Thursday, December 04, 2014

Teach them to walk in the Light

"This week has been a great and unforgetable week. This week has marked something spectacular. This week has been a week of learning and growing. I have seen the Lords hand in this work every day. I see Christ every day, whether it be in anothers example or in the miracles the Lord performs for us daily. His hand is over all and we are all in His hand. How great it is to know this is true!

I thank the Lord every day that I have been called and set apart from the world to represent His Son Jesus Christ. The world has need of His love. The world needs Him. When we come to see the Atonement in our lives we come to see the purpose of missionay work. Just like Alma and the Sons of Mosiah, they knew what the Atonement meant to them and therefore they shared the same feeling with others because they knew how much of a difference it can make in any life. Its all about having faith in every footstep.

There have been many experiences over these last couple of weeks that I wanted to share with you. I know that each one of these stories has changed my view on Gods love for His children and it has helped me to come to know Him more. To come to know my purpose, and that my purpose is found in helping others come to Christ.

The first story is about a man who we met the other week. This man reminds me of the true purpose of missionary work and why we are here to serve. The other day we had another missioanry come to our area because his companion was in another meeting. We were all studying together when we saw J walk past our apartment window. We raced outside into the cold winter air (and I went without a jacket which would prove to not be a good idea, especially when its an average of -5 here in beautiful Canada Toronto) to catch up with him. We ran over to him as he was crossing the street and he seemed to jump at seeing me not wearing a coat or a jacket of any kind. We talked for a little while and as we did so I began to get very very cold. My feet were freezing up and my ears felt....(well I couldnt feel my ears haha) and I just wasnt in the best shape. We were about to leave when I felt a simple and gentle, but such a powerful voice come to me to "Sing him a song". I felt kind of odd with that, but we did and as we did it brought the Spirit so strongly into this mans heart that he started to cry. As we were singing and while we then prayed with this man afterwards, the strange but beautiful thing was is that I didnt feel the cold. I didnt feel the cold at all. All I felt was a peaceful and warm aura come over me. I knew that even though it was super cold out, that inside I was warmer than I had ever felt. The Lord knows each of His children and we must run to help them whenever we can, putting aside our own wants for the needs of others.

Another story is about a man that we have been meeting with, and who was passed off to us as a refferal from the sister missionaries. He is a great man. He has had a history of Word of Wisdom issues and concerns in the past, but he clearly wants to give them up. He struggles a lot with this, but we know that He can overcome it through faith and repentance on the Lord Jesus Christ. We had a lesson with him the other night that I will remember for a long time. It was another cold evening around -2 degrees. We had a member come with us to the lesson. The member that we brought along for the visit had also had problems with the word of wisdom when he was younger and we knew that for some reason we had to bring him to that lesson that night. We arrived and we couldnt go inside his house because of his family being all smokers and him not being comfortable with having us in the house with all the smoke. We went to his garage where we sat on these plastic chairs in a circle. We began to start teaching the lesson when I felt such a strong impression that we had to use our member as the main focus of the lesson. We introduced a principle from the message of the restoration and we asked the member to share his Testimony on this. He did and Him and our investigator clicked straight away. The lesson then turned from being a formal lesson to a lesson about friendship and seeing each other through personal experiences. The member and our investigator talked amongst themselves for the entirety of the lesson and we knew that they had now formed a bond and relationship that would last for a very long time and that our investigator now had a true friend at church. This would go on to prove very vital to our investigators attendance at Sacrament meeting.

And last but not least....Guarav!

We met with Guarav on saturday evening to go and walk around the Temple grounds. We hoped to be able to do so for a while, and it wasnt until that evening that we had had the chance to do so. I will share with you my journal entry for the saturday: "Tonight was a very special time for Guarav. Tonight was his interview for his baptism tommorow and it went so well! We met earlier outside the Temple where we walked around the grounds and shared each of our testimonies of the Temple and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There was a very special moment where we all stood at the doors of the Temple and watched our reflections in the window. As we stood in silence, without saying a single word, I felt and heard a voice come into my mind and fill my heart with such peace that I hadnt before felt whilst serving my mission. The voice whispered:" This is your purpose. Bring them to Christ. Bring them to the Temple." It reminded me straight away of a similar voice i had heard previously at the MTC whcih said: "I have a purpose for you here. You have been prepared for this time." I instantly in that moment of realization came to see my purpose so clearly! My entire purpose as a missionary is to truly invite others to come unto Christ. Bringing souls unto Him. Everything we do as missionaries is because of Jesus Christ. Everything is possible through Him. He is the Way. He is my example. s a missionary, we must be AS HE IS and try our best to do so. I know that my purpose is never about me. My purpose is completely and purely for helping others and bringing souls unto Christ. He is their Sheppard and He knows them

Our friend Guarav was Baptized yesterday! It was such a beautiful day and it filed my heart with such beautiful emotions. I saw heavens light in Him and I will forever be grateful for this opportunity. He bore testimony and he thanked us for being his missionaries. I know without a doubt that a mission is worth every sacrifice and that the Lord has a plan for each of His children. ITs all about Christ and coming unto Him. I know this with every single part of my soul and heart.

I love the Lord and I love His children.

Til we meet again,

Elder Wehi"

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