Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Miracles in the City!

"Hello everyone! Bonjour! Comment ca va?

What an amazing week to the beginning of the transfer. ( A transfer is a period of six weeks in an area ) This week we have been focusing completely on the work of Salvation and we couldn't be happier! I have noticed that when I am in the service of others, and applying the work of salvation, that I am happy and everything goes well during the week. I am grateful for amazing leaders who have inspired us as a companionship to apply the work of salvation. We are seeing the results of this work every day!

We are doing very well!! I love being able to align my will with the mission vision. I desire to be in the service of others each day. As we are busy teaching and finding, the Spirit is there and because of that I am happy. I have come to a realization more than ever before that the time to serve a mission is very short and I need to be giving my all each day and coming home tired. This is usually the case.

Elder Ray is a good example of quiet diligence. He is an outstanding missionary and he loves to love the people. He has a desire to rely on the Lord as he prays and it is an example to me. I thank God for my great companion.

The ward is great here! the work of salvation is well and going here in Scarborough. We noticed that the more we counsel with the ward leaders and serve them, the more we are teaching more and more lessons. There is more of the Spirit and more people are being taught when we are seeking to uplift and strengthen the members.

This week there have been so many miracles! Each day even!

7 miracles for 7 days!

#1: We went by to a members home for FHE and the granddaughter was referred to us and that granddaughter wants to be baptized!

#2: We invited a sister to help teach a returning member and turns out they are sisters! And the sister we invited actually wanted to do more family history and the returning member offered to help her to do that! Family History Miracles!

#3:We called our Ward mission Leader to counsel with him and to offer our help. The Zone Leaders had invited us to build good relationships with the Ward Council members. This is what happened. For the next 45 minutes, Our ward mission leader shared his testimony with us and told us of his desires to serve in the ward. We now knew very well how to help him in his calling.

#4: During our weekly planning for the week we called a sister who said that we were inspired to call her because she had a friend of hers for us to teach. We happened to call her during the seeking more referrals step of weekly planning too!

#5: Bishop referred us to a family in the ward. We went to contact them with a recently re activated member. The family we meant to visit wasn't home, so we re evaluated our plans. We went with the brother who was to come teaching with us. He prayed that we would be lead to a home to teach the Gospel. We were. We felt impressed to go an visit a less active family. The two less active sons were home. The member we brought bore his testimony of his returning into activity. The two sons then decided they wanted to meet with us again and to learn more about the Gospel. We also provided service for a member in the ward. Also the member who came with us teaching that night told us that he was having a really tough week, but being able to share his testimony strengthened his faith in Christ and helped him to know that god was really there answering his prayers.

#6: We found 4 new investigators today by always opening our mouths and standing as a witness of Christ. We also had a lesson with a less active member who referred his wife to us and she wants to be taught and come to church. At the end of the evening we had dinner with a less active family and they want to eventually return to church and make their way to the Temple. We also after the dinner went to a part member home and the young son who was there (he was the member) referred us to a friend of his at school who was a member but didn't know where the church was in her area. We helped the young man find the church for her so he can give that to her at school.

#7: Today at stake conference there was a very mighty miracle that occurred. A speaker spoke on her experiences with serving a mission and she invited each member to give at least one name to the missionaries. As soon as she said that, the member beside me told me of a family who he wants us to teach and that the family was already wanting to be taught. He said: "Can you help me with that?" We replied: "yes, yes we can!" :)

I notice that the more I align my will with the Lords and seek to apply the mission vision, the more real it seems and the easier it is to feel the Spirit. I can also testify that as we look for miracles in every day, especially the work of salvation ones, we will be able to find it! I know this work is true and the God directs it today.

Families can be together forever, through Heavenly Fathers Plan!

Have a wonderful week!

An invitation: Make someone you love smile today. As you do it will also make you smile and the burdens you carry will seem lighter and easier for you to carry. I know this is true. "The future is as bright as your faith" - Thomas S Monson :)

Elders Ray and Wehi"

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