Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Something different...

"So because of time and the Spirit, I have found that I have to share an experience from this week that really touched my heart... and I was wondering if anyone has any experiences from this week that we would like to share with my companions and I, because your stories of seeing the Gospel in your life could be the motivation and inspiration that one of our investigators needs to move to the next step of baptism... so let us know! :) Thanks for being great too! (they could also be experiences from years back or something that really touched our heart from the Gospel.)

So this week was really special as we were able to find a family to teach! It was a miracle! At the beginning of the week we prayed and asked the Lord for guidance on where we should focus our proselyting time. We found that the Lord made it very clear that we had to work with finding families. This area is very large and public transport is our main way of getting to and from appointments, but we dedicated ourselves in prayer that we would fast and search for this family. So the most amazing thing happened! We were walking to an area hen we decided to talk with a lady that was crossing our path, she had a daughter and seemed like she would be interested. She quickly said that she wasn't and we started to walk again. One of my companions went to a nearby home and talked with a person who was inside, and they let us in! We testified of the Book of Mormon and the Savior. The Mother said she wanted to come to church again and she felt like she had been too long from God and needed to come back. The following Sunday she brought her two children and they loved church. They all prayed together and cried together praying that they could as a family all be with God again. We will be meeting with them this week to teach them more about the Restored Gospel!! :) We left church that day feeling very grateful for the inspiration the Lord gave us to search for and teach families. The Gospel blesses families.

This week has been great and I pray that yours will too! Keep loving others and i know that even just a little act of kindness can change another day and fill it will joy and gladness, and you never know, it may be an answer to that persons prayer :)

Your missionary,

Elder Wehi"

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