Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Manitoulin Island!

"Hello Everyone! Hope you've had a great week! So one of the highlights of this week has been a trip we made to a large island called Manitoulin Island. Its a great place! There was a small branch about 10 people. They were lovely and it was an experience for sure! I went with another Elder, Elder Steed who I served around in Brampton. We also had a young man named Stephen come with us to contact some members who hadn't been seen for a while. It reminded me of the times when I would go with the missionaries and how much that helped me to grow in the Gospel.

We have had the pleasure of being able to continue to see Megan, the wards investigator grow in the gospel. She is rereading the book of Mormon which is insane! She wanted to be baptized this week but we had to ask her to prepare a little bit more hah. She is so ready for the restored Gospel. So we are helping her grow and she is finding strength in the Book of Mormon. She is going in for operation this week and so the members are helping her and the kids with food.

Great things are happening here, and its super to be a district leader! Man, the amount of opportunity you have to serve is fantastic! Getting to know the missionaries and their desires to serve inspires me so much! we have district meetings over Skype which is a blast hahaha! so the Elders in Sault st Marie Skype in to the chapel here in sudbury.
You really come to love others on the mission, and Ive come to know that
love is the key to missionary work, and happiness is the result.

.well...hahahaha! If you ever come to canada you have to go to smokes poutine. There is an off menu item that another Elder and I ate.......even just remembering it brings me pain haha! It was 4 pounds of meat on chips. Thats about 2kg of meat!!! It took us some time to eat it eh! hahahahah! It was great though. Canada is very multicultural so it completely depends on where you are that as you see so many people from every country in the world. We eat alot! Ive already put on 10 pounds of fat and muscle haha! You have to eat heaps though or else you burn it off way to quick for some reason. I drink the most water of anybody on the mission too haha.

There are only 2 Australians in the mission, and in about 5 months I will be the only one here haha. I live in a house 4 stories tall, the biggest in the mission with my companion and 2 other missionaries (they are the Zone leaders)

My favorite area on the mission so far has to definitely be all of them. They all helped me come unto Christ and I came to love certain people there so much! Where I am now is very much like Mackay. It is rural but not too much. It is very different to downtown Toronto. That place is crazy busy! CRAZY busy! There are so many nationalities there it is crazy! I spoke 10 different languages just from meeting so many different cultures on the buses alone. We took buses, trains, trams, bikes, we walked, and we jumped and ran and crawled haha! The funniest moments of these times has to definitely be some times I would not know we had to get off the train in Toronto for a stop and I stayed on the train while my companions got off haha! I had to ride to the next stop alone and seeing signs on the walls that said: "dont get left behind!" haha! and then I rode the train back to see them. I saw a real life size human batman walking around in Brampton. I have come to talk to many different people with many different stories, some very funny and others in need of so much love. I have loved my companions and missionaries in the zones and districts I have served in. I love the people. I have come to laugh so hard with members and there little traits that make them unique and Canadian. Teaching an ESL class to people who cannot speak any English was always a blast and very funny! It was a great opportunity to experience the joy of diversity here in Toronto.

I have seen the CN tower, a big toonie(for those who dont know it is a big 2 dollar coin), a hugh apple(kind of like the big pineapple), I have seen frozen lakes and squirrels. I have seen the worlds largest fresh water island. I have been able to witness snow as tall as myself (6 foot), and go to a Canadian air base and sit in an airplane. I have had the opportunity to step inside an underground shopping center in the heart of Toronto and go along the lake edge at the border of Toronto. I have seen rain, snow, hail, and blistering sun whilst walking from palce to place to teach. Out of all the places I have been though, The best place I have been is in the homes of the humble seekers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Being able to step inside a home where you are welcomed by a family you only met a week ago and when they reach out to you in a loving way is a beautiful thing that the Gospel provides. Happy homes. That is the most beautiful thing to see in Canada: A loving family in a happy home. And that isnt just for Canada :)

Sorry this email isnt too long this week, but please know that I love ya, I love being a missionary, and I appreciate your prayers and your kindness to others.

Sometimes we just need to let someone know they are loved and cared for, and that can sometimes make the biggest difference.

I testify of this work. It is Gods work. This is Gods Church. Christ is risen from the dead, He stands to lift us all. I love Him and I love you all. Thanks for being such a support at different times in my life so far :)

Have a great week!

Elder Wehi"

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