Friday, June 05, 2015

Now is the time eh! - The week of two missionaries in Canada, Trenton (25th-31st)

" Before anything else: I love you all! Please know that I do, and though I do not write too much please know that that never changes. WOW! How great is it to be a full time missionary for Christs church! Its like a spiritual roller coaster everyday! You see the best of everyone and you get to really know many many many families personally and you become a part of their family also. Its great because everyone around us is already a brother or sister, they just don't know it yet ;) haha! Thats the trick! You just have to invite and help them see that they are children of God. So great to be able to help people see their divine potential and that it really is true when Christ said: "anything is possible to them that believe."

I love our Savior! We see Him every day and in every way. He is just simply everywhere, we just have to open our eyes to see Him. Its so cool because we know that every door, every person, every rejection, every lesson, every fall, bump, and bruise, and every joy; He is just simply there. He is so invested in us and he is certainly invested in the people we are teaching right now!

This Sunday we had the privilege of working in the area of Trent hills which is a small branch of about 15 active members, 45 minutes out of town. On the rolls they have about 60 members, but most are inactive or haven't been out to church in a long while. President Clayton received the inspiration to have us and another set of missionaries work in the area and work alongside the members to have the branch increase in attendance, in which we are very excited to do so! Its going to be great! As we prayed the night before, we felt impressed to pray about receiving a confirmation of the area and we certainly received one! The members there love missionaries and everything pointed to how perfect timing it was for the members and the missionaries to work together at this time. We visited some of the members in their home that day and also found a young man who had known missionaries before but had never had the chance to learn of the missionary lessons, but was so prepared to receive them now! The other set of missionaries will begin teaching him this week!

This week we had a great experience with going on exchange with the Zone leaders. We had 2 lessons that really stood out. The first was with a less active member who was planning on coming to church for weeks and we were able to start teaching his friend in his home. Because of this and because of friends from church who are also returning to activity and inviting this man to come along, he was able to come to church this Sunday! The other lesson was with a single mother in whom we found through her children leading us to the home one day and introducing us to her, which was a miracle in itself. We came into the lesson expecting to teach her, but the Spirit indicated that there was someone else in the room that really needed the message we were going to share that day. We found a lady who was recently experiencing family trials and had moved in with her friend (the lady we were to teach), and she joined in the lesson and loved it! She felt that it was an answer to her prayer that someone was looking out for her in her time of need. Surely her Heavenly Father was! and now when we return next week, we will be teaching them both together! :)

We are also meeting with at least once a week for dinner a lady who hadn't had missionaries over for dinner with her for over 15 years! So she was very happy to have missionaries again in her home! We missionaries somehow have big stomachs now? hah but its been great to be with this lady because you can feel the very real joy that comes into her life and you can see it in her when we come by, its just so wonderful to see how much faith these people truly do have in the missionaries

This week has been full of miracles, in which we will always be grateful for!

As our Mission President has declared: "Now is the time!" We partner alongside the members and the Lord and He does His work, in which we see miracles every day. Every new day a miracle in itself :)

We have a couple of families preparing for baptism and being taught this week. Its going to be a great week!

I'm so grateful for all of you and for the many different parts and roles you each have played in my life. Thanks again!

Always be grateful, its a great way to live!
Heavenly Father wants to hear from you :)

Your missionary,

Elder Wehi


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