Tuesday, May 10, 2016



To my mother, to women that have mothered me, and to all women in general!!

I think about the influence of righteous women in my life, especially my mother and my grandmother and my beautiful Tita Christine... so many blessings have come into my life because of the examples of these women. thank you to all of you! I love you!

So this week was pretty fantastic! We had a blast going to missionary meetings and especially for Elder Akre and I because we were able to catch up with missionaries from the beginning of the mission...especially my first companion and trainer, Elder Turner! :) It was surreal as I was able to go there to the place the assistants and the zone leaders live, which is called the mansion, which is where I had been almost 2 years ago on exchanges when my companion was the district leader. (apostasy disclaimer) we stayed up til 2 in the morning talking about our experiences (Elder Turner and I) over the mission and how we had changed and grown. It was a nice experience.

The next day we went to MLC (missionary leadership council) where all the missionary leaders from across Ontario came together and we talked about the mission. I and 5 other missionaries got to sing "rock of ages" for everyone and then I was able to share a simple testimony at the end of the meeting. I felt the Spirit so strongly and found myself testifying of gods ability to help us become humble and to love our family and fellow travelers in life. I loved the meeting and we shortly after returned to downtown to continue the work!

So in YSA work, a lot of the time we spend car-ing from place to place....talking to people is a lot less since we are not surrounded by people on buses every day, but its a nice change because my back is so out of shape since the beginning of the mission...haha

We are teaching a young man who is from Israel. right now he is working on receiving his visa in the Americas so he can apply for permanent residency here in Canada...so he can also work towards being baptized. He is excited for it and we are too!


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