Saturday, September 27, 2014

Longest Flight and MTC

Elder Wehi's first weekly email and he sent it directly to me as Megan Green.

"G'day everyone! How are you all? I arrived into America in the morning and had the great privilege of being able to meet many different people from different walks of life. I was able to talk to them all about the church and share my testimony on the importance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. How grateful I was to be able to have so many wonderful experiences traveling to the MTC and through to America on the flights. The longest flight was from Melbourne to LA, which was around 15 hours. I slept heaps! but, I was also given the opportunity to share some thoughts about the mission with a man from Australia who was also on the flight. I talked to all of them and they were really friendly and receptive to the messages I was able to share. I met a young man who had had a Grandfather who was a member of the church. The young man told me that he had a strong relationship with his grandfather and I felt as though it meant alot to him to talk to someone else who was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I would often tell them how I was a missionary and they would ask me where my badge was! It was great!

When we finally arrived into America I was greeted by a very different kind of scenery. The American Scenery! Its...different...haha. Im not kidding, It is so so Beautiful here in Salt Lake/Provo. The mountains are huge! The trees are strange, and my lips are always chapped. I arrived into the Salt Lake airport around mid day and met another two missionaries (Elder Cruz from Mexico, and Elder G from the Phillipines who reminds me of Christine so much!) We came to the MTC and received our badges and a little orientation. We came into the MTC early as international missionaries and therefore we haven't been given a companion as we just traveled as a bunch of missionaries, but will later on today. How great it is to be an ambassador of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Cafeteria (where we eat) Is HUMONGOUS! not even kidding! This MTC is so big! Talk about Americans haha.
I will send some photos through of the international missionaries and I here at the MTC next time I email home.

We had a MTC devotional last night with all the missionaries. Elder Ballard Spoke to us. He did it without a teleprompter and told us that he wanted to just speak to us as if we were his grandchildren. He was great! An inspired man of God. I have been blessed to be received by so many smiling faces here at the MTC. There are many American missionaries, but I have been able to get to know personally and stay with many of the international missionaries. Elders and sisters from England, Fiji, China (Elder Ma is my current temporary companion), South America, and some from Australia who know Jalen.

The food is great! its all you can eat which is even better! haha. But, I have been making wise choices, line upon line ;) about the kind of food I partake of here so I dont stretch my suit too far. An Elder here likes to refer to his weight gaining as the suit shrinking in the hot desert weather.

Anyway, I have to go but I love you and and thank you for everything.

Talk to you all soon.

Elder Wehi.

I love you!"

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