Tuesday, June 21, 2016

No Weekly Update for This Week

Hey, Readers.

I don't wish to take much up your time to read this post, so I will try my best to have this post short and sweet for you. How are you? How was your week? How's the weather where you are?
What was your favourite thing that you did during the week?

I am sure that there were some readers who were feeling all excited and hoping they can read a weekly update from Elder Wehi this week. If you were one of those types of readers, I strongly encourage you to not feel disappointed because he didn't have time to send one for this week.

Elder Wehi still emailed me and his family for this week. I know all full-time missionaries has limited time to email home. I know most full-time missionaries has one hour to email and I know some full-time missionaries has two hours to email.

I know some full-time missionaries has less than one hour to email either because the computers that they use has a poor internet connection or they have meetings that they need to go to or they have set appointments to visit their investigators or they got transferred to a new area on the same day.

I think it is important for you to wait for the weekly update because it is worth the read to know what Elder Wehi did during the week. I know that I really appreciate everyone's patience that they have for me and Elder Wehi.

Please continue doing so. It was Elder Akre's Birthday a few days ago and I hope he had an amazing day. I hope Elder Wehi did something great to celebrate Elder Akre's Birthday. Elder Wehi still has the same companion Elder Akre and they both still serving in Toronto area.

Elder Wehi reaches his 21st month mark on his mission today. 21 months ago was when he left his family, his extended relatives and friends behind to go to Canada to serve his mission.

I don't have much else to say. Please look forward to next week's weekly update. Have a great week.

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