Wednesday, March 30, 2016

What a privilege!

Elder Wehi emailed a day late because it was Easter Monday/public holiday yesterday. Elder Wehi sent a very long email for this week's update. Here's this week's update.

"Man, I say it every week...but being a missionary is just the best thing ever. You learn more than you could ever contain as a missionary. Loving others. serving others. comforting others. teaching others. inviting others. bringing others to Christ. Helping others to pray for the first time. Seeing the light grow in the eyes of the people you teach.

Being in a lesson, on the street, at church, on the subway or trains, on cars, on mountain or valley, in the woods or on the plains....we have done it. Taught Gods children and loved every second of it. There is still much to be done! One of the craziest things about being a missionary is the amount of people that want to hear what you have to say. It's great because people want hope, they just dont know how to find it. we have it! WE HAVE IT! :) it just makes me so happy to know that.

This week was pretty great. We had a lot of time to walk...haha mostly to the next bus stop and then traveling far and often. most of the time we are just opening our mouths and always talking about the church and about Jesus Christ..wherever that may be...(I'm not even kidding, I've had to share the Gospel in some pretty...interesting....places hahaha) That's a long story for another time.... ;)

Elder Strong is amazing.
He does everything good. we have established that haha

Two big things for this week:

1. EASTER! Man, Easter is the best. We had a great day at church, and a special thing that happened this week was on this day...

So, for some reason or another...I was soooo tired that week. I found it hard to even get up in the mornings and to concentrate a lot of the time...not sure why but it was bothering me pretty badly. I mentioned it to my companion and we felt that we should call our leaders and ask what it was that we should do....They gave me some suggestions and I tried them. It helped a little, but this great fatigue was seeming to loom over me. went to the church that morning and we had our meetings before sacrament meeting started. I sat in Sacrament meeting hardly being able to keep my eyes open and even hear or understand what was being said...I bowed my head to pray and the talks and especially the sacrament itself was all about the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. As I listened to the talks and to what was being said, I felt myself being more awake and feeling more alive. I was able to feel like a lot more energy. The rest of the day was amazing and I was so alive for the remainder of the day. With great care, I have been able to feel a lot more support from the Lord. I feel so much better to this day :)

So, I just want to testify again of the power of faith in Jesus Christ, and that when we really need it, he will support us under trial and affliction. With Faith in Jesus Christ, our burdens are made lighter and our journey of life made sweet. The Gospel of Jesus Christ makes it possible to move any 'mountain' within us. I know it, by God revealing it to me many times :)

Man, church is true ;) haha

2. District~!

being a district leader is also the, everything as a missionary is the best!

We had a Zone conference this week where three different Zones of missionaries of about 10 companionships each. I was able to see a companion I had served with back in another area near Kingston. Elder Pumford! I love this man! He gave his farewell testimony, which means he is heading home soon...just reminded me how precious our time as missionaries really does fly by...way too fast! way too fast!

Elder Strong and I instructed a little on helping the missionaries know different ways to find people to teach. needless to say, Elder Strong is so good at helping the missionaries. He is a supportive companion and that is more than I could ask for :)

We had a great time and got to see our Mission President. They had me conduct also a song. it was a good time!

Thanks for your support for us as missionaries. Like I have said before, if it wasnt for those prayers and the kindness you always share, we wouldnt be able to do this. the weekly letters of support and encouragement do go Along way! thank you!!

Please do something kind for someone this week. God will put opportunities in your path to share your testimony, if you only but ask for it :) it's simple :) You can do it :)

Elders Strong and Wehi



Thank you so much for being patient with me and Elder Wehi. We may not say it often but I know that we really appreciate it.

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