glory, and all the holy angels with him, then shall he sit upon the throne of his glory:

“And before him shall be gathered all nations: and he shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divideth his sheep from the goats:

“And he shall set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left.

“Then shall the King say unto them on his right hand, Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world:

“For I was an hungered, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in:

“Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me.

“Then shall the righteous answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungred, and fed thee? or thirsty, and gave thee drink?

“When saw we thee a stranger, and took thee in? or naked, and clothed thee?

“Or when saw we thee sick, or in prison, and came unto thee?

“And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” Matthew 25:31-40

Have a great week everyone! Know I love you! The church is true :)

Go and help someone, love someone, make someone smile.
The Gospel is true and works everytime :)

Elder Wehi

Make it a good one :)"

Wednesday, November 04, 2015


"HAPPY HALLOWEEN from Canada! Bonjour!

I learnt something from another missionary a couple of transfer ago in a 'English as a second language class'. and because I love music it made an impression. He said:" Harmony is made up of completely different sounds that by themselves would not work, but together make a beautiful sound that brings the Spirit." This is the most fitting expression I can give for describing Scarborough. THIS PLACE IS SOOO DIVERSE! you hope on a bus going down one street and you find yourselves amongst people from 15 to 20 different cultures ALL ON THE SAME BUS! Where else in the world could you find such multiculturalism. One day we will be eating with Arabic families sitting on the ground and the other we will be eating mashed potatoes and sausages from a European family. I have learnt how to speak briefly a little bit of 6-7 different languages and we use them all the time. When others feel your love and you strive to speak according to their language...they hear and feel the voice of the Spirit and I love that.

There are refugees who come to this area with nothing left but a few members of their family and clothes. People from all walks of life we talk to every day....and I can testify of one truth that never changes. John 3:16: For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son.

I know that when people. regardless of age, gender, life experience, and background come unto by one...they do find that rest to their souls. I love being amongst such culture as it has taught me the powerful lesson that God knows all of his children and wants to bless all of them. He wants them to know that he loved them enough that he sent his son, and that the restored fullness of the Gospel is on the earth again today. Prophets and Apostles are true. They once again are found on the earth in the church of Jesus Christ of latter Day saints.

I've been out serving a mission now for close to 14 months and how the time has gone by! It almost seems like yesterday that I was leaving for the mission, but the amount of experiences I have had whilst serving has been more than I can count. There have been 5 areas so far. Brampton, Trenton, Don Mills, Sudbury, and Scarborough. I've served with 9 companions. I know that The church is true. Jesus is the Christ. He is a living and very VERY personal Savior. He reaches our reaching. In our good and hard times he is there to comfort and to counsel. Do we ever stop to count of blessings? I cannot count all of mine, but when I try to I feel the Love of God in my heart and mind.

The Ward is perfect! We love the members here so much! They are so faithful and have given so much to come to Canada, most of them do not come from Canada and so they have come to find family amongst the other members of the Ward.

So everything is well here and here are some miracles from this week:

Mon- We wanted to visit a member family when we couldn't find the address. We felt impressed to talk with others in the area. As we did so, the mother of the family we were planning to see was actually walking to us on the side walk. We talked with her and she invited us over to teach a family that lives in her home for family home evening.

Tue- As we met with a returning member, we taught about the Spirit as we had planned to do in District meeting and we also asked for referrals. She told us of a lady she was teaching the Gospel and she wanted to invite her to the next lesson. Later in the evening Elder Ray went on a split with a member and taught family history to a returning member and they loved it and wanted to do their family history.

Wed- We brought a member to another active members home and talked about the Temple. We sought referrals and the family referred us to the people they were also wanting to help them come to the Temple. The member who came with us to the active members home later on the ride home said they wanted to pray for opportunities to share the gospel with their daughter and her family.

Thur- The grand daughter of sister Wilson was taught about baptism today and wants to be baptized on the 29th of November. The mother wants her brother to baptize her. We also brought another returned member to a less active members home and the returned member shared his testimony of the Temple and the young man wanted to start coming to young mens activities again. the mother of the less active young man said that the returned member who came to the lesson was an answer to her prayers.

Fri- At a church Halloween party, the members brought their family friends. One sister was had been less active for a while was also there. We were referred to start teaching her again by her father and so we set a time to see her this week and help her to find the restored Gospel blessings again in her life.

Sat- We have been able to teach in 21 members homes this week. The lord is hastening his work of increasing the stakes of Zion. We also had dinner with a member family and the members told us that their daughter is doing missionary work and wants our help to teach her friends.

Sun- At church today Elder Ray and I both gave our testimonies to the Ward and after church ended a member came up to us to thank us. He said that his family had been going less active, and because of the Spirit he felt during the meetings he felt the need to reach out to us to come teach his family. We also held a family home evening in a members home with extended family there and they loved it! They told us of 2 people in their same building that they were also reaching out to to share the Gospel.

Some happenings for the week :)

Have a fantastic week,

An invitation: that impression you have felt to reach out to that one person or it this week. I promise that as you do you will feel a confirmation that you did that right thing and you will be one step closer to your Heavenly father. I can testify that happiness is found in helping someone who needs hope again in their life. As you look for ways to lift those who are sad or alone or who cannot physically, mentally or spiritually do something on their own, your ability to bear your our burdens will increase. The spirit will help you lift the heavy burdens you carry and service will very well be the means of you overcoming the obstacles that are facing you.

So do something nice for someone today. Do it now and you will be happy :)
I testify from experience after experience that God needs you to be his hands for someone today.

What a beautiful world we live in :)
Have a great week!
Elder Ray and Wehi"

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Miracles in the City!

"Hello everyone! Bonjour! Comment ca va?

What an amazing week to the beginning of the transfer. ( A transfer is a period of six weeks in an area ) This week we have been focusing completely on the work of Salvation and we couldn't be happier! I have noticed that when I am in the service of others, and applying the work of salvation, that I am happy and everything goes well during the week. I am grateful for amazing leaders who have inspired us as a companionship to apply the work of salvation. We are seeing the results of this work every day!

We are doing very well!! I love being able to align my will with the mission vision. I desire to be in the service of others each day. As we are busy teaching and finding, the Spirit is there and because of that I am happy. I have come to a realization more than ever before that the time to serve a mission is very short and I need to be giving my all each day and coming home tired. This is usually the case.

Elder Ray is a good example of quiet diligence. He is an outstanding missionary and he loves to love the people. He has a desire to rely on the Lord as he prays and it is an example to me. I thank God for my great companion.

The ward is great here! the work of salvation is well and going here in Scarborough. We noticed that the more we counsel with the ward leaders and serve them, the more we are teaching more and more lessons. There is more of the Spirit and more people are being taught when we are seeking to uplift and strengthen the members.

