Friday, April 29, 2016

Don't Always Expect Replies

Hey, Readers.

During the past few weeks, I thought about what would make a great post for me to share with you and knowing that it isn't about the weekly update that I receive from Elder Wehi, and it isn't about a quick overview of his previous area where Elder Wehi served in/after he gets transferred to a new area.

I know it is normal for a friend to expect a reply through emails from their friend who is serving their mission, and I know it is normal for a friend to expect a reply through letters from their friend who is serving their mission.

I strongly encourage you to not expect Elder Wehi to reply back to your emails each week because he doesn't always have the time to reply back. When he does reply back, it will be brief and short. I know that he tries his best to reply back whenever he can and to whoever he can.

If you do email him, I have a few suggestions what you can say to him and remember it has to be brief and short due to he doesn't always have time to reply back but I know he does read the emails.
As far as I know, he has only 1 hour to read emails, reply to emails and send the weekly update.

For Emails:

You can ask him a few short opened questions along with some updates about your week.
For an example: "What are a few things that have helped you to prepare for your mission?"

You can keep him motivated. 
For two examples: "Keep up the great work." or "Have a great week."
You can share with him a few uplifting short quotes or/and sayings. For two examples: 
"Find Joy in the Journey." by President Thomas S. Monson.
"Just keep trying." by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland.

You can share with him a few scripture verses when inspired. For an example:
When you need hope, I encourage you to read Ether 12:27.
The email can be like for this, 

"Hey Elder Wehi,

I had a spiritually uplifting week and I would like to share with you a few highlights.
On Wednesday night: I attended Institute and learnt more about the Atonement.
On Thursday: I attended a session at the Temple with my Mum.

How are you? What are you looking forward to for this upcoming week?

You are doing a great job and have a great week."


say the same thing or similar as above, with additional "I look forward to your reply soon."

For Letters:

You can share with anything that is positive, uplifting and can be mission focused. 

For Notes:

You can share with him some thank you for's, such as "Thank you for being my friend" 
"Thank you for being patient with me." "Thank you for setting a great example to me." 

You can write him an uplifting note that he can open whenever he is feeling discouraged. 
You can write him an uplifting note that he can open whenever he thinks about giving up. 
You can write him an uplifting note that he can open whenever he needs to cheer up.

You can write him countdown notes that he can open when he reaches certain months left of his mission. For an example, "23 months down, 1 month to go!!! Some weeks went slow and some weeks went fast. I know time goes so fast while you are busy with the missionary work and while you are having fun. You got this, you don't have long to go. Take many photos as you can. Make the most of it." 

Stay Tuned until next time.

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