Wednesday, September 02, 2015

The worth of souls is great!

"HELLO!! HOW ARE Y'ALL DOING!? Hope you had a wonderful week, knowing that there is always so much to be happy about! :) Not too much happened this week, but just being a missionary is a blessing in itself :)

The sudbury area is Hugh! no snow...yet! But it is getting colder and colder eh haha! We travel regularly between little towns, which takes us about 4 hours to our destination and the same time to get back! We are teaching quite a bit, around 30+ lessons a week with all those around us, and its awesome! and to sightings of bears or mousse yet! (Hopefully soon though...fingers crossed :)

We manage to live off pancakes and peanut butter while in the house, luckily for us there are beautiful members here who give of their time in preparing meals, so its pretty good haha! I was thinking the other day for the amount of cooking skills that we could be having, toast always seems to be the delicacy aha!

oh and by the way...if you ever come to Canada, there is something you will probably come to see very quickly...its the true north secret hahaha! Chinese there are SOOOOOO MANY in Canada! The other day we ate at 2 of one day haha! for lunch and dinner... my companion Elder Cattelain was so tired of eating food after that haha! Somehow the clothes I had at the beginning of the mission still fit haha!

We had a man next door approach us the other day with a problem haha! His fire alarm in His house went off and so we went to go and see what we could do, and discovered that he didn't have a bed to sleep on because he recently moved into the area. His English was pretty lacking, but we made out that he was in need. We walked outside and noticed 2 big fire trucks outside his house, right in front of us aha! We went back to our house and grabbed a spare bed and later gave it to him that night. He was grateful and we left that night feeling the Spirit, knowing that someone had been helped. There are chances for work all around, you just have to look for them :)

Man, we had a stellar week! So much learning and growing. It always seems that the greatest joy is found in the service of others and that when it comes to serving, well, its just have to pray for it, go looking for it, the Lord puts it in your path, and then you choose to act. Its amazing! I want to testify that we are the Lords hands. I have seen it. I know that we will see the works of God as we choose to serve others, especially those who cannot serve themselves. This is Gods work. These are His children. How important it is then that we are to speak always of those things that would build up, lift up, and encourage, inspire and bless those we work around and especially our families.

Families! Man....the Gospel is so true aha! If you had to ask me what has been the greatest blessing of the mission, and what I have come to learn so far, it would have to be this fundamental and central truth of happiness: Families. But not just families alone. The truths of the Restored Gospel and how they affect families today. That families can live together forever. Simple yet wonderful truths such as these. How I am being shaped to become more like Christ so that I can honor my family and serve others as well. It all starts, especially as a missionary, when we recognize how much we need to give to God so that He can shape us. We have to give Him everything, so that He can make of us the son or daughter he sees in us. It all starts with Faith in Christ :)

And so this week I just wanted to share with you an experience that touched my heart.

I want to testify of the work of salvation. I know that the Lord is doing HIS work, and He always does it in HIS time. We saw a miracle this week, again! The blessings of being a missionary come when you are consecrating yourself to what the Lord needs done for His children that day. When we choose the Lord and choose to follow Him, he blesses not only us but so many others through us also.

And so we were going to an appointment the other day with a member, had the lesson, which was great, and then after we walked back to the car. We got into the car and a man came running over to us from next door( which is a rehab center for those overcoming addictions) in such a hurry. He asked us to wind down the window and to talk with him. We did. He was so happy to see us and introduced himself as being a less active member of the church. We got out of the car and sat with him for 30 minutes while he expressed in deep sorrow his inability to feel peace and his feeling of being alone. He cried and cried and asked us how he can feel Gods love again. We listened. He said that he felt a very strong impression that when he saw us from the window he HAD to run out to see us. HE wanted to repent and he knew that he only could do that as he ran out to meet us and start his journey on that path again.

 So....We set a time to come back and meet again. We came back that Sunday and talked with him for a little while and he brought to us a great need for him to turn over to the Lord and start again. I felt impressed to ask Him if he would pray and ask God to forgive him and for him to turn everything over to God. He hesitantly asked how he could do that. We explained how he could, and that all he had to do was just surrender himself, everything, in prayer to His Father in Heaven. He prayed. I testify of the power of repentance, and the power of personal prayer. A man torn by abuse, suffering from broken relationships, and the death of family members, now, was kneeling in humility before his father. He cried and cried and cried some more. We cried with him. In His prayer he mentioned something that I will never forget. He said: "When I was younger I died three times, and you kept me here. It wasn't my time, and you have given me the time so that I could repent before I returned to you again." He expressed how much he missed his loved ones who had passed away and how much he wants to come back to Christ. He is reading, praying and planning to one day return to the Temple!! It was powerful and it was another witness to me that when we approach God in solemn humility, giving him everything and acknowledging our weaknesses before him, He has the power to minister to us. He can only guide us when we let go. We need to let go, and let God bring us home. I know that God listens. He is a loving Father. He cares. His ways are true and though hard to us sometimes it may seem, grace shall be as our day :) I love my Savior and know that He lives!

So this is a little of what I have loved about being a missionary and though I would share it with you. Hope you have a great week eh!

Lots of love,

Elder Wehi"

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