This week there have been so many miracles! Each day even!

7 miracles for 7 days!

#1: We went by to a members home for FHE and the granddaughter was referred to us and that granddaughter wants to be baptized!

#2: We invited a sister to help teach a returning member and turns out they are sisters! And the sister we invited actually wanted to do more family history and the returning member offered to help her to do that! Family History Miracles!

#3:We called our Ward mission Leader to counsel with him and to offer our help. The Zone Leaders had invited us to build good relationships with the Ward Council members. This is what happened. For the next 45 minutes, Our ward mission leader shared his testimony with us and told us of his desires to serve in the ward. We now knew very well how to help him in his calling.

#4: During our weekly planning for the week we called a sister who said that we were inspired to call her because she had a friend of hers for us to teach. We happened to call her during the seeking more referrals step of weekly planning too!

#5: Bishop referred us to a family in the ward. We went to contact them with a recently re activated member. The family we meant to visit wasn't home, so we re evaluated our plans. We went with the brother who was to come teaching with us. He prayed that we would be lead to a home to teach the Gospel. We were. We felt impressed to go an visit a less active family. The two less active sons were home. The member we brought bore his testimony of his returning into activity. The two sons then decided they wanted to meet with us again and to learn more about the Gospel. We also provided service for a member in the ward. Also the member who came with us teaching that night told us that he was having a really tough week, but being able to share his testimony strengthened his faith in Christ and helped him to know that god was really there answering his prayers.

#6: We found 4 new investigators today by always opening our mouths and standing as a witness of Christ. We also had a lesson with a less active member who referred his wife to us and she wants to be taught and come to church. At the end of the evening we had dinner with a less active family and they want to eventually return to church and make their way to the Temple. We also after the dinner went to a part member home and the young son who was there (he was the member) referred us to a friend of his at school who was a member but didn't know where the church was in her area. We helped the young man find the church for her so he can give that to her at school.

#7: Today at stake conference there was a very mighty miracle that occurred. A speaker spoke on her experiences with serving a mission and she invited each member to give at least one name to the missionaries. As soon as she said that, the member beside me told me of a family who he wants us to teach and that the family was already wanting to be taught. He said: "Can you help me with that?" We replied: "yes, yes we can!" :)

I notice that the more I align my will with the Lords and seek to apply the mission vision, the more real it seems and the easier it is to feel the Spirit. I can also testify that as we look for miracles in every day, especially the work of salvation ones, we will be able to find it! I know this work is true and the God directs it today.

Families can be together forever, through Heavenly Fathers Plan!

Have a wonderful week!

An invitation: Make someone you love smile today. As you do it will also make you smile and the burdens you carry will seem lighter and easier for you to carry. I know this is true. "The future is as bright as your faith" - Thomas S Monson :)

Elders Ray and Wehi"

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Some Experiences from this week

"The work of salvation is going forward here and it is noticeable. The members trust us, we just need to apply and progress the ideas we recieve in weekly planning. We are striving to apply the points that the zone leaders gave us for planning and we see how it helps so much. It has been a joy to see the hand of the Lord in returning members and their progression here in Scarborough.

There was an experience this week that really touched my heart. 2 actually, sorry haha. the first is an unforseen opportunity to serve. So Elder Ray and I were walking to an apartment building to follow up on an investigator when we saw a younger couple moving into the building. They had soooooo many things packed into the little moving van that they had and ot looked like they were really struggling. As soon as we saw this, Elder Ray and I knew we had to do something becuse the Spirit impressed the feeling upon us to help them, so strongly. We just went up to them and started grabbing things from the truck to help and they allowed us to. At first they were hesitant because we had just started helping, but after some time they opened up to us and told us about their family and why they were moving. They were from Fiji! Some of the first inslander people I have met in Toronto. They were very kind and even though it took some time to move everything in, they were very happy that we had helped. Just before we left, they told us that they had prayed for God to help them and that they recognized us as an answer to their prayers. They cried and prayed that they would see us again. They had been touched by the Spirit, it was so evident. I left that day from that service feeling such a profound gratitude in my heart for how God answers prayers and as we are looking for opportunities to serve, the Lord will provide. When we see someone sad, or alone. When someone is in need or cannot do something by themselves physically or mentally. Moments when someones need is in view; I promise that when we act to help these people, it is a way for us to preach the Gospel. I love the saying: "Preach the Gospel, and when necessary use words." because through service, sharing the Gospel comes with so much power that the Spirit will testify everytime. I know that this is true.

The other experience was with a man on the street. We were walking with another set of missionaries when I saw a man hunched over sitting on a bench waiting for the bus. I felt an impression to walk over to him and start talking with him. He saw us and snorted a little at us. He then saw our badge and looked at my companion and I. He said: "Do you believe in Jesus?" I said yes. He looked down again. and then he said: "well Ive wanted to know about him, but I dont know if I can." We listened. "Because I am trying to stop drinking and I cannot do it." He started to cry heavily. He asked me if he could learn about Jesus Christ. We testified of the Savior and of His Atonement. He looked up and with tears continuing to flow from his eyes, said: "well will you teach me? will you help me to stop drinking? I want to but it is so hard!" I held his hand and looked striaght into his eyes and with all the certainty of my Spirit said: "He loves you." He cried and cried as we prayed with him, and though it was cold I had such a profound feeling of gratitude for the Spirit and the love of God, that even though this man had made so many mistakes, that he wanted to start again. We set up a time to come to see him and his family and teach them the Gospel. I testify that God loves all the children here in Toronto, we just have to open our mouths and let them know :)

I love being a missionary and I know that this is the Lords work. This is His Gospel. This is a labor of love, and I love it.

Also I want to let you know about an experience that continues to affirm to me how inspired the vision for this mission is, regarding returning members. Last night we were coming from a dinner appointment from a members home when I looekd to my companion, who was walking beside me and I felt a feeling that we should pray and seek someone to find in the nearby area. We prayed. As we continued to walk, nobody was seemingly interested at all. We kept talking with everyone but not much happened. We then saw an apartment building and felt impressed to go to it. It was locked and the only way to get inside was by buzzing someone who lived there. We did so but to no avail. I felt impressed though to continue trying. We got buzzed in! and we then went to another floor. We started knocking doors and nobody was home, and those that were were not interested at all. We were about to finish and go when we heard a door open down the hall. A lady appeared. We went to talk with her. She told us that she was an inactive member of the church and she allowed us to visit her again this coming week. We felt so grateful that the Lord had placed us in the palce of one of his lost sheep. We are grateful to know that God cares about all His children' not only those who havent heard about the Gospel, but also those who have lost their way. I know that this work is inspired of God and that the mission vision is true.

Have a great week!

