Friday, October 17, 2014

Toronto EH!

"What a blessed 1st week in the mission field. I left the MTC on the 6th in the morning and traveled to Canada where I arrived in the evening. It was a long day! We were able to meet President and Sister Clayton and share a meal together. We had a brief testimony meeting and afterwards were taken to a hotel to sleep for the night. It was to be a big day in the morning, as we were to be getting our new trainers! As we were sitting together, the anxiety of knowing who was going to be my trainer for my first transfer was intense. Elder Turner is my first companion and my trainer. He is from Arizona and is, well, lets just say he is much smaller than me. He has a big heart though and knows how to work. The next few days after that was me getting acquainted with the new area of Churchville YSA North in the Brampton Zone. I was able to meet with the members and work with them for lessons. My companion and I have been dynamic together and the work is hastening on. We are very similar in the way that we are not morning people and our eating habits could improve. We are enjoying the time together as we have already seen many miracles from the Lords hand.

There was an experience the other night that showed me that the Lord will hasten his work in His time and that he is mindful of all his children because he loves us all. The other night, my companion and I were following up on an investigator that was in a far away part of our area. We came to an old apartment building that was not in very good condition. My first though was to judge my surroundings based on what I saw, but later on I would find that no matter where we might find ourselves, that God looks to His children always in love. We couldnt find the investigator and so we thought we would climb the apartment stairs to find the roomn number. We heard a baby cry and some yelling come from behind one of the doors in the corridor. I looked to my companion and I could tell he had the same feeling. We had to knock on this door. We did so and a man with a baby came to the door. He told us to come in. Hesitantly we did so. I have to admit I didnt know what to expect, but we took a step of faith and trusted in the Lord. The man had a partner and they were having an argument that had escalated quickly. We came just in time before the mother of the child was going to leave and possibly not come back. We were able to sit in with them and eventually shared a message about families. The spirit flooded the whole room as the baby stopped crying and the peace in the room was immense! We prayed with them and shortly left  afterwards. Before my companion and I left, my companion told me that the baby began to cry as he left and wouldn't want to let go of his shirt. I know that there was a purpose for us being there that night and I also know that Heavenly Father is always mindful of all of His children. He loves all of us and I know we were instruments in his hands that night to help bring the Spirit into these persons home.

I have only been in the field for a week now, but the miracles and the blessings I have seen as too many to count. I have seen the light of the gospel shine in the lives of those who didnt even know who God was. This work is so important and we are all enlisted. It takes courage to extend the loving arm of charity to others, but it is more than worth it. I know that a mission is more than worth it. It is a privilege and a pleasure to represent the Lord Jesus Christ.

Keep up the Good work everyone and know that I love you always!

A brother, son, and friend in the Lord,

Elder Wehi"

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