Tuesday, April 26, 2016


I love receiving weekly updates from Elder Wehi. I have been noticing that he lists about 100 people or more for weekly updates. I encouraged him to tell everyone to check out this blog one day and I don't think he did and that's okay. He knows that I update this blog whenever he sends me a weekly update.

Here's this week's update.

"We are pretty busy....doing so much haha! this week wasn't as fast as last week though. It has been an amazing experience to be down town in Toronto. We pass by the CN tower almost every day. We had to find a car park down town in the middle of rush hour to teach a lesson....it was busy....hahaha It was quiet the experience. There was actually a man playing a didgeridoo as well which was a blast to behold...first time seeing that in Canada!

I also had the opportunity to go on exchanges on my birthday with a Chinese missionary Elder Martin. His family was converted to the Gospel through missionaries coming to talk with them, and the missionary who baptized their family drowned in a freak accident. The missionary lived with his family in this mission in Canada Toronto, and so Elder Martin got to come and see their family and to bear his witness of how missionary work had effected their family. Its amazing to see the blessings in the lives of other missionaries and their stories. It is really humbling when you came to learn and love from the missionaries. one of my favorite things of being a missionary is being able to see the changes in the lives of the missionaries. The Atonement is real and makes a difference, which goes on to bless generations :)

Its nice being in a YSA area again. I feel a little rusty though some times because I am so used to talking mostly and finding mostly all families. so it is a nice change of scenery so to speak. Also Elder Akre knows the area really well and he does a great job at knowing what to do and where to go...coupled with the Spirit..it makes for a good companionship :)

One of my favorite moments of the past week was when we went to contact an investigator...surprise surprise no one was home haha...so we contacted around the area and we were about to leave when we decided to keep going and knock one more door. (its always the last doors, lost person, last dogs, something...) The lady who came to the door was looking for a way to change her life and to come closer to God. She was praying for someone to show her the way when we came to her house, knocking :) We are meeting with her again today! excited!!!!

We love the missionaries. We love our Savior. We love His work. We love the good times, for they are many. We are excited for what is to come. One of my favorite Quotes from my companion this week is this, and i invite you to ponder it in your life: "Never allow a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved."

If you follow Jesus Christ, life is sweeter and more richer. "for he that eternal life is rich." We promise!

Have a great week and know we love you!

Elders Akre and Wehi


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