Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Quick Update for this week!

A day late because it was a public holiday yesterday.

"Elder Strong and I are doing great! We have had so many good times this week so far its been wonderful. Elder Strong has his birthday last Monday and we held a surprise birthday party for him! He is now a big 20 years old eh! We are in a district of missionaries that all speak Chinese except for us and another two it was also Chinese new year and so we celebrated it all at the same time. The Zone Leaders brought pizza and a member brought a cake and Elder Strong had no idea muhahaha. Many times trying to secretly call the missionaries...secret combinations right? It turned out to be a Hugh success and we played some games and Elder Strong seemed pretty ecstatic about it all so it was awesome. okay...whos birthday next? ;)

This week we taught heaps, walked heaps, ate heaps, froze heaps, and felt the Spirit heaps. It was a really great week and Elder Strong went bus soapboxing (which is when you talk to a large group of people at the same time) needless to say, the bus was pretty quiet after, but Elder Strongs buzz for sharing the Gospel was so alive and excited that he would just invite peole randomly on the street to be baptized! hahahaha I remember those I'm old...and we oldies tend to do it differently...but his energy and excitement to share the Gospel humbles me and make me want to work hard too. I love my companion and I am grateful for his hard work. P.S thank you for all those who sent birthday wishes to him too. Much appreciated it. He was asking me where on earth they came from and I couldn't help but smile and laugh a little to myself because I still haven't told him hahahaha

Family day was yesterday and It makes me reflect on the lessons I have learnt about how God truly cares for the family. So many things are taking away from the sanctity of marriage and family today, but Gods Son Jesus Christ and His Gospel do really make a difference. I love this Gospel with all my heart and know that families really can be together forever. The Book of Mormon is a tool of repentance. We are led by a Living Prophet who speak truth today. I love the members here and they do a wonderful job at reaching out the the lost, lonely and sad. We love this place with all our hearts and are happy to be missionaries here.

Hope you all have a wonderful week and please keep safe. I love you. happy valentines day and family day too!

From your favorite Scarborough missionaries,

Elders Strong and Wehi

P.s The photos are coming ;)"

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