Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Hey existing readers and hey new readers, I have 2 friendly reminders. First and foremost, this is Megan who posted Elder Wehi's MTC updates and MTC photos.

I also have been posting Elder Wehi's mission updates and mission photos on behalf of Elder Wehi during his mission until I leave for my mission. the photos will be posted under "Mission Photos" section of this blog. Elder Wehi sent 10 photos today.


So its been a pretty great week! much different to the tropical weather down in barmy Australia, for suuuuuure! It was so cold the other day that Elder Strong...who is from Alberta and is used to the cold...said he couldnt feel his hands and feet. I went to take my hands out of my gloves and it felt like I didnt have hands too...yeahhh...it was preeety cold haha. Its been a beautiful winter though. cant complain, especially when you are walking! no quiet days for us, especially on the buses.

This weeks miracle was being able to attend the Temple in Toronto. What a beautiful place it is! wow. words cannot describe the supreme peace that radiates those walls. I have now been in all the rooms there inside because when I first started the mission there was a recent convert who went there, from China. and now because we are in training, we had the privilege of going again! I would invite each and every one of you to make the necessary steps to go to these holy Temples. What a blessing it is to have most Temples so close by!

This week we saw plenty of miracles! from being almost arrested to sharing the Gospel with full buses. Its been a beautiful experience with Elder Strong. He lives up to his name! He is a very strong hearted and willed missionary. He is doing great and we love serving together and to serve with "one heart, and one mind"....its Weh-strong in Zion ;)

So I thought the whole idea of a picture tells a million words would suffice for todays email since we thought we had figured out this whole pictures on the computer thingamajigggy. So here are the pictures!

Oh and transfer news! Elder Strong and I will be staying in Scarborough! This will make it serving in Scarborough for nearly 8 months and Elder Strong to finish his training here. I will be District Leader again...WOOHOO! Parties with the missionaries! hahahaha.

In the Canada toronto Mission, we TEACH REPENTANCE and BAPTIZE Converts! :) its going to be a great transfer.

I love you all, and thank you again for all of your prayers and kindness. We cannot do this without the prayers which are offered in our behalf.

Much love From the Scarberia Missionaries!

Elders Strong and Wehi"

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