Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Next week!

"Before I continue I just wanted to say sorry! I was meant to add into this email some really awesome things about this week, but transfers are here and we don't have too much time!
but there are a couple of things that I did want to mention! Next week I will add into the email what miracles happened this week :)
1. I love you
2. Miracles are happening every day!
3. I am being transfered to the north of Canada in Sudbury as the district leader
4. Its just something that has really enriched my life and the mission experience, and so I wanted to ask you a simple question that you can help out with: Who can We pray for? It can be someone you know who is sick or feeling alone or maybe even if you're just concerned for them. I promise that prayers with faith go a long way!
5.I love you and thank you for your prayers!
6. We saw the CN tower this week! ITS HUGH!!!!!!!!!
The weeks to come will be great! and I'm looking forward to hearing from you also"

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