Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Greater love hath no man than this

Readers, I do apologise for posting on this blog a week late because Elder Wehi didn't list me to a weekly update for last week. Thank you so much for being patient with me and Elder Wehi. Here's this week's update.

"that a man lay down his life, for his friends.

As I lose myself and my wants, for what my Heavenly father wants for me, I am truly happy.

Being a missionary is really the best two years. You learn. you learn how to Learn. You grow. physically (outwards haha) and spiritually. You serve with Christ, your companions. You see Him every day. You love the members as family. You always have a home away from home. You see the world in a brighter light. When you serve god, he looks after you and your companion. As you work together as a companionship in love and unity, life is so much sweeter. When we plan for the next day, all I can feel and think of is Gods eternal love for His children.

Being a missionary means you wake up at 6:30 every morning because, in that day, someones life is going to change. My life changes every day. My heart changes. We pray every day. No longer for ourselves, but for others. When we knock on doors, we are making contact with a child of God that he loves more than words can express. When we put on our shoes, which have walked for thousands of miles, and after passing through at least 5 pairs of shoes, we put them on because God needs us to walk to the lost and and the lonely and bring them hope.

Being a missionary means that when the alarm for bed goes off at 10:30, we pray and give God all the gratitude for what happened that day. it means that every lesson we are in, the spirit is felt. I am a missionary because it makes me feel fulfilled, because I know God fulfills His promises.

My matters dont matter, because their matters matter most. I know it. God knows it. I know this is Gods work. there is no doubt in my mind that God lives, His Son Jesus Christ can heal us in every way....if we will just ask him! I know it because he makes my burdens lighter than what they were before.

Elder Brown, Turner, Janson, Herbert, Pumford, Lasley, Oviatt, Cattelain, Ray, and Strong; have all inspired me to love more, and work harder. Every area I have learn something precious. In Brampton I learned how to plan my days, in Trenton I learnt how to love my companions, in toronto I learnt how to have fun and enjoy every moment no matter what. In Sudbury I learnt how to forgive and be humble. and now in Scarborough I have learned that true leaders are followers. Followers of Christ.

all and in all I have learned this same principle over and over again....
As we follow Christ, we find new life. and our loved ones find new life. even the strangers of our lives can find new life as we offer it to them.

Being a missionary is the best decision I ever made with my life.

This week was amazing! we have had some district meetings, and all have inspired my faith to grow. In our district there are 2 sisters and 6 elders. three languages of farsi(persian), Mandarin(chinese) and Australian(broken english)...its a whole bunch of FUN! the district is doing so well and nightly follow ups with them when I get to see how their day was and what miracles they saw and what fears they have really helps me, as a missionary, to feel a greater capacity to love. I love being a leader because you learn more than you teach :)

Elder Strong is doing really well also! he is always talking with everyone and being obedient. He loves to study and he is working well with the members. when he teaches you can feel the spirit. He is doing great and I love to call him my companion!

Have a great week this week! there are some pictures here for you...because one picture tells a thousand words....this is a pretty long email! haha

have a great week!

Elders Strong and Wehi"

He sent total of 23 photos and 1 video. I wasn't able to see the video due to google drive wants me to get permission from Elder Wehi to see the video which sucks. The photos will be posted under "Mission Photos" section and I will share with you one of the photos on this post.

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