Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Last stand!

Elder Wehi sent a short weekly update for this week because it is transfers week this week. I must admit for the past six weeks or so, I was thinking that Elder Wehi and his companion Elder Nugent was going to stay in the Toronto YSA Branch until they both finished their missions. It was so sad for me when I found out both of them getting split up and transferred to two different areas.

Elder Wehi said,

"News is in!

Elder Nugent and I are splitting up for the last stand (last 6 weeks) of the mission...Elder Nugent and I are having a good thing going on here. I love the guy. Super humble and down to earth...very kind and a hard working missionary. I loved my time serving with him. He is always laughing and making a fun time out of the work. Something I admire and will apply in what we do next transfer.

So Elder Nugent is getting transferred to Hamilton YSA and I am going to London 1st Ward. I will be serving with a wonderful missionary named Elder Certonio. I was around when he was first 'born' in the mission. I was serving in Scarborough at the time he was born in Richmond hill. It will be a good last transfer. work hard. pray hard ;)

I am super sad to have to leave Shady and Davin...super sad...because I wont be able to hear from them until after the mission probably....though they have come so far and I have seen them change so much! Thats been a Hugh blessing in my life. Look forward to seeing them on the baptismal sheet this next transfer!

I must say that the mission has made me tired....like...really tired. I was sitting in our meetings yesterday just completely whipped. Its all caught up to me but this transfer coming is the time to shine...give it my all! I know that it will be the best transfer ever!"
A friendly reminder, Elder Wehi has sent two photos with this week's update and the photos will be uploaded on "Mission Photos" section of this blog. I would like to thank everyone's support and patience throughout Elder Wehi's mission so far. Not long to go now.

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