Wednesday, September 30, 2015

As I have loved you, Love one another

"Hello everyone! How are you? How was the week? Its been fantastic here in Scarborough!! We love it!! Tell us more about your week also :)

I just wanted to share with you all one of the purposes of why I came to Canada Toronto mission. It is something I have learned on the mission which is soooo important!! Probably one of the most important lessons I have and am coming to learn about. Companionship. They are so important. We must love those who deserve our love. Family members especially. We must love and see the best in others, for this is how God sees them. We must lay aside our desires and dreams for the family and ask what God wants of us. Only then can the Spirit come into our home and can we feel peace. No contention is worth it. We must see the good in others. We must see others for who they can become. We must lift them higher than ourselves and invite them unto Christ, only we can invite and help. We must serve others and choose to be happy. Heavenly Father has us in His hands and He will make everything right in the end, but for us it is given to forgive all men. We must forgive others who do not forgive us, knowing that God is the one to judge. Forgiveness is key to happiness. President Monson said: "Blame keeps wounds open, only forgiveness heals." I love those words :)

I love Scarborough east! This area is fantastic. Ive never walked so much in my life haha. Its good that we do walk a lot because Ive been putting on some weight. not too much but it seems that its starting to catch up with me haha. Its been a great week though. Alot has happened and the work is going full speed ahead. Elder Ray and I are doing great and we find together a sweet companionship that involves the Spirit. I hope that I can help Elder Ray with His goals and to be able to lift him up. That is my main goal for this week, is to help Elder Ray with his goals.

Ive found that when I put more effort into the companionship by always seeking charity and love in all that I do, the Spirit comes into many things. I find myself happier and more at ease with the Lords will for us as I let patience, humility and love find place within all my responses. The Lord provides even though I am weak and I find joy in letting the Lord take the man I am and change it to be more like Him.

The area is doing well. There are many more ways in which we would like to work with the members, but we just need to plan to meet with them more. we are finding on our own efforts just fine, but it comes to working with the members that we need to work to improve.

We are teaching some really prepared people, and we found them all by praying for them and seeking that specific request. If we pray for a family, we strive to teach families. We see a family and talk about the Gospel blessing their family. We pray for someone who needs repentance and the Lord puts in our path someone who approaches us with the desire to change. The Lords work is perfect, we just needed to pray for our will to be aligned with His.

The lessons I have learned this week have been based on how much I know God loves His children. Every good thing comes back to how much we love God and how we show our love others.

I love a saying that says: "People don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care." and its so true! We must always love others and serve them, because that is what the savior would be doing if he himself were here today. Small acts of kindness such as remembering someones birthday and calling them or taking them a gift. Visiting the home of a widow or someone who is sick and caring for them. Remembering someone who is sad and offering to talk with them until they feel better. A kind word to someone who is bullied. A wave or a smile to someone on the street. A hug for someone who is feeling alone. A listening ear to those who have come to old age. A cooked meal for a struggling parent. Follow the Spirit and pray for opportunities to know how you can reach out and the Lord will provide a way :) Often the best ways to serve is in the home :)

Ive noticed that when I choose to respond with love to friends and enemies alike, happiness is abound in my life. When I choose to love others and to let go of my pride, God can make of myself and others so much more than on my own. Faith for me on the mission has been this: In this situation, what would the savior do? and am I willing to do it? I promise that every good thing will come as we act in faith to help and love, serve and strengthen others as the Savior himself would do.

Love is the essence of the Gospel!

This week has been great! Hope you also have had a great week too!

Let me know how the week was :)

Elder Wehi"

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