Wednesday, September 14, 2016

New Area, New Companion, New People

I always love sacrificing my sleep whenever I get the opportunity to email back and forth with Elder Wehi. I know that would be one of the major things that I would miss when he gets home. It may not seem much to others, but it means a lot to me knowing that he has very limited time to email home.

I did not think that his reply to my email and me being fast to reply to his email as quickly as I can, would lead to emailing back and forth. Haha! I think one day, Elder Wehi would think that I am crazy for waking up early in the morning and emailing back and forth with him.

To the point, this post is mainly about a short update from Elder Wehi for this week's update. I always love receiving emails about mentioning to his Mum about his mission, and she has been so great to me for forwarding me those emails so I can update the blog on his behalf. I honestly thought I won't be updating this blog for this week.

I would like to share with you what Elder Wehi has mentioned to his Mum for this week's update. Elder Wehi mentioned the following to his Mum.

"So its been a great week again. Lots and lots and lots of learning lately...its been a period of adjusting. Adjusting to everything. New area, new companion, new people....Ive been here for almost 5 weeks now but its like as if I was going home because of having to learn so much about a place that seems familiar but having to use all the abilities to set goals and make plans that I have learnt over the mission. Its great though! Having a lot of fun and seeing many hearts be touched by the Gospel. Wouldnt want to be doing anything else these next couple of weeks

I find myself only really ever speaking about how the gospel blesses families. I also love serving families and being around children. Its nice to see how the Lord blesses families. Thats what its all about.

I am convinced and know now for sure that it isnt where you serve, but how you serve that really matters to the Lord.

I now that when I excerise faith, no matter how hard it could be sometimes, that the Lord is there to back us 100%. Prayer brings peace."

I would like you to know the time is up for sending Elder Wehi handwritten letters. I will be sending a few friendly reminders on sometime Sunday afternoon (AEST around 4pm or 6pm) regarding about Elder Wehi and I will share it on this blog.

This upcoming Friday will reach two weeks/fourteen days until Elder Wehi comes back to Australia.
Thank you everyone for being patient with me and Elder Wehi. We both really appreciate it.

Have a great week everyone! 

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