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Hey Readers, I will mention some of the email and not all of the email as first part of the email considered not advisable to share on the blog.


so this week we saw miracles after miracles after miracles. what a blessed week!

Dominguez Familia! 

So this week we had the privilege of meeting again with this returning member family and they are doing great! They are returning into activity because of their love for the Savior. We taught about how the Lord always keeps his promises and as I shared how my mother had loved a scripture which mentioned: "I the Lord am bound when you do what I say..." it helped the mother of the family to open up and share an experience about how she also had difficult times and go through them because of the Savior ad his love through prayer. they came to church this week! awesome!!

John (the beloved?)

Had a pretty neat experience...we have been counseled from our leaders to contact about 15 people in an area if the person we had originally planned to visit is not home...so we did! we then knocked on one door and we were let in super super quick...now in my experience...when that happens..its either really really bad, or really really good. in this case it was really really GOOD! :) The man told us he hadt seen missionaries had his door in ages. he was 29 and from Haiti. He lived in florida where he was baptized at 19. he fell away and hadnt come back to church in a long time. We talked with him and committed him to return to activity. We have a time to see him again this week! so hoping for good news!

Banaag family Po!

I love Filipino people with all my heart! they are just the best. a good friend of mine once said: "if you are having a hard day...just find a Filipino person and it will brighten your day for sure" :) So we have this family in the ward where the daughter and her fiance have just arrived from off their missions not too long and they are wanting us to help them with their parents who are less active...so we went by this week and shared testimonies with each other and sang some songs with them as a family. The Son of the family had a severe accident with his allergies which left him in a hosptial bed an it has been hard on the parents...we sang together some songs while I played the guitar and the feeling in the room was so happy and light and it was beautiful. Its small moments like those that I recognize Gods love. He may not take away our burdens, but he can make them lighter...I KNOW that is true :)


So I thought I would send an email for the ward to hear during Sacrament or another time during church....so for my dad who is reading this...and also mum...however you can get this to be read during sacrament of what not...im sure you can make it work! :)

Good morning!! (from over here in the evening in Canada) haha, what an amazing experience it is to know you are waking up when we are going to bed haha...and all the while the church is still true wherever you go, even on the other side of the world. Its a testament to me that Canadians love the Gospel as much as Aussies do! its great!

My companions name is Elder Strong and I love him. He is a trooper..literally...Im sure they pulled him out of the stripling warriors because he is always on fire with his faith and he pushes through even though he has difficulties with his health at times.

Being here in Ontario Canada means you MUST say eh, be familiar with Hockey, know how to speak atleast 72 different languages, and drive on the wrong side of the road. I am thoroughly convinced that every bus driver I talk to thinks Im a survivor of the Jurassic age.. they think that Australia has 500 pound 10 legged three headed dragons everywhere. Its okay with me because it makes me giggle every now and then hahaha

We walk...Alot. I think Elder Strong and I are going to qualify for a body building contest soon with the amount of leg exercise we have. plus the members here feed us like crazy, which is awesome! I think I must have put on atleast 50 pounds hahaha...oh and eating balut? yeah, Ive done it twice! hahaha for those who dont know what balut is....its a good thing hahaha

The work is really great! Because people here in Canada are actually really really nice, we get to teach quiet often! we have had the privilege of teaching many special people over the course of the mission. Many lives have been touched and changed because of the atonement...and mine as well.

Some of the highlights for the mission for me have been: walking beside the CN tower, getting lost in a forest in the middle of a city, eating at atleast 100 different asian buffets, training new missionaries, chasing after buses and trains to the next appointment, eating with members, the Baptisms, sliding down a snowy mountain on nothing but our freeze burned stomachs, all the prayers on the streets, handing out atleast 1000 book of Mormons, the Zone conferences, musical numbers, Christmas times, exchanges, the train rides and tram rides, knocking on doors in -40 degree weather...the many many Many times we have been asked to leave apartment buildings because the Gospel was true, the counsel of President Clayton, walking through golden forests in Autumn, having a bear walk past your house, all the priesthood blessings, all the tears and the fears amongst the triumphs and the faith. There are countless things I am grateful for because of my mission.

I know that I am not the same as I used to be when I first came to Canada. I have come to understand more deeply the Atonement and how missions really do prepare you for family. I know that God desires for families to be happy now and throughout eternity. I have witnessed it time and time again.

over the course of 5 areas, 10 companions, and 12 transfers..I can testify of a certain truth:
the most happiness in life can be had as we center of lives on the Savior. as we make his teachings and Atonement a part of our life, it can lift us, move us, and change us for the better. I know that God respects agency and is just waiting and willing to bless us, all we need to do is open the door to it. God works according to faith and changes our hearts as we repent and turn back to Him.

I pray for you, and I love you. today, show kindness to someone who may have wronged you or you wronged them. forgive. forgive.forgive. I testify that the Atonement will immediately place its role in your life :) I love you all! really I do!

The mission was the best decision I ever made. It has blessed my life more than I know. I promise you, whatever your circumstance, that God does not call the qualified, but he qualifies the called. Serve a mission, full time or not, and the Lord will bless you for your loving efforts in His vineyard. I am called of god to declare His truths to the world and I do so in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

have an amazing week!

Elders Strong and Wehi"

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