Wednesday, December 23, 2015

MERRY CHRISTMAS from Scarberia!

"Seasons greetings to all! and a wonderful merry Christmas to everybody! This will be both Elder Ray and I's 2nd Christmas in the land of snow, polar bears, and freezing wind chills (yay for wind chills!).

Its pretty funny because we have 70 languages in Scarborough alone, and I am preeeety sure I have talked to at least 1 person from each culture in the world since being here for almost 22 weeks. Its been fun! its been spiritual! Its been uplifting and the rewards have been joyful! We love serving here!

some neat experiences for this week

#1 Christmas lights! - we were walking down the road when we saw a very well lit house and decided to ask the people at home if we could take a picture with it and send it to y'all. They agreed and we were happier than kids in a candy store! after we continued on to spread some more Christmas cheer!!

#2 Canada gloves keep you warm! - we were walking to contact someone that referred themselves to be taught by us and we were passing by a bridge, and we stopped to take a picture. That day I was also wearing some gloves we found in our apartment. They were VERY Canadian! hah. you got to be wearing some pretty warm things this time of the year in Canada...its pretty cold eh.

#3&4 Christmas time with Pres and Sis Clayton and the missionaries! - We had a Zone Christmas Conference for all the missionaries in Kingston, North York, and Oshawa. We sang Christmas songs, talked about the true meaning of Christmas, and shared a time to sing 12 days of Christmas in which we got to be the coveted 5 golden rings! It was awesome! we sang our hearts out haha! Thankyou also to everyone that send Christmas packages and letters, I am so grateful. I couldn't do this without your prayers and kindness. Thank you all so much! You are the best!

This Christmas time, may we all strive to remember the baby Jesus in word, thought, and action. May we ever resolve at this time of the year to be kinder, more understanding, and compassionate to our fellow travelers. May we strive to be a little better today than we were yesterday, and a little better tomorrow than we were today. God bless you all to find the Savior in your hearts and in all you do: Have a Merry Christmas! I love you!

Elder Wehi"

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