Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Seeing the Hearts change

There was no explanation from Elder Wehi for not emailing last week.

"I love you all!

So, another big news! transfers just happened! Elder Strong is staying in Scarborough. I am leaving. Elder Strong will be serving in Scarborough for 3 transfers now (those who don't know the mission lingo...that means about 18 weeks) and will do great! THATS MY SON!!!! (so proud! haha)

I will be transferred to Toronto YSA (the land of many break ups) with Elder Akre. Elder Akre is a special missionary. He is a good friend of mine from way back at the beginning of the mission. We served around each other and went on exchanges in Brampton (a long time ago...the Jurassic ages) ITS GOING TO BE MARVELOUS!!!

There is no greater joy than being present in the lives of those who are striving to change their lives and to put their past behind them and to focus on their savior.

Its been a great week. We fasted this week with much prayer to find a new investigator who would really want to learn of the restored Gospel and make changes in his/her life. That day as we were walking down a metropolitan hillside, we tried to talk to everyone who was coming towards us, nobody wanted to listen to us. We kept walking when we noticed one particular man who seemed to be shaky quiet violently. we walked up to him and Elder Strong without a second thought saw he had no gloves and gave him his. He was walking to the doctors which was another 50 minute walk down the road, and take into account it was also about -6 degrees outside. He was cold. He introduced himself as Nicholas and we took him to the nearest store to get him some change to get onto the bus to get to his destination. He asked us to return to visit him. We did the next 2 days later. He told us that he was having nothing left in his life to believe in. His mother has a brain tumor. Sister is in an abusive relationship. Father is an Alcoholic. So many things happening for him. We invited him to church that Sunday and he came. He said he hadn't felt that  happy in a long time and he was glad he came. he told us he was interested in learning more and possibly being baptized! It was a testimony to me that there are those who will accept the message we have to give, we just need to press forward with enough faith and charity and much prayers. Much Much prayers! hah

I hope and pray that we don't let the people we meet regularly or even for the first time, go away from us without at least feeling of our love for them. I testify that every person you see each day is a child of god. That is their divine identity. They long for hope from the misery of their lives. They long to be with their families after this life. They all want a sense of belonging and identity, which the restored Gospel does provide! we have been given much and much is to be given. Where is a good place to start? On our knees! praying for guidance on how to help, love and serve our neighbors, family, friends, co workers, and even complete strangers. We promise that if you desire a stronger connection with god and His children, be willing to pray, and be willing to act when he says: "go here, do that" :)

If there is anything that we can do for you, please let us know :)

have a great week!

ALMA 36:24
"Onward, ever Onward"

Elder Akre and Wehi"

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