Elder Wehi"

Friday, October 16, 2015

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

"Just wanted to email and send my greetings and thanksgiving for what you have done for a part of my life, wether it has been big or small acts of kindness that you have given me. I want to say thanks!

I want to share with you a quote I heard the other day and I loved it. It says: "Christ can only help us when we want to understand the need for forgiveness..just like a person will only go to the Doctor when they know they are sick."

Thankyou so much and have a wonderful week!

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is restored today!

Elder Wehi"

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Scarborough adventures!

"Allo! Comment Ca Va?

WOW! Scarborough is so diverse! I have never been in such a diverse city and place before. Its amazing. We see all kinds of people here and the minority is Canadian people haha. Its a great place to serve and we love doing so each day.

Not much has happened this week, but miracles happen every day. We work hard and know that the Lord will make up the rest. I am so grateful for my calling as a missionary and the things I am learning every day.

I was thinking about something I would like to share with you all on a highlight of the week for me. It was the last day of the week and it was General Conference time again! I was pondering the last song: "Love One Another" and as I did I could see myself in many instances throughout the mission on moments that have mattered most, and the mission here in Canada Toronto has been perfect for me. I have truly learnt a powerful lesson in sharing the teaching of Christ and inviting others to Him. I have come to learn that our role is one main thing...ministering. To give our lives in the service of others. I am talking about the kind of service of the heart. To think of someone who is struggling or in need of a listening ear and to be able to listen to them. The best way to invite someone to Christ that I have seen is to pray for help, listen for promptings from the Spirit and then to act. More times than not the promptings will refer us to small acts of kindness that we can choose to or not to do.

As I was sitting listening to the words of the song being sung in the meeting I couldn't help but think back to all the times I felt the Spirit on the mission and what has come to matter most to me, and that has been the happiness of others. The Gospel,, when lived in faith, makes us happy. That kind of happiness lasts. Because we must love all people, we must forgive all people. Only in those times will we have the vision to see clearly the needs of others and how to best serve them.

Hope you all have a great week!

Your missionaries, Elder Ray and Wehi


Wednesday, September 30, 2015

As I have loved you, Love one another

"Hello everyone! How are you? How was the week? Its been fantastic here in Scarborough!! We love it!! Tell us more about your week also :)

I just wanted to share with you all one of the purposes of why I came to Canada Toronto mission. It is something I have learned on the mission which is soooo important!! Probably one of the most important lessons I have and am coming to learn about. Companionship. They are so important. We must love those who deserve our love. Family members especially. We must love and see the best in others, for this is how God sees them. We must lay aside our desires and dreams for the family and ask what God wants of us. Only then can the Spirit come into our home and can we feel peace. No contention is worth it. We must see the good in others. We must see others for who they can become. We must lift them higher than ourselves and invite them unto Christ, only we can invite and help. We must serve others and choose to be happy. Heavenly Father has us in His hands and He will make everything right in the end, but for us it is given to forgive all men. We must forgive others who do not forgive us, knowing that God is the one to judge. Forgiveness is key to happiness. President Monson said: "Blame keeps wounds open, only forgiveness heals." I love those words :)

I love Scarborough east! This area is fantastic. Ive never walked so much in my life haha. Its good that we do walk a lot because Ive been putting on some weight. not too much but it seems that its starting to catch up with me haha. Its been a great week though. Alot has happened and the work is going full speed ahead. Elder Ray and I are doing great and we find together a sweet companionship that involves the Spirit. I hope that I can help Elder Ray with His goals and to be able to lift him up. That is my main goal for this week, is to help Elder Ray with his goals.

Ive found that when I put more effort into the companionship by always seeking charity and love in all that I do, the Spirit comes into many things. I find myself happier and more at ease with the Lords will for us as I let patience, humility and love find place within all my responses. The Lord provides even though I am weak and I find joy in letting the Lord take the man I am and change it to be more like Him.

The area is doing well. There are many more ways in which we would like to work with the members, but we just need to plan to meet with them more. we are finding on our own efforts just fine, but it comes to working with the members that we need to work to improve.

We are teaching some really prepared people, and we found them all by praying for them and seeking that specific request. If we pray for a family, we strive to teach families. We see a family and talk about the Gospel blessing their family. We pray for someone who needs repentance and the Lord puts in our path someone who approaches us with the desire to change. The Lords work is perfect, we just needed to pray for our will to be aligned with His.

The lessons I have learned this week have been based on how much I know God loves His children. Every good thing comes back to how much we love God and how we show our love others.

I love a saying that says: "People don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care." and its so true! We must always love others and serve them, because that is what the savior would be doing if he himself were here today. Small acts of kindness such as remembering someones birthday and calling them or taking them a gift. Visiting the home of a widow or someone who is sick and caring for them. Remembering someone who is sad and offering to talk with them until they feel better. A kind word to someone who is bullied. A wave or a smile to someone on the street. A hug for someone who is feeling alone. A listening ear to those who have come to old age. A cooked meal for a struggling parent. Follow the Spirit and pray for opportunities to know how you can reach out and the Lord will provide a way :) Often the best ways to serve is in the home :)

Ive noticed that when I choose to respond with love to friends and enemies alike, happiness is abound in my life. When I choose to love others and to let go of my pride, God can make of myself and others so much more than on my own. Faith for me on the mission has been this: In this situation, what would the savior do? and am I willing to do it? I promise that every good thing will come as we act in faith to help and love, serve and strengthen others as the Savior himself would do.

Love is the essence of the Gospel!

This week has been great! Hope you also have had a great week too!

Let me know how the week was :)

Elder Wehi"

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Halfway Mark

Today marks a very special day for Elder Wehi, his family, his relatives and his friends.
I would like to share with you the reasons why this day marks a very special day for them.

Elder Wehi left home, his family, his relatives and his friends behind one year ago today. 
Elder Wehi reached his one year mark/halfway mark today, So, he has one year left.
I am very happy for Elder Wehi to reach his one year mark/halfway mark today.
I am very proud of Elder Wehi's achievements throughout his mission so far. 
He has been a very great Missionary and he has served in 3 different areas.

If you haven't emailed Elder Wehi yet, I encourage you to email him. He will appreciate it.
If you haven't written a letter to Elder Wehi yet, I encourage you to write him a letter.

Can you believe it? He will be coming home next year. Wow time has been going so fast.
I can still remember my last memory with Elder Wehi before he left for his mission and
it felt like just yesterday when I last saw him.

Thank you so much for your patience with me and Elder Wehi. We really do appreciate it.
Thank you so much for your patience to wait for each update to be posted.

Stay Tuned until next time.

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

I'm trying to be like Jesus

"Wow! What a great week everyone! I hope your week has been full of good times and many wonderful memories. Thats something we have here on the mission so much! There is often too much to contain in just a simple letter, but we will try to share as much as we are able to haha!

