Monday, May 30, 2016

Reaches 8,100 Total Page Views

I know that you may find it annoying to know this month was a popular month to share many posts. One of the advantages for a blog to engage their readers is to share posts often, otherwise, people will lose interest and stop reading the blog.

Most times, that is why it is important to share something new from the previous post each time.
Anyway, back on track for the reason of this post. Aaaaah! I have an exciting announcement to share.
It may not seem exciting to you but it was exciting for me. I would like to express my gratitude that I was grateful for this blog reaching 8,100 page views.

I would like to thank you for making it happen and reading this blog often even if you don't read this blog often, but by reading this blog regularly or time to time, it still counts.

I think it was wonderful to you to know. I noticed within a few days after posting the previous post, it has reached over 200 page views. When I last look which was this evening, it has reached almost 400 page views.

I think this blog has either extra new readers or the previous post had a catchy title. It makes me wonder. If you are reading this blog on the computer/laptop, you will notice at the bottom of this blog, it has a gadget that shows where the readers are from which I think that is smart.

I would like to tell you that I get very happy and very excited each time I see the gadget shows a reader from anywhere in Canada and America to read this blog. Do you ever feel all happy and excited to see a reader from Australia reads this blog?

Go ahead and share this blog with your friends, I am sure they will love reading something new whenever there are updates. I noticed this blog has no comments. I strongly encourage you to leave a comment.

I don't read this blog, I only read the preview of what the posts will look like before sharing it.
I just share the mission updates and the extra posts on my Google+ account.
I only share the posts on Facebook whenever there are mission updates.

I also share the posts time to time on Pinterest for the Images.
I also share the posts time to time on Twitter for any updates.

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