Wednesday, July 08, 2015

The Work of Christ & Family

"Gday from beautiful and sunny downtown Toronto! Its been a great week and it was topped off with a family being able to see their son enter into the waters of baptism :) The families name is the Clendennings. They are a wonderful family and you can feel that their faith and love they have for and in eachother is stronger than the cords of death. We love them and are grateful for gabe (the son who was baptised), and his decision to follow Christs footsteps along the path of happiness.

Thats what the gospel provides. Happiness. true and lasting happiness. For individuals and for families. I know that when we lose ourselves in helping others and looking beyond our wants, we find that we can be the answer to someone elses need, and by doing so we are filled with the Spirit. I know that the Spirit of service helps us look beyond our own struggles and challenges and brings a light and illumination into our heart and mind that surpassess all understanding. The honest and true seeker of happiness can find our Heavenly Father as they come to follow the example of Christ. This I testify.

So this week has been great! Ill share a couple of thoughts, experiences, and stories from the week and what has occured over the moments of being a missionary. One of the finest moments of being a missionary is when you feel such a love for everyone around you that you pray for the people you have met on the bus or on trains. You pray for everyone around you because in a very real sense you come to see peole for who they really are. As missionaries we rely on the Spirit and it is only by the Spirit that we can be successful. I really wish I could express the desires of my heart for you all, but please know that out of all things that I know: I know that there is a living christ, that He rose from the dead, and that I know with all the faculties of my heart and mind that families will live forever after this life through the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We travel by bus and train everywhere and I LOVE IT!!! We meet so many people each and every day and most of the peole you would meet anywhere are lovely people and need love. As we express love it will be expressed back and I love that! We could literally make friends with thousands of people as we simple expressed our love for them because as we do so we are in a very real way expressing gods love for them.

So this week has been great! Ill share a couple of thoughts, experiences, and stories from the week and what has occured over the moments of being a missionary:

1. Baptism! Gabe Clendenning was baptised yesterday. His father was able to baptise him and it was a very spiritual experience. There were a hundred people present and families and friends from many different places. They all came together to celebrate Gabes time to Come Unto Christ. Gabes story is that his mother is not a member and he had to wait many years to be able to be baptised, and in that time he pursued a greater understanding of the Gospel and put his whole heart into it. He is planning on serving a mission and he has made some really great friends. It was a great experience for all who were present.

2. Prayer! The other night I was praying and because we are out for 12-13 hours a day, I was somewhat tired at the end of the day. Im sure my companions were also haha! Prayers at the end of the day used to be very brief and especially last night. after ther prayer which was about 2 minutes long, I felt an empty feeling and I knew that I had to do something. I felt that I should re pray, but this time slow down and take some time to really ponder upon the words and way I was praying. I felt that I should thank Heavenly father more for the day and for the small blessings that sometimes I would overlook. I felt a great desire to pray and I felt the Spirit so strong that I went to bed so very grateful and literally so happy to have took the time for the Lord as He has always taken so much time for me.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Look for the Christ. He is never too far away! I know.

Elder Wehi"

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