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"HAPPY HALLOWEEN from Canada! Bonjour!

I learnt something from another missionary a couple of transfer ago in a 'English as a second language class'. and because I love music it made an impression. He said:" Harmony is made up of completely different sounds that by themselves would not work, but together make a beautiful sound that brings the Spirit." This is the most fitting expression I can give for describing Scarborough. THIS PLACE IS SOOO DIVERSE! you hope on a bus going down one street and you find yourselves amongst people from 15 to 20 different cultures ALL ON THE SAME BUS! Where else in the world could you find such multiculturalism. One day we will be eating with Arabic families sitting on the ground and the other we will be eating mashed potatoes and sausages from a European family. I have learnt how to speak briefly a little bit of 6-7 different languages and we use them all the time. When others feel your love and you strive to speak according to their language...they hear and feel the voice of the Spirit and I love that.

There are refugees who come to this area with nothing left but a few members of their family and clothes. People from all walks of life we talk to every day....and I can testify of one truth that never changes. John 3:16: For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son.

I know that when people. regardless of age, gender, life experience, and background come unto by one...they do find that rest to their souls. I love being amongst such culture as it has taught me the powerful lesson that God knows all of his children and wants to bless all of them. He wants them to know that he loved them enough that he sent his son, and that the restored fullness of the Gospel is on the earth again today. Prophets and Apostles are true. They once again are found on the earth in the church of Jesus Christ of latter Day saints.

I've been out serving a mission now for close to 14 months and how the time has gone by! It almost seems like yesterday that I was leaving for the mission, but the amount of experiences I have had whilst serving has been more than I can count. There have been 5 areas so far. Brampton, Trenton, Don Mills, Sudbury, and Scarborough. I've served with 9 companions. I know that The church is true. Jesus is the Christ. He is a living and very VERY personal Savior. He reaches our reaching. In our good and hard times he is there to comfort and to counsel. Do we ever stop to count of blessings? I cannot count all of mine, but when I try to I feel the Love of God in my heart and mind.

The Ward is perfect! We love the members here so much! They are so faithful and have given so much to come to Canada, most of them do not come from Canada and so they have come to find family amongst the other members of the Ward.

So everything is well here and here are some miracles from this week:

Mon- We wanted to visit a member family when we couldn't find the address. We felt impressed to talk with others in the area. As we did so, the mother of the family we were planning to see was actually walking to us on the side walk. We talked with her and she invited us over to teach a family that lives in her home for family home evening.

Tue- As we met with a returning member, we taught about the Spirit as we had planned to do in District meeting and we also asked for referrals. She told us of a lady she was teaching the Gospel and she wanted to invite her to the next lesson. Later in the evening Elder Ray went on a split with a member and taught family history to a returning member and they loved it and wanted to do their family history.

Wed- We brought a member to another active members home and talked about the Temple. We sought referrals and the family referred us to the people they were also wanting to help them come to the Temple. The member who came with us to the active members home later on the ride home said they wanted to pray for opportunities to share the gospel with their daughter and her family.

Thur- The grand daughter of sister Wilson was taught about baptism today and wants to be baptized on the 29th of November. The mother wants her brother to baptize her. We also brought another returned member to a less active members home and the returned member shared his testimony of the Temple and the young man wanted to start coming to young mens activities again. the mother of the less active young man said that the returned member who came to the lesson was an answer to her prayers.

Fri- At a church Halloween party, the members brought their family friends. One sister was had been less active for a while was also there. We were referred to start teaching her again by her father and so we set a time to see her this week and help her to find the restored Gospel blessings again in her life.

Sat- We have been able to teach in 21 members homes this week. The lord is hastening his work of increasing the stakes of Zion. We also had dinner with a member family and the members told us that their daughter is doing missionary work and wants our help to teach her friends.

Sun- At church today Elder Ray and I both gave our testimonies to the Ward and after church ended a member came up to us to thank us. He said that his family had been going less active, and because of the Spirit he felt during the meetings he felt the need to reach out to us to come teach his family. We also held a family home evening in a members home with extended family there and they loved it! They told us of 2 people in their same building that they were also reaching out to to share the Gospel.

Some happenings for the week :)

Have a fantastic week,

An invitation: that impression you have felt to reach out to that one person or it this week. I promise that as you do you will feel a confirmation that you did that right thing and you will be one step closer to your Heavenly father. I can testify that happiness is found in helping someone who needs hope again in their life. As you look for ways to lift those who are sad or alone or who cannot physically, mentally or spiritually do something on their own, your ability to bear your our burdens will increase. The spirit will help you lift the heavy burdens you carry and service will very well be the means of you overcoming the obstacles that are facing you.

So do something nice for someone today. Do it now and you will be happy :)
I testify from experience after experience that God needs you to be his hands for someone today.

What a beautiful world we live in :)
Have a great week!
Elder Ray and Wehi"

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