Thursday, August 11, 2016

50 Days to go

This post is short and sweet. Aaaaah! Fifty days to go.

Elder Wehi will be arriving back in Australia in fifty days. It seems to be so soon and I am so excited.           I would like to share with you, an inside joke, "Is this real or is it a dream?" I know this is not a dream because it is true that Elder Wehi will be back in Australia in fifty days.

I know fifty days seems like a long time, but fifty days will go so quickly and my goodness, I can feel the excitement already. I am sure that all of Elder Wehi's relatives and friends are feeling somewhat the excitement to look forward to seeing Elder Wehi again after his mission.
Aaaah! I kept asking myself the following questions.

"Where did the time go? I still remember spending one last time with Elder Wehi before his mission." "Was it really fifty days ago since Elder Wehi reached one hundred days left? Time went so quickly." "When will people start to realise that Elder Wehi comes home soon if they haven't realised it yet?" 

I encourage everyone to prepare themselves to feel mixed emotions such as excitement, happiness and overjoyed on the day when Elder Wehi returns to Australia because that day is going to be a big day like any other missionary coming home from their mission. 

Not long to go now!! Elder Wehi if you are reading this post now, I encourage you to make the most of the remaining days of your mission because it is going to be a long wait for your next opportunity to serve a mission.  

I know that you are doing a great job of being a Zone Leader and I would like you to keep it up. 
Always remember Heavenly Father is constantly watching over you, and always by your side. 

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