Tuesday, August 09, 2016

CTM Pictures tell a Million words!

Elder Wehi didn't send a weekly update to everyone last week but that is okay. There was a holiday on last Monday and Elder Wehi only emailed his Mum on last Tuesday. Thank you so much for everyone's patience and waiting for this week's email update to be shared.

Elder Wehi said,

"Dear friends and family,

We killed 500 billion cockroaches in an apartment this week...yep :) (missionary life)

Also Davin is doing really really great! We are planning on seeing him again today and spending time with him on preparation day, which will be fun. Love this guy! He has come so far! He told us that as he has been living commandments...he is changing and loving himself more and seeing the good in him. Repentance truly does change and heal hearts. I've seen it in him :)

Shady is fantastic too! She always prays that she will get baptized soon!!! Just need to help her know how to progress towards baptism! So excited for her though! Good times coming into her life...she told us that without us talking to her she wouldn't have come to be so happy and learn so much about her Heavenly father. She prays like a pro too! So good!!

Elder Nugent is still super fly! good guy. Privileged to serve with him! he follows the Spirit and one of the best things about him is that he is always thinking about being obedient and thinking about those we teach...he will always say: "I think we should do this for (whoever it is)" its nice to be with a companion who loves being a missionary! This transfer has been one of the best for us! Missionary work, and anything in life in general is sweeter when there is love at home and in your "companionship". Nice to have! Keeps the Spirit! Thats the most important part! Being guided by the Spirit!

One of the highlights of the week: The Portuguese missionaries went by to visit a recent convert of theirs and he had a Japanese friend named takumi living with him. turns out that Takumi had never learnt about god until the missionaries came by for a short visit. So takumi is younger and so the Portuguese missionaries passed him to us to teach.

We set up an appointment and on the night we went to teach him. He is a short Japanese man aged 21. Super eager and keen to learn about the church. We took him through the church downtown and showed him all the rooms and taught him about the gospel as we went! It was fantastic!

He understood really well. There was a member there also and he testified with the Spirit and takumi was loving it all. takumi even prayed for the first time and said afterwards that he felt his mind enlightened and he felt so different! He felt close to god! We loved the experience and we are meeting with him again!

It just helps me to know that God is preparing so many to receive the restored Gospel...we just need to have the courage to open our mouths and share it! :)

Have a great week!
Elder Wehi

Moroni 10:3-5 (He's just waiting for us to ask!)

So much happened this week and so because a picture tells a million words...Ill send them through :)"
Above is a photo of Elder Wehi when he was holding a kitten and the photo is so cute.

I would like to share with you some friendly reminders. Please take it as a nice way. The photos that Elder Wehi sent with the weekly updates during his time in Canada so far, has been shared under "Mission Photos" section of this blog.

The photos that Elder Wehi has sent with the weekly updates during his time in the MTC, has been shared under "MTC Photos" section of this blog.

I noticed that time has been going quickly, I must admit, it does amaze me so much because time does go fast when we enjoy doing the things that we love, keeping our lives busy and while we are having fun. As one day is over, another day is closer to Elder Wehi's return with honour.

I strongly encourage some people to send their final letters to Elder Wehi any time now to two weeks time. Please don't send letters anytime after the two weeks is up because I don't think Elder Wehi will get the letters in time.

I am happy for you to continue to email him if you don't choose to write a final letter to him. Have a great week everyone. Happy Birthday to Elder Wehi's Mum, it was her Birthday last Monday.

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