Thursday, May 21, 2015

Go Forth With Faith to tell the world the joy of Families

"G day! Its your friendly Trenton Missionaries again!

So this week has been hectic as! thought I would update you on at least most of what is happening here :)

My companion is a great help for the people and for me because he has a diligent fire for inviting others to know of the doctrines of Christ. His greatest gift I have come to see is His ability to reason with the Gospel. With His knowledge and my willingness to be led by the spirit, we meet together in a companionship of one. Its actually really neat! :) The only thing is that he drives on the wrong side of the road ;) just kidding haha!

Transportation is a blessing because we live in such a large area. We are covering two branches and the area is around the same size as Mackay. We are grateful for the humility that we learn every day as it is so important as missionaries that we return the glory and honor to the Lord as this is His work and we are only instruments.

a favorite scripture of mine in the book of Mormon: "Yea, and from that time even until now. I have labored without ceasing, that I might bring souls unto Repentance, that I might bring them to taste of the exceeding joy of which I did taste, that they might also be born of God, and be filled with the Holy Ghost." - Alma 36:24. This is what I am here to do :) I love this scripture and I am so grateful for the mercy of the Lord that I came from where I was to where I am, truly that is the greatest miracle is it not? the change of heart that brings us to the Savior. I love this work and am so grateful for it! To be called as a missionary full time is such a joy! I love the little children and the blessing that they are. Truly they are the kingdom of heaven as we see there innocence and purity; that we would humble ourselves even as them and learn as a child :)

I strongly believe that the greatest success as a missionary comes from becoming as a little child :)

We had some really great experiences this week, in the which I came to see the love of God. I testify that His love is beyond comprehension. It extends beyond all width, depth, height, and through all time and eternity. The love of god is what changes lives, and it is what will change the world. I testify that the love that comes from Him comes in many ways; because it is there. We just have to open our eyes and our ears to see and hear it. It is everywhere as we look for it :)

This week we saw so many miracles come from being exactly obedient and being on time to everything. As we consecrated our own wants for the needs of others, the Lord worked His work in so many ways! We saw a bountiful amount of blessings in the lives of others, but as always, they are always started by small and simple things.

1. We were walking from our apartment one morning when we felt impressed to go a certain way into the downtown area here in Trenton. We did so and found 2 people that were excited to learn more about the restored Gospel, which was awesome! and as we walked back to the car, Elder Pumford and I were talking among ourselves when we saw this lady come walking out from one of the streets before us. She was walking up the same hill when we waved to her, she kept walking and we did also. We were walking a few steps behind her when we yelled out: "happy mothers day!" and we also said: "every day should be mothers day for you!" and she turned and smiled, a little startled at our comments, but definitely smiling. We were talking for a little bit until she had to leave to go pick up her daughter. We thought we would leave her with a card before she went. We handed her the card and she looked at it for a little while and then up at us. She said that she used to go to the church a long time ago but couldn't anymore because she couldn't find a ride for her and her daughter. We quickly offered to find her a ride to church and she agreed! We went by again before Sunday to meet this lady and her daughter with a member that actually knew her from a long time ago. We got to know them and they are super great and have amazing potential! They came to church this Sunday and loved it! We sat with them during sacrament and as they partook of the Sacrament, I couldn't help but smile knowing that God had known the desire of this woman's heart and answered it in His time and in His way.

2. We have been able to teach a wonderful young couple that was referred to us by a member here in the Trenton Branch. This couple had been looking for more identity for the longest time and didn't know what there true calling in life was. The member had been teaching the young woman who is his personal care worker. He reads the scriptures to her all the time and they had many Gospel conversations. They decided to come and learn more about the Gospel from us missionaries and we have been teaching them for a couple of weeks and they are set on being able to come to church and be baptized! Its so great to see the fruits of one faithful members love for sharing the Gospel and what that can do! Whenever we teach this family they always say how they feel they are closer to God and feel a greater spirit in their life. They read the book of Mormon at night together and they pray too! We get to go by and serve them and help them move into their new home too! It is such a beautiful blessing to be a missionary because a mission isn't about us, but its about them! and as we see them loving and accepting the Gospel into their lives, I testify that that feeling is beyond description. There is no greater joy than seeing someone who never knew God come to love praying personally to Him at night. isn't that just amazing! How great is our God! :)

3. We had a special time with a less active member family this week also. The son had previously got into a fight and had some serious scars because of it. He was protecting his family and so when we went by to see them we got to talking about their family and found out that they were native to the land and from 1st nations aboriginal (native american Indians). They had been raised by the church and they all had great testimonies of the Gospel. Yet they felt they had fallen away from the church because of little things that had happened in the past here and there. We offered to start with a prayer, but as we did the father told us that he didn't believe in prayer but he would allow us to pray. So we did. We prayed and started sharing a little about the Sabbath day and the importance of coming to church. The father said again that he would never be able to come to church. My companion went on to say some things about church, but I felt a very strong impression to not say anything. I didn't know why but I did. The father then started saying why he felt he couldn't come back to church. I said nothing and listened. I listened with the most intent I have ever listened to someone before. Im not sure what exactly did happen that night but the Spirit was so strong that the father began to start saying that he hoped he could come back to church. I told him how great he was and that he really did have a bright future ahead of him. And then something really special happened that has only happened once before on the mission, I could see this many dressed in white and going to the Temple. I told him. He said: "wow, really!? Can you see that?" I said yes! :) He smiled and said:" well perhaps, I really want to come to church again and hope I will be able to one day." I smiled and said: "yes, you will." We closed with a prayer and were about to get up to leave when the father spoke hurriedly to all of us. He said: "Im going to do something different tonight. I haven't been able to do this in 25 years but Im going to do it. I want to say a prayer." we didn't know what to say, but we reverently bowed our head and smiled. The man offered a very powerful prayer and it came straight from his heart. After his prayer he smiled and I gave him the biggest hug I could muster. I told him I loved him and he responded saying the same. The man told us we better come back all the time :) haha we love this family! How great is prayer!

This week has been really busy! So much! Its great! I could go on and on forever about how great this work is, but please know that lives are changing, and they are changing all the time. Please please please know that we do not walk alone. I testify that Christ walks beside us and reaches out to these people every day. His love is felt by many and its beautiful.

We love this work and these people!

How great is all of our callings as children of God!

I love my companion! He is a stud aha!

Have a great week,

Here is a hymn that continues to inspire me to be a better missionary and pray it inspires you also! Go forth with faith

"Go forth with love to tell the world
The joy of families--
That we may be with those we love
Thru all eternity.
Go forth to serve and do your best
With no thought of reward;
Then you shall know the boundless joy
Of serving Christ, the Lord."

have a great week!

Your missionary,

Elder Wehi"

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