Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Skills and Interviews

"It was a fun week! This was my first week doing a Zone level meeting. president Clayton came to the meeting which was at the Ossington chapel downtown. The church itself was built back in the 40's (I believe) so there have been many a times people have come into those doors over the years. In many ways you can almost picture president Monson walking down its hallways and all the families, generations of them being blessed by the presence of the Spirit there. Its a nice place to be.

So the meeting before it all began I had prayed for the strength and confidence to present because I have always been a little hesitant to present but its been improving since the leadership roles I've been asked to fill, and the best thing about it was that i felt more calm and ready to present...saying a prayer before difficult things really can provide the spirit of comfort. i know its true :) Also, there was 11 companionship (22 missionaries) present from the Zone. president and Sister Clayton instructed on love and loving the people we meet with each day. We then proceeded with the rest of the meeting while the missionaries were being interviewed. We taught on faith and baptism and the role of it. Elder Akre shared his powerful testimony on how the Gospel has blessed his family. It really brought the Spirit. many testimonies were shared and a member came from the YSA branch to share her testimony too. over all it was a fantastic meeting and we all really enjoyed it. We have been seeing fruits from it ever since :)

One of my most favorite parts of being a missionary leader is the exchanges we get to go on. I have some pictures of some exchanges we had (Elder Martin in Chinese, and Madrigal in Portuguese work) its been a blast to get to serve with these wonderful elders and I look forward to many more!
In my exchange with Elder Madrigal I took my guitar and we played for at least over 60-100 people. Played on the corners and in the subways, it was great!

Here are some pictures!

Hope you all have a great week! I love you and pray that you will feel the love of God this week :)
read, pray, and go to church....It provides stability in a world full of confusion and doubt. I know that when we put god first, every other good thing blesses our families and our individual lives :)

 Grandma June says hello! :) she opens the family history center that we email in..so she says hello :)

Your friend, and missionary,

Elder Wehi"

Be sure to check out "Mission Photos" section of this blog to view this week's photos. 

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