Thursday, March 05, 2015

The Mission: When you lose yourself for Christs sake, you find yourself

"These are two accounts from the week of experiences we have had here in Trenton Canada, they are journal accounts of how the Lord has been truly blessing the people in this land, and I'm convinced he does in other lands as well.

#1: 27th of February, 2015

Tonight was a very special, heart warming and spiritual experience. I have felt the Spirit very few times as strongly as I did this evening.

2 nights previous to tonight we were going to schedule an appointment with a friend in a nearby street which is a few streets away from our apartment. as we were going to talk to this friend, I felt impressed to head over to a certain lady and start a conversation with her. We started talking and her and her daughter were outside and we had planned for a return appointment with them. That was around 2 weeks ago when I first arrived into this area. So tonight we had set a goal and made plans to have Sister S come to the Lesson for the children and also to share her conversion story. Previous to this lesson tonight we had felt inspired to take this member with us though we did not know completely the reasons why.

We knocked on the door and the husband comes to the door and lets us in. We head on in. We start conversing and get to know their backgrounds and stories. The Spirit started to flood the room as we listened and responded with love.

They have a small family and as we were in their home we could see many pictures of Jesus Christ on the walls. We were starting to see evidence of how much love these people had for god and for His love for them.

going back a little, but before the lesson I had a feeling that I have never before felt. I know it was the Spirit, and it was almost as if it was whispering to me of how special the lesson was going to be It was a mix of an anxious and calm feeling. As a raging storm on a clear sunny day. This lesson was going to be something special. I knew it!

So as we were sharing experiences and talking amongst ourselves we found that the lesson was going in a flowing way. Elder Patrick and I (We were on exchanges at the time) didnt need to know what to say as it was given to us by the spirit and by our fiends. It came to the time that we were to recite the experience of the first vision to the family. as we explained the history of Joseph Smith, I could tell that the Spirit had both everyone with their eyes fixed on my companion and I intently. i started to recite the first vision and as I did so I felt this very real entity enter the room. I didnt know what it was but it wasnt the Spirit, though the Spirit definitely was there.

the mother went on to say something that I will never forget. She pointed at me, looked to her husband and said: " Theres something different about him, cant you feel it? Cant you feel the Spirit coming from him?" I was startled! They could feel and know the Spirit, even as they recognized that we speak through the Holy ghost.

What happened next was a very special experience. Jessica asked if she could share something with us. She told us, with tears in her eyes, that about 4 months ago her mother who had passed away came to her in a dream and was running down these steps reaching out to her daughter and telling her that she was going to church. but she couldn't catch up to her mum and  it wasnt her church. The mother said that that dream had happened two weeks ago as well and she really wanted to come to church but in the dream her mum wasnt going to her church so she didnt know which one to go to.

A few days after that dream we came and talked to her.

The mother knew that these things we shared was true that night. She exclaimed to us that she feels like she has really found what her mother was telling her to find. I also would come to know that the unique Spirit that I felt enter the room was her mother and that the Spirit testified of this truth to all of our hearts.

#2: 28th of February, 2015

Daniel in the lions den. Thats how I would describe tonight's experience. So in the evening it had come to a time tat we were going to visit an investigator at their home. We arrived and the person explained to us that there was a party happening inside and so we talked outside about the Book of Mormon for quiet some time. Suddenly a voice came to my mind that said: "Go and testify that Jesus Christ is the Savior" My mind immediately caught hold upon the weight of the task ahead. Inside the house there were people who had no previous affiliation with the church because they disliked the church and its teachings. They were also heavily drinking and smoking. though I knew that as representatives of Jesus Christ we would be strengthened, it appeared at the time as a monster of a task. I reached out to the friend of the investigator who mentioned and warned us that if we went inside that he wouldn't know what would happen and if we were to get our message across that: "We would beat the devil". For a second I felt a lump in my chest and my hearty skip a beat as I looked at my companion and he had a pale expression on his face, though he was willing to follow my lead; and we continued on into the fray. Immediately we were showered in smoke and the smell of alcohol. It wasn't a good scene, but I testify that the Lord strengthened us.

As we walked in we heard: "oh its the elders!" and people started asking us questions about why we were there. I walked into a very small room probably not much bigger than the size of most bathrooms. there was a thick blanket of smoke which engulfed the whole room like a fire. People running back and forth from the room. Elder Herbert found himself talking to some of the people, and the investigator was scurrying around making mention of how we were visiting. My eyes caught hold upon one man who sat in the back of the small 'den' of a room.

I had seen him before when we had come by to visit the investigator. We talked for a while and he started to mention how he respected the missionaries, but that he wanted to see it to believe it, which for so many reasons was hard to not start teaching about faith. The Lord wanted us to do differently tonight and I know that all we were there to do was to testify that Christ lives.

I stood in the midst of the room, with Elder Herbert at the door and I raised my voice as loud as I could without a shout and said: "I know you are children of God, God lives and loves you, and Jesus Christ is the savior of the world." It went quiet for some seconds. Finally after a silence that seemed a little too long in the case of where we had found ourselves, the young man that I had been talking to at the back of the room mentioned that he would actually want to meet with us the next time we come back to see our investigator friend here in that home.

We found it appropriate that we leave sooner or later and so we did, but first we asked all who were present to join us in prayer. Many, but not all agreed to say that prayer. So we knelt in prayer and I felt so at home among a group of 10 people or so that all appeared to me as children of God in that moment and it helped to also believe it before that time also. It is amazing what can happen when you see the good in others. I testify that all are children of God.

I love you all,
Make this week a beautiful one!
Theres so much good in the world eh!

Elder Wehi"

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