Thursday, December 31, 2015

Big hearts and big stomachs!

"Oh man! I am soooo full of food and happiness. At the end of the week, we looked upon our learning...we are FULL haha. We went to 2 members homes Christmas day and they fed us so much food it was crazy! and then upon leaving the last appointment I felt to drop by a certain home where we had been previously pointed towards before....good thing it was a filipino family who offered us MORE food! needless to say....we were litterally rolling down the hillsides upon our visit with them... haha

This week we had our opportunity to email our families and I loved to see my beautiful family again! Thanks so much for always being there for me and for my companion...your prayers and your wishes for our happiness and the happiness of those we labor amongst does make a difference...I know prayers are heard! so thank you! all of you! for being a part of my life, whether great or all make a difference! :)

We had a pretty cool experience this week at at a members home... it was Sunday night and we had a time to spend with a family from Ghana...they had us over for dinner. We arrived earlier and so we knocked on some doors around the building she lived in. We knocked on the neighbors door and a lady came to the door. She told us she was Muslim and not too interested in our message but she welcomed us warmly. We talked with her for a little while and we listened mostly. She shared how she lives alone and how her daughter doesn't talk to her anymore because of some problems at home. She said goodbye nicely and we left to the members home again. We kept a prayer in our heart for this poor widow. We heard the son in the home ask if the lady next door was okay. We told them her story. They then without hesitation opened their door, knocked on their neighbors door and welcomed her to eat with us. She agreed and came to the home. We spent time together that night and we sang some church songs together. By the time we left that night, the lady was so much happier and she had a undeniable joy in her eyes that had so much goodness and light in it. it was the Spirit :) We left that night with a great gratitude in our hearts for the great examples of neighborly love these people showed in opening their homes and hearts, arms and time for a lady who was in need and alone.

Every day we can bless someones life. I know it is true :) We can be lights to the world through living as Christ!

Also this week, we have been praying for opportunities to be more Christlike and to help someone on Christmas....we didn't do too much hectic things on Christmas...but I noticed one thing...we had spent a lot of time with the humbled and the meekest of the people we knew in the area. We sang to people in the hospital and comforted those with depression on the streets...we ate humble meals in the smallest homes. It was a beautiful experience!

Also Christmas caroling to families from all over the world this week. This is a picture of just one of them! We were with a member from Jamaica also! he is lovely!

Have a happy new year and blessings to all of you!

Salam Walakum asala moulekkum wa rahumut dalahi wa baka tahe!!
(This is urdu arabic(from bangladesh) for "God bless your family with peace")

Have a wonderful week and I love you!

Go help someone ;)

Elder Wehi"

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