So its another transfer! We have been given our new areas and the news is quiet interesting eh! So Elder Cattelain is going to be serving in Don Valley Ward in a tri-pan (3 companions) and I will be in Scarborough East with Elder Ray! Its in a Zone called North York which is right near Toronto again! It seems that over the mission that has been the story of my life haha. Ive been in city, and then country, city, country and now city again haha!..

Its pretty great too because at this stage...almost a year into serving the Lord...well...I'll just say that its definitely a roller coaster of an experience. The people. The places. The moments of pure happiness when those you teach realize their divine potential. All these things make up the best year of my life so far, and now its going to be on to another beautiful year of learning and growing.

I unfortunately have some pretty sad news though....
I didn't see any bears while in the north. or Mousse. Or any kind of Canadian wildlife eh! But I did pick up a really bad habit of saying eh, eh! aha. Its probably a good thing that they are whitewashing and closing our area in Sudbury because the winter here gets to about -40, so anything warmer than that is generally appreciated aha! We are welcoming the fall, and the leaves are about to change which is wonderful and stunningly beautiful, even in the cities.

So we have about 4 hours to pack and then we are heading to another apartment 3 and a half hours away in another Zone for overnight before we make the transfer to our new areas. So we are going to be busy haha!

So this week I wanted to write a little more than usual for you all. The other night I was sitting up in bed and contemplating on some of the lessons I have learnt over the last transfer. the impression came to my mind that I needed to share it over this email, for reasons I don't fully know but I am sure that there may be something that either you or I need to know. The following experiences is completely what happened this transfer and It has blessed and changed my life so much. Long story short before the long story haha: This transfer has taught me a powerful lesson on why we follow Christ. And why we strive to be like Him.

So. It begins in Brampton. We get our transfers, and I leave the city. Elder Cattelain and I come together in an inspiring way. We get along really well and joke around so much. We stay in the same house as the other Elders(Steed and Baumgartner). A day goes by in our new area and I am coming to love the new place we are sent to. I feel such a privilege to serve in the north. Elder Cattelain and I start to work together in the area. I then notice something that stands out to me. Elder Cattelain and I are very different. We have tendency to do completely different styles of missionary work. He likes to talk about one thing and I talk about another. Time goes on and by and by and we slowly come to realize something: We are drifting apart. We are starting to let the things we do or say get to each other.

We went into lessons and taught with the Spirit, but when we left it never seemed to strive with us. My desire to give my whole heart to the work seemed to weaken and I felt like I was drifting from one place to another. I called President Clayton and expressed to him my thoughts and feelings. He reminded me of how I needed to lose myself in the work and to invite and help my companion to come unto Christ. I felt comforted by his words, but my anger and frustration seemed to continue. I felt a lack of unity in the companionship and every time we would travel to places we wouldn't talk much or even at all.

The Ward was wonderful, but Elder Cattelain and I always seemed to be on separate pages, one taking another direction than the other when it came to sharing ourselves with the members. I felt alone and as if there was no love between Elder Cattelain and I. It weighed down on my heart like a ton of bricks. I felt defeated in many ways and whenever we would go from place to place I would have no energy. I had times when the only thing between me and the ground was my knees, praying to Heavenly father for relief from myself and my feelings I had towards Elder cattelain. I prayed day and night for the strength to know what I could do. Nothing ever came in those times. No answer or feeling of comfort within me, but I always had someone to talk to about it. The other missionaries always had time to listen to Elder Cattelain and I. They loved us and always had a smile on their face. It comforted Elder Cattelain and I in these times.

It came to a point where it was so bad that I had to ask for a blessing from the other missionaries and they did. They called President Clayton and we talked for a very long time. It was then that he reminded me of something I hadn't heard in a long time: That I was loved, by Heavenly Father. When President Clayton spoke those words I felt such a strong Spirit within me that I cried for a very long time. I felt alone and defeated in so many ways. I felt that our companionship had been torn so much so that there was no way of return. It was hard to think about anything in this time other than how I was feeling. We would go and serve others which helped, but I always felt a strong impression within me that something wasn't right. I pleaded and pleaded with heavenly Father every waking moment of the day and especially studied the scriptures to find His will, but it seemed so hard to find it. I yearned for relief when it didn't seem any where to be found.

Then one day I felt a small little whisper in my heart and mind to do something. It was to go and use my tooth floss that I usually use after lunches, which at the time was a very odd request. I did so and as I was using it I saw something in our room. My Patriarchal blessing. I started to read it and I saw a word that stood out to me. The word said one thing but a still small voice said something else. "Study about Jesus Christ". I hurried for the nearest set of Scriptures and took them up. I looked upon the 16th chapter of Luke, which is an account of the Saviors Atonement. I read it and it helped but nothing really stood out. So, I thought to myself about the second part of the Atonement, being the Resurrection. So I went to the 20th chapter of John and read it. I started and it just seemed like I needed to be reading it. As I read the words of Christ appearing to Mary, my soul filled with light and my mind seemed to expand so much so that I was filled with inexpressible happiness and joy. I was so happy! I was no longer sad at all. I had no reason to be as I came to find something so joyful. Christ. And the Happiness that his victory over death brings. I came to know with all my heart that the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is real. I came to find another great truth of the Gospel a couple of days later also...

Forgiveness frees the one who asks others for it. I spent all my time in the next coming weeks apologizing to Elder Cattelain and striving to serve him, and I testify that this is what brought us happiness. This is what made us stronger. This is what, at this present time has made Elder Cattelain and I such a great companionship! I love the man with all my heart. I am so grateful for the time we spent together and hopefully will spend again :)

I was reading a talk in an ensign the other day which talked about trials in our lives. It mentioned that in life we have struggles. In life we have pains. In life we experience both good and evil. We fall short and make mistakes. We sin. We do things which we alone cannot repair. Sometimes thing happen to us that just happen because its a part of our mortal journeys in life. A man who wrote the article talked about how when he was depressed and about to turn back, he continued to hold fast to praying and fasting, serving others and reading the scriptures. When he did that he never at the times when he did it feel that his troubles had gone away. The man still had depression in many things, but he came to see something about his trials that I have come to realize over the space of serving for only a year in the mission field: As we have trials, they help us to turn to the Lord and find a stronger and deeper relationship with our Heavenly father than we would have had before the trial came.

In short: Calm winds don't carry barges to the promised land; stormy seas do. And just like the brother of Jared and His people in the Book of Mormon, we must always be turning to the Lord in prayer who will help us to burden the loads that we carry. Because when we carry heavy burdens, they are meant to make us stronger. It just depends on how we respond. Are we willing to turn our hearts over to the Lord and carry our burdens, while he helps us? Because I want to testify that He does! He lifts our burdens for us, when we help him lift it. There is nothing too much for the Lord when we put our trust in Him. Christ has overcome the world. We will too as we follow Him and strive to be as His is.

My favorite scripture has come to be in the Book of Ether chapter 12 verse 27:  And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them.

Another scripture that has helped me to know how the Lord helps us overcome our own faults and weaknesses. Its in Mosiah chapter 3 verse 19: For the natural man is an enemy to God, and has been from the fall of Adam, and will be, forever and ever, unless he yields to the enticings of the Holy Spirit, and putteth off the natural man and becometh a saint through the atonement of Christ the Lord, and becometh as a child, submissive, meek, humble, patient, full of love, willing to submit to all things which the Lord seeth fit to inflict upon him, even as a child doth submit to his father.

Also my favorite children's song tells of the only thing that helped us in our time of need. The words go like this:
1. I'm trying to be like Jesus;
I'm following in his ways.
I'm trying to love as he did, in all that I do and say.
At times I am tempted to make a wrong choice,
But I try to listen as the still small voice whispers,
 I'm trying to love my neighbor;
I'm learning to serve my friends.
I watch for the day of gladness when Jesus will come again.
I try to remember the lessons he taught.
Then the Holy Spirit enters into my thoughts, saying:

"Love one another as Jesus loves you.
Try to show kindness in all that you do.
Be gentle and loving in deed and in thought,
For these are the things Jesus taught."

I testify of a certain truth that I had to come and learn on the mission. Our whole life is about Jesus Christ. There is no other way to lasting happiness. I know it. I am so convinced of this truth because nothing else short of Gods own hand could have come and helped us in our time of need. I promise that He will reach out to you as youy reach out to him, and remember this: As we comer unto Christ, we are shown our weaknesses, but we are given them so that through Christs Help we can overcome them and become strong from them. I love that truth.

I testify that God loves His Children and that no matter what our situations and our guilt, sorrows, pains, or mistakes: Christ can take it, make of it, and shape our inner man to become loving, kind, and forgiving in ways in which we cannot do alone. We just cannot simply get through life without the teachings of Christ. I know it and am grateful for it!

So in your darkest hours: Turn to the Lord. I plead with you. Do it. I promise you that the one step into the darkness will be the best step of faith you could ever make. I promise with all the energy of heart that there is a Christ and there is a loving Father in Heaven.

Of this truth I stand as witness,

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Have a great week! I love you!

Elder Wehi".

Quick Overview of 4th Area: Sudbury

This post is a quick overview of Elder Wehi's fourth area.
His fourth area is Sudbury. He had different companions while he was serving there.
Elder Wehi served in Sudbury area from July 2015 to September 2015.
In other words, he stayed in Sudbury Area for a total of  1 Transfer.

1st Companion: Elder Cattelain.

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

The worth of souls is great!

"HELLO!! HOW ARE Y'ALL DOING!? Hope you had a wonderful week, knowing that there is always so much to be happy about! :) Not too much happened this week, but just being a missionary is a blessing in itself :)

The sudbury area is Hugh! no snow...yet! But it is getting colder and colder eh haha! We travel regularly between little towns, which takes us about 4 hours to our destination and the same time to get back! We are teaching quite a bit, around 30+ lessons a week with all those around us, and its awesome! and to sightings of bears or mousse yet! (Hopefully soon though...fingers crossed :)

We manage to live off pancakes and peanut butter while in the house, luckily for us there are beautiful members here who give of their time in preparing meals, so its pretty good haha! I was thinking the other day for the amount of cooking skills that we could be having, toast always seems to be the delicacy aha!

oh and by the way...if you ever come to Canada, there is something you will probably come to see very quickly...its the true north secret hahaha! Chinese there are SOOOOOO MANY in Canada! The other day we ate at 2 of one day haha! for lunch and dinner... my companion Elder Cattelain was so tired of eating food after that haha! Somehow the clothes I had at the beginning of the mission still fit haha!

We had a man next door approach us the other day with a problem haha! His fire alarm in His house went off and so we went to go and see what we could do, and discovered that he didn't have a bed to sleep on because he recently moved into the area. His English was pretty lacking, but we made out that he was in need. We walked outside and noticed 2 big fire trucks outside his house, right in front of us aha! We went back to our house and grabbed a spare bed and later gave it to him that night. He was grateful and we left that night feeling the Spirit, knowing that someone had been helped. There are chances for work all around, you just have to look for them :)

Man, we had a stellar week! So much learning and growing. It always seems that the greatest joy is found in the service of others and that when it comes to serving, well, its just have to pray for it, go looking for it, the Lord puts it in your path, and then you choose to act. Its amazing! I want to testify that we are the Lords hands. I have seen it. I know that we will see the works of God as we choose to serve others, especially those who cannot serve themselves. This is Gods work. These are His children. How important it is then that we are to speak always of those things that would build up, lift up, and encourage, inspire and bless those we work around and especially our families.

Families! Man....the Gospel is so true aha! If you had to ask me what has been the greatest blessing of the mission, and what I have come to learn so far, it would have to be this fundamental and central truth of happiness: Families. But not just families alone. The truths of the Restored Gospel and how they affect families today. That families can live together forever. Simple yet wonderful truths such as these. How I am being shaped to become more like Christ so that I can honor my family and serve others as well. It all starts, especially as a missionary, when we recognize how much we need to give to God so that He can shape us. We have to give Him everything, so that He can make of us the son or daughter he sees in us. It all starts with Faith in Christ :)

And so this week I just wanted to share with you an experience that touched my heart.

I want to testify of the work of salvation. I know that the Lord is doing HIS work, and He always does it in HIS time. We saw a miracle this week, again! The blessings of being a missionary come when you are consecrating yourself to what the Lord needs done for His children that day. When we choose the Lord and choose to follow Him, he blesses not only us but so many others through us also.

And so we were going to an appointment the other day with a member, had the lesson, which was great, and then after we walked back to the car. We got into the car and a man came running over to us from next door( which is a rehab center for those overcoming addictions) in such a hurry. He asked us to wind down the window and to talk with him. We did. He was so happy to see us and introduced himself as being a less active member of the church. We got out of the car and sat with him for 30 minutes while he expressed in deep sorrow his inability to feel peace and his feeling of being alone. He cried and cried and asked us how he can feel Gods love again. We listened. He said that he felt a very strong impression that when he saw us from the window he HAD to run out to see us. HE wanted to repent and he knew that he only could do that as he ran out to meet us and start his journey on that path again.

 So....We set a time to come back and meet again. We came back that Sunday and talked with him for a little while and he brought to us a great need for him to turn over to the Lord and start again. I felt impressed to ask Him if he would pray and ask God to forgive him and for him to turn everything over to God. He hesitantly asked how he could do that. We explained how he could, and that all he had to do was just surrender himself, everything, in prayer to His Father in Heaven. He prayed. I testify of the power of repentance, and the power of personal prayer. A man torn by abuse, suffering from broken relationships, and the death of family members, now, was kneeling in humility before his father. He cried and cried and cried some more. We cried with him. In His prayer he mentioned something that I will never forget. He said: "When I was younger I died three times, and you kept me here. It wasn't my time, and you have given me the time so that I could repent before I returned to you again." He expressed how much he missed his loved ones who had passed away and how much he wants to come back to Christ. He is reading, praying and planning to one day return to the Temple!! It was powerful and it was another witness to me that when we approach God in solemn humility, giving him everything and acknowledging our weaknesses before him, He has the power to minister to us. He can only guide us when we let go. We need to let go, and let God bring us home. I know that God listens. He is a loving Father. He cares. His ways are true and though hard to us sometimes it may seem, grace shall be as our day :) I love my Savior and know that He lives!

So this is a little of what I have loved about being a missionary and though I would share it with you. Hope you have a great week eh!

Lots of love,

Elder Wehi"

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Another week in Sudbury!

"Hey everyone! Not too much time to write but just wanted to let you know again that Im doing great and loving the lessons I am coming to learn on the mission. I feel so blessed to be here and to serve the canadian people in sudbury. I love it here, its amazing! So...we had a ward picnic this week and we took a funny picture with some of the members! My companion is in the hat haha! We also went on a road trip for a mission conference in Barrie which was a 3 1/2 hour drive there and the same back so we were pretty tired but loved seeing the other missionaries and president. On the way back we saw a member in another area and took a photo on a hugh chair! It was great!

I love being a missionary and to be able to bring others the Gospel. I love prayer and know that as we pray we are heard. I love being a missionary.

Charity is the pure love of Christ. There are hands that hang low and feeble knees that we can strengthen. Service is the greatest cure for weariness. Love is the key to happiness in life, I know it :)

Have a great week eh!

Elder Wehi"

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Manitoulin Island!

"Hello Everyone! Hope you've had a great week! So one of the highlights of this week has been a trip we made to a large island called Manitoulin Island. Its a great place! There was a small branch about 10 people. They were lovely and it was an experience for sure! I went with another Elder, Elder Steed who I served around in Brampton. We also had a young man named Stephen come with us to contact some members who hadn't been seen for a while. It reminded me of the times when I would go with the missionaries and how much that helped me to grow in the Gospel.

We have had the pleasure of being able to continue to see Megan, the wards investigator grow in the gospel. She is rereading the book of Mormon which is insane! She wanted to be baptized this week but we had to ask her to prepare a little bit more hah. She is so ready for the restored Gospel. So we are helping her grow and she is finding strength in the Book of Mormon. She is going in for operation this week and so the members are helping her and the kids with food.

Great things are happening here, and its super to be a district leader! Man, the amount of opportunity you have to serve is fantastic! Getting to know the missionaries and their desires to serve inspires me so much! we have district meetings over Skype which is a blast hahaha! so the Elders in Sault st Marie Skype in to the chapel here in sudbury.
You really come to love others on the mission, and Ive come to know that
love is the key to missionary work, and happiness is the result.

.well...hahahaha! If you ever come to canada you have to go to smokes poutine. There is an off menu item that another Elder and I ate.......even just remembering it brings me pain haha! It was 4 pounds of meat on chips. Thats about 2kg of meat!!! It took us some time to eat it eh! hahahahah! It was great though. Canada is very multicultural so it completely depends on where you are that as you see so many people from every country in the world. We eat alot! Ive already put on 10 pounds of fat and muscle haha! You have to eat heaps though or else you burn it off way to quick for some reason. I drink the most water of anybody on the mission too haha.

There are only 2 Australians in the mission, and in about 5 months I will be the only one here haha. I live in a house 4 stories tall, the biggest in the mission with my companion and 2 other missionaries (they are the Zone leaders)

My favorite area on the mission so far has to definitely be all of them. They all helped me come unto Christ and I came to love certain people there so much! Where I am now is very much like Mackay. It is rural but not too much. It is very different to downtown Toronto. That place is crazy busy! CRAZY busy! There are so many nationalities there it is crazy! I spoke 10 different languages just from meeting so many different cultures on the buses alone. We took buses, trains, trams, bikes, we walked, and we jumped and ran and crawled haha! The funniest moments of these times has to definitely be some times I would not know we had to get off the train in Toronto for a stop and I stayed on the train while my companions got off haha! I had to ride to the next stop alone and seeing signs on the walls that said: "dont get left behind!" haha! and then I rode the train back to see them. I saw a real life size human batman walking around in Brampton. I have come to talk to many different people with many different stories, some very funny and others in need of so much love. I have loved my companions and missionaries in the zones and districts I have served in. I love the people. I have come to laugh so hard with members and there little traits that make them unique and Canadian. Teaching an ESL class to people who cannot speak any English was always a blast and very funny! It was a great opportunity to experience the joy of diversity here in Toronto.

I have seen the CN tower, a big toonie(for those who dont know it is a big 2 dollar coin), a hugh apple(kind of like the big pineapple), I have seen frozen lakes and squirrels. I have seen the worlds largest fresh water island. I have been able to witness snow as tall as myself (6 foot), and go to a Canadian air base and sit in an airplane. I have had the opportunity to step inside an underground shopping center in the heart of Toronto and go along the lake edge at the border of Toronto. I have seen rain, snow, hail, and blistering sun whilst walking from palce to place to teach. Out of all the places I have been though, The best place I have been is in the homes of the humble seekers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Being able to step inside a home where you are welcomed by a family you only met a week ago and when they reach out to you in a loving way is a beautiful thing that the Gospel provides. Happy homes. That is the most beautiful thing to see in Canada: A loving family in a happy home. And that isnt just for Canada :)

Sorry this email isnt too long this week, but please know that I love ya, I love being a missionary, and I appreciate your prayers and your kindness to others.

Sometimes we just need to let someone know they are loved and cared for, and that can sometimes make the biggest difference.

I testify of this work. It is Gods work. This is Gods Church. Christ is risen from the dead, He stands to lift us all. I love Him and I love you all. Thanks for being such a support at different times in my life so far :)

Have a great week!

Elder Wehi"

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

G'day from the soon to be Frozen North

"It use to be hot, now its warm, and it will soon be getting cooler in these parts of town up here in sudbury. Every day it seems to be getting colder, and the senses are reaching for the warmer clothes day by day haha! So its pretty great out here in the north of the land and we are enjoying it, especially in all the teaching we are blessed to be a part of :)

So hello there! Its been a great week and we have been able to see so many miracles! Every day there is something amazing happening, whether it is within another life or our own. You come to see that the Lord requires a willing heart to do His work and with that comes the opportunity to learn the principles of loving service. If its one thing that Ive come to learn the most its the importance of both family and serving both our loved ones and our enemies, because they are our brothers and sisters :)

So this week we are teaching a really, really prepared lady we contacted into a week ago. The admonition to continue to open our mouths is an inspired declaration for missionary work. We know it is. Since last week, Megan has finished reading the book of Mormon and knows that Joseph smith is a prophet of God. She wants to be baptized, and she comes to church every week. She also decided straight away, as soon as she heard about the word of wisdom, to give it up the next week. We are preparing her for baptism soon. She accepts her invitation because she knows this is from her Heavenly Father. She is getting a lot of discouragement from her family, but she stands up for her beliefs in the book of Mormon. She is courageous as she is a single mum with 2 children. She regularly sends us texts and letters on how she is loving reading the book of Mormon and what she is learning. I am now a witness of the power of finding "those who will receive you". Simply she and her family are a miracle, and we love serving them and teaching them the restored Gospel.

The members of the ward are great and we love the friendliness that is shown whenever we are with them. Bishop asked myself and Elder Baumgartner (another missionary I had previously served with in Kingston) to offer a talk at church yesterday. It was a talk on how I have come to see the blessings of preparing for a family from serving a mission. You learn a lot from your companions and especially experiences from serving other families. I also love serving the other missionaries here because there is always a special spirit when it comes to losing ourselves in the service of others. Being a good friend and a good example. I love the example of Christ because without His loving example I could not do anything of myself but only what I have seen and believe and know to be true.

So many great experiences this week! We travel out to a distant town called Elliot Lake which is a 2 hour drive from Sudbury! What a car ride that is haha! There are only about 9-10 members out there but they are all strong and faithful members, in which we are grateful.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do for any of you! I love you and am grateful for all of your loving kindness and charity. Thank you for your service as missionaries in your own special way.

I know that there is a Christ! I testify of His holy name and the miracle of forgivness, the power of His Atonement, and the peace offered by His ressurection and His life. I love Him and revere Him as our ultimate hero in all of the missionary work we undertake. I am honored every day to wear His name of my heart. I have always loved these words that I know He spoke: "Peace, be still."

I love you all!

Have a great week! Go help someone, I promise it brings happiness :)

Elder Wehi"

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Quick Overview of 3rd Area: Don Mills

This post is a quick overview of Elder Wehi's third area.
His third area was Don Mills and it's in Toronto Ossington zone.
He had 1 trio companion while he was serving there.
Elder Wehi served in Don Mills area from June 2015 to August 2015.
In other words, he stayed in Don Mills Area for total of  2 Transfers.

Trio Companion: Elder Lasley and Elder Oviatt.

Friday, August 07, 2015

Hi from Sudbury! - a little bit of what happened this week

"Hello everyone! sorry that this week I havent been able to write such a long letter as i would liek to have normally done, but i will tell you a little bit about the place where we are currently serving, what its like, and the crazy beautiful things that are happening over here in the lives of so many! :)

So I am now in Sudbury with my new companion, Elder Cattelain. Elder Cattelain is from utah and loves to serve in this work. He is a great example of service and faith! I am grateful for him and we talk a lot about our families and hockey which is great, because elder cattelain is an amazing hockey player. I can play the wake up alarm in the morning, which is pretty good too, soooooo.... haha! but its great to serve here with him. I learn everyday from the missionaries I serve and especially from the experiences of just being a missionary, working hard, and having fun! :)

So in this area its warm right now, but apparently it drops to -40 or -50 below in the winter, which is nice beach weather eh! haha but yeah it gets pretty cold apparently. So WERE EXCITED for that! :)

my last area was very different to this one as it was in the city, and this area is in the country about 4-5 hours from the city. We live in a house 5 times the size of our last apartment and we live with two other missionaries! Its a blast haha! So i often find myself cleaning a lot hahaha! but we are doing great here and enjoying the small moments that mean the most each day. So the greatest thing about this town is that the people are so nice! they always have time to talk with you and when they don't they apologize for not having the time. its like a big family haha! Ive also come to know that no matter where you are on a mission, you have to love it! because heavenly father loves it hah! any that's alright with me :)

So we have only started this transfer and i have been called as a district leader, which is a great opportunity for me to learn something new and to especially lose myself in the service of these great missionaries here in the district. last transfer I learned a powerful lesson from one of my companions who taught me that being a leader is more about letting others lead and creating leaders in them, than just simply telling others what they must do or not do. its a powerful thing, example. and we are learning everyday to be closer to that example of Christ :)

so we also travel by car here, which is a lot different to buses haha! i do honestly prefer the buses just because you get to meet so many wonderful people and come to love them, but at the same time i feel blessed to have such availability to travel. Ah i do miss the Toronto craziness and the beautiful people we have served, and what I love most about this coming transfer is that now i get to make this my home too! :)

So Its going to be a great transfer here, and hopefully many more! The members are lovely and the leadership is very energetic and engaged in this work :) We couldn't ask for more. We are healthy, but morning workouts are coming along slowly hahaha! and its going to be awesome!

The greatest lessons i have come to learn on the mission are some of these, but not limited to: These are Gods children, our brothers and sisters. The atonement heals hearts, but it also strengthens hands to help others. we must choose to stand and open the door to Christ who always stands ready to knock. I love my companions and a mission definitely....and i mean DEFINITELY 300% prepares you for family and marriage (to the extent of what i know and what i have seen haha). i have come to know my savior in very personal ways in which i didnt know before. i have seen people feel the Spirit for the first time. i have stood with those who have mourned and mourned with them as they have cried on my shoulder. We have run and run and run again from door to door to find that one person at the end of the day. And what I find time after time is this same principle. It is Gods work. We need the spirit in this work. We need to love others more. forgive others more. be more sorry more often. I know that families are forever :) You are tired everyday and all the time, but this still remains in my heart: God lives. There is no more important work. This is the profession of saving souls :) ITS SO MUCH FUN! :D

The mission is great! I recommend it! haha

so this is an experience that happened this week that I though I would share with you:

This week we were able to see a miracle last Saturday, when it came to an answer to a prayer. I know that prayers are answered, and it is usually through hard work and obedience that they come about after the "amen". I love seeing that the Lord is so invested in His children and knows their needs. So the other day my companion and I were planning in the morning to be able to find a family/individual to come to church. We prayed and prayed and prayed and worked, worked, and worked. We found that time after time people were not too interested and we talked with a lot of people while on the streets or wherever we were. We decided with the time we had in the evening to find that we had to go somewhere close by. we decided to go to a set of townhouses near the chapel. We prayed before we started knocking the doors. We prayed that we would be lead to the person that would need to come to church the next day. We talked with a couple of people but they turned us away. We moved on to go see a lady who was a less active member of the church. As we were walking along a path near to their house, we saw two ladies sitting on their front step talking. we walked over and talked with them. The words seemed to flow as we testified of the witness of the Prophet Joseph Smith and the first vision. She seemed to be fixated on us as we spoke this vision. She told us that she had actually wanted to talk to missionaries for the longest time but just waited for them to come and talk to her. she also told us that she was looking for a church that could bring her the fullness of peace she and her family was looking for. She said that she prayed the other day for someone to come and invite her to another church. we invited her and she came the next day and loved it! We are meeting with her and teaching her the restored Gospel! Praying with faith, in the Lords time is answered as we work for it! I know it! :)


Elder Cattelain and Wehi"

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Next week!

"Before I continue I just wanted to say sorry! I was meant to add into this email some really awesome things about this week, but transfers are here and we don't have too much time!
but there are a couple of things that I did want to mention! Next week I will add into the email what miracles happened this week :)
1. I love you
2. Miracles are happening every day!
3. I am being transfered to the north of Canada in Sudbury as the district leader
4. Its just something that has really enriched my life and the mission experience, and so I wanted to ask you a simple question that you can help out with: Who can We pray for? It can be someone you know who is sick or feeling alone or maybe even if you're just concerned for them. I promise that prayers with faith go a long way!
5.I love you and thank you for your prayers!
6. We saw the CN tower this week! ITS HUGH!!!!!!!!!
The weeks to come will be great! and I'm looking forward to hearing from you also"

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


" Hi! Its us again! The missionaries are pretty well known in this part of town. I also found out that my cousin from New Zealand served here also!! (Elder Mitchell). Its great to serve alongside such wonderful missionaries here in this also. My companions are great! Elder Oviatt is from Edmonton Alberta and is waiting for his visa to serve in the czech republic. He also served in Georgia in the states. He is always really happy and willing to learn from his experiences where he serves and in whom he serves. I love being able to learn from him also. My other companion (we are in a tricompanionship- 3 companions) is Elder Lasley who is from Idaho in the states also.He is a stud of a missionary. He gives his whole heart to helping others lead in the mission. He has served in leadership positions for most of his mission so he has learnt a lot from many experiences, and he leads with a motto in mind: "Preach the Gospel, and if needed- use words".

I love this area and the people in whom we have to serve. We are teaching around 20 lessons a week and its nice to be busy as it helps us to learn to forget ourselves and love others by showing them how much we love the Gospel. I love preaching the Gospel, because its about example and service. We talk with everyone but the Gospel light shines most when others see that we would give everything we are for them to receive the Gospel. I love it! Its so great to learn the principles of service because I feel it is helping me prepare to raise a family and be a loving husband. Principles like that :)

I just want to thankyou all for your prayers and your love. Thankyou for what you have done for others and the ghood you are going to do. I believe in you because I know that God believes in this work. He is this work. It is His work and we are learning to do His work in His ways every day. I love the Gospel with all my heart.

So this week was pretty good. We just mostly traveled to and in between appointments we would put up ESL flyers (ESL is english class for those who are learning english in the area. There are quite a few people that need to learn some english here haha including myself haha). We get to talk to 50-100 people each day on the busses and in the streets. Its amazing! So many cultures, languages, foods, and music. things like that that you can only see in Toronto.

This week we had a really great experience with a man from the czech republic. So we were going to lunch after ESL class and there was a man who was talking to Elder Oviatt. We got lunch and then we sat down. The man went to sit by himself, but we felt impressed to ask him to sit with us. We did so and he jumped at the chance. he opened up to us and we talked about the Gospel with him. We left that day feeling blessed for the opportunity to share the Gospel by one simple act of kindness. Sometimes that is what it takes to share the Gospel. A simple act of kindness. I love the Gospel.

have a great week!

Elder Wehi"

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

The Work of Christ & Family

"Gday from beautiful and sunny downtown Toronto! Its been a great week and it was topped off with a family being able to see their son enter into the waters of baptism :) The families name is the Clendennings. They are a wonderful family and you can feel that their faith and love they have for and in eachother is stronger than the cords of death. We love them and are grateful for gabe (the son who was baptised), and his decision to follow Christs footsteps along the path of happiness.

Thats what the gospel provides. Happiness. true and lasting happiness. For individuals and for families. I know that when we lose ourselves in helping others and looking beyond our wants, we find that we can be the answer to someone elses need, and by doing so we are filled with the Spirit. I know that the Spirit of service helps us look beyond our own struggles and challenges and brings a light and illumination into our heart and mind that surpassess all understanding. The honest and true seeker of happiness can find our Heavenly Father as they come to follow the example of Christ. This I testify.

So this week has been great! Ill share a couple of thoughts, experiences, and stories from the week and what has occured over the moments of being a missionary. One of the finest moments of being a missionary is when you feel such a love for everyone around you that you pray for the people you have met on the bus or on trains. You pray for everyone around you because in a very real sense you come to see peole for who they really are. As missionaries we rely on the Spirit and it is only by the Spirit that we can be successful. I really wish I could express the desires of my heart for you all, but please know that out of all things that I know: I know that there is a living christ, that He rose from the dead, and that I know with all the faculties of my heart and mind that families will live forever after this life through the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We travel by bus and train everywhere and I LOVE IT!!! We meet so many people each and every day and most of the peole you would meet anywhere are lovely people and need love. As we express love it will be expressed back and I love that! We could literally make friends with thousands of people as we simple expressed our love for them because as we do so we are in a very real way expressing gods love for them.

So this week has been great! Ill share a couple of thoughts, experiences, and stories from the week and what has occured over the moments of being a missionary:

1. Baptism! Gabe Clendenning was baptised yesterday. His father was able to baptise him and it was a very spiritual experience. There were a hundred people present and families and friends from many different places. They all came together to celebrate Gabes time to Come Unto Christ. Gabes story is that his mother is not a member and he had to wait many years to be able to be baptised, and in that time he pursued a greater understanding of the Gospel and put his whole heart into it. He is planning on serving a mission and he has made some really great friends. It was a great experience for all who were present.

2. Prayer! The other night I was praying and because we are out for 12-13 hours a day, I was somewhat tired at the end of the day. Im sure my companions were also haha! Prayers at the end of the day used to be very brief and especially last night. after ther prayer which was about 2 minutes long, I felt an empty feeling and I knew that I had to do something. I felt that I should re pray, but this time slow down and take some time to really ponder upon the words and way I was praying. I felt that I should thank Heavenly father more for the day and for the small blessings that sometimes I would overlook. I felt a great desire to pray and I felt the Spirit so strong that I went to bed so very grateful and literally so happy to have took the time for the Lord as He has always taken so much time for me.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Look for the Christ. He is never too far away! I know.

Elder Wehi"