Tuesday, April 19, 2016

New Beginnings! :)

"Hello everyone! Aloha! Gday! Salam! Ni hao! (insert languages from all over the world!)

To be honest, I miss Scarborough and Elder Strong, and I have loved the members there so much! but being here in Toronto YSA with Elder Akre is going to be such a fun blast of craziness and spirit! We are excited to learn from and help be an example to the missionaries.

Man! We have no time! hahahaha coming into a new area is an exciting transition, but one to have to adjust to! Its been a great 1st week striving very slowly to get my footings in being a Zone Leader. Ill put it really simply no time. lots of paperwork. we are the Missionaries soccer mums to transport them everywhere.

And YSA work, which means we are working with people who are our age. its different hahaha. BUT I can testify of the Will of god being always perfect. I know God has a perfect plan and I have already seen his hand in my companion and my life this week!

We had a pretty neat experience where we were talking to people on the streets while going to contact a less active member. we were about to go back to the car when we saw a lady walking down the road. Elder Akre was talking to a man when i felt impressed to run over to talk to her.

I darted over there and she seemed pretty happy we did. found out that she had gone to church before and had a friend that had taught her the gospel before. She was still trying to figure out if she wanted to know God or not and so we testified of the story of Joseph Smiths story and she wanted to meet again!

So Elder Akre is doing a wonderful job at teaching me everything over again haha. I love Elder Akre and his diligence. He has grown so much from the beginning of the mission. He is well known in the Zone for being a strong and inspiring leader. We love him and he loves cars! man, cars are his thing! its pretty neat to see his obedience and also his love for his family and what they do together. He makes a great missionary!

Sorry there are no pictures, there will be next week, please forgive me for the saddening news...

next week though! :)

I know that Jesus is our savior. I know it from reading and praying about the teaching of the Book of Mormon. I testify that there are many who want the gospel we enjoy so much, they just need to be invited to receive it! I know that there is a joy unlike any other that comes when we share the truths of the Atonement with others.  I know that Christ is the perfect example and that he did live. I know that he is at the head of the church. I know that the prophet speaks for God. I know it.

I know that forgiveness can heal. I know that when we love the 'companions' in our life, we can qualify for the companionship of the holy ghost.  I know that this work makes a difference. I know that a smile and a laugh can help others feel better. I know that these simple truths make the world of difference.

I know that God cares for families, He loves us perfectly. I know that He is my Father and that I am his son. I know that these things are true. I love being a missionary :)

We love you!


P.S thank you for the birthday wishes! :)"

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