Tuesday, January 26, 2016

I know that my redeemer lives!

"I want to thank my mother. for her patience and her dedication in raising such a crazy child such as me. Her kindness, and especially long suffering towards me is a big part of why I am where I am today...now I have a reason why I began my weekly email like this haha its not just a random thought...though I am full of random thoughts.

This previous Sunday we were sitting in church and after a couple of talks there was a lady who got up to sing...there were problems when it came to her recording of her music she had in the background. She started to sing acapella. The song was Ìf the saviour stood beside me``. During the song, all I could think of was a profound sense of the spirit reminding me of how my mother would tell me stories of how she relied on her faith in Christ to get her through troubling times. I felt as though, when this lady was singing this song, that I could picture myself standing beside my mother during her times of raising me and the patience and love she would have had to keep with her. It was a very profound feeling. It brought me tears of joy to think about how not only my mother, but all mothers give up so much of their lives to raise their children and Im so grateful that mine raised me in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Please thank you mothers wherever they are...and for those who cannot visit with their mothers...I would invite you to ponder on what it was that your mother taught you.

I also want to thank all the `mother`figures I have had in my life as well and for your examples. All mothers should be treasured. I have come to find a great lesson on the mission...and that is that as you come to the Saviour...he pleads with us then that we would....`behold thy mother`...or to `behold they son`....Christ cared about families..and being able to teach families on the mission is amazing too! there are a couple of families we are teaching now..and we are enjoying it.

Elder Strong is loving being a missionary..and he has been a STRONG asset to the Ward in Scarborough. He shared his testimony on sunday about how often I use strong jokes in our companionship......that was a strong testimony! haha :)

so this week has been great....and some of you might be asking where the pictures are of us two. haha it may be because we both dont own cameras..so heads up...we probably wont have too many pictures to send home of our time together...but please know that we are really here hahaha and we are loving the work and each other. I love being a trainer.

As the title of this email says: I know that my redeemer lives. I testify of this divine truth. It is true. It is real. It is peace. It is goodness. I love being a missionary with all my heart...and its so simple and easy...you just help lift up others and share your heartfelt testimony with a family member or friend and invite them to learn more...its really not that scary or hard...its all great FUN! :)

Also thank you for praying for us. We feel them all the time. Like I have said before but it is so true, we could not do this without your prayers. I know you pray for us because I really do feel them. thank you.

Also.....I ate balut this week...balut is a fertilized egg that is almost....well......living...its crunchy and tastes....chicken-y haha it is supposedly a Filipino delicacy....apparently..that was also make it twice on the mission I have had such a privilege hahahaha


have a great week!

Church is true

Elder Wehi